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Please find here videos of surgical procedures, lectures, operative techniques, case reports and expert's interviews in general and digestive surgery. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. When tooth decay or fracture is left untreated, the nerve of the tooth becomes inflamed or necrotic (infected), and Root Canal Therapy is then needed to treat the nerve and therefore save the tooth. Now, Remember the key to a lifetime of healthy teeth is prevention, and that's what we do best at Torrey Hills Family Dentistry.

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Dr Bouzida is specially trained to properly diagnose and treat a tooth with those symptoms of an inflamed or infected pulp. The wound was caused by the surgical excision of a cyst, an abnormal sac that contains liquid or semi-solid material.

The sutures used to close the wound are seen, as well as pus (yellow), a liquid formed by white blood cells and bacteria and cell debris.

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