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I've been wanting a belly button piercing for the longest time now, but the only thing I cannot seem to prepare myself for is the chance of developing a weird ring around the piercing. I've read stories of one girl who had hers done and she had a bubble near the top of the piercing. Wash it twice a day (morning and night) with a soap that contains antibacterial properties. Apply a diluted salt solution to your piercing for five minutes in order to soak off dried material (i.e. But seriously, you need to have the proper amount of skin (outties are better) in that area for the piercing to be successful. I got mine when I was 14 and it took 2 years to fully heal but I never had any problems, also make sure not to go into the sea or chlorinated water for the first few months some people say for up to 6 months just to be safe. You're Not Supposed To Use Any Type Of Antibiotic, Antiseptic As Once Again That Would Be Treating It As A Wound Which It Is Not And Can Lead The Piercing To Reject..

I soaked my piercing with uniodized Sea Salt for 15 minutes every day and also washed it with Antimicrobial Satin Soap in the shower every day.
Even if BBPs are going out of style I still think they're really cute, and I don't regret having it done.
Don't over wash it, too much cleaner may interfere with your body’s natural ability to fight off infection.
Some say that it helps to keep the hole open, others feel it aggravates the healing process.
A lack of skin will likely cause the ring or bar to migrate out and thus it won't lie flush against your navel. Once the skin on your abdomen begins to significantly stretch you should take it out just to be safe.
I got it pierced 5 days ago and today it just started oozing a little bit, but thats because its healing-- not because its infected.

I think later the skin became a little dry, and so I picked at the flaky skin and then all of a sudden a bump of skin just started to grow.
It's entirely up to you - I would get an opinion from the person who's performing the piercing. First of all, it was among the worst pains in my life and I was wearing a white shirt, so I walked around for the rest of the night looking like I had been shot. Then, it wouldn't heal, it got infected no matter how well I took care of it, and now it's part of my growing "I do stupid stuff" scar collection.

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