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Bacterial vaginosis (also known as BV) is the name of a medical concern that affects many women at some point in their life. While bacteria are always present in the vagina, there is a certain balance that must be upheld. Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis include abnormal vaginal discharge, which may appear gray, white, or yellow. The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are also similar to other infections, including sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea and trichomoniasis. You dona€™t always have to rely on prescription medications and antibiotics to treat a case of BV. Increase your consumption of fresh vegetables, fruit, grains, and flax seed, to treat bacterial vaginosis. Some pharmacies and health food stores carry boric acid suppositories, which have been linked to treating bacterial vaginosis. To fight the swelling and itching that sometimes comes with bacterial vaginosis, consider using a cold compress.
Soaking in a warm bath with a couple of added drops of pure apple cider vinegar can ease the itching and inflammation that may develop with BV.
Some women claim to have treated their bacterial vaginosis by inserting a tampon that had been soaked in yogurt for about 10 minutes. Vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E contain antioxidants, which can help in treating bacterial vaginosis. I first used the HP rinse for 2 days,2x a day ( about 3 fl oz) then used the plain lowfat yogurt tampon 2x a day for 2 days, increased my water and Green tea intake and its been 3 months.
My husband has had his prostate check and sperm to see was he a contributing factor and the test result came back that he wasn’t.
Using hydrogen peroxide is not crazy, hydrogen peroxide is in medicated douches you buy at the store.
Everyone should read that article; especially the parts about douching, yogurt, and alternative treatments. Sophie, I’ve successfully used the peroxide solution (after researching it of course).
I have had problems with BV for quite a while myself and you’re right it is very embarrassing and I know that others can tell because I have a coworker that suffers with it also and everyone talks about her bad odor.
I have not tried the Peroxide however I just simply ate yogurt and take a a acidophilus suppliment daily and it cleared up right away. My daughter is currently in the hospital, has been there four days and most likely will be there a couple days longer from doing this. Two research groups have maintained interest in EBV, however, and the recent CDC sponsored Dubbo studies have once again brought it to the fore. An ongoing chronic and mostly undetected EBV infection by itself or in interaction with other viruses causes significant symptoms in a subset of patients. Except for occasional forays at reactivation to reestablish itself in new cells once EBV establishes itself in B-cells it turns its activity levels down enough to run under the immune system’s radar.
A recent paper suggests that the old paradigm; irregular attempts by EBV to reactivate and infect new cells is wrong.
EBV reactivation is, however, implicated in several very rare cancers and may be associated with transplant rejection and multiple sclerosis. Shop via one of these links and Phoenix Rising gets up to 8% of your spend at no cost to you!
The material on this site has been compiled by laypeople and Phoenix Rising does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the content. La candidiasis vaginal es una infeccion endogena del tracto genital inferior femenino pues Candida pertenece a la flora (no patogena) vaginal que en ciertas circunstancias produce patologia.

The most common differential diagnosis is bacterial vaginosis (BV) and patients may flip between VVC and BV. Recurrent vulvovaginal candidosis (rVVC) is defined as more than four confirmed episodes over 12 months. Other differential diagnoses include contact dermatitis to something applied intra-vaginally, desquamative inflammatory vaginitis, foreign body (usually a tampon), and others. Usage of antibiotics are additionally brown vaginal discharge will palms so preserve them washed.
The condition develops when the normal balance of bacteria naturally found in the vagina becomes disrupted.
When certain types of bacteria grow out of control, bacterial vaginosis becomes a possibility. The only way to identify a woman infected with bacterial vaginosis is to have a doctor conduct an examination. The natural world of medicine is full of options that do not use chemicals and other drugs as treatment. Don’t forget to drink plenty of fresh water to flush out unwanted bacteria from the body. Studies have shown that boric acid in the vagina has an effect on absorbing naturally occurring ammonia in the region, which encourages bacteria to thrive [2]. It is suggested to leave the tampon in the vagina for a few hours, remove it, and then repeat the remedy again.
I do not care how diluted it is or whatever else you combine with it it is not a good idea. When doctors tell you not to douche, they are probably only thinking about traditional douches.
This article will tell you to be careful about which lactobacillus yogurts and supplements you buy because certain companies could be lying, it gives you recommended doses for alternative treatments, and it tells you that there is a misconception about douching and that not all douches are bad.
Peroxide worked like magic, clearing me up of any symptoms (discharge, odor, feeling off,etc) almost immediately.
It works faster than what my doctor has prescribed in the past, is all natural and definitely cheaper. My doctor prescribed me flagyl in 2006,went away for awhile, but i am still struggling with it. Several studies in late eighties suggested EBV might be the cause of CFS but subsequent studies revealed EBV activation to be no higher in CFS than controls. Importantly no studies were able to link antibody levels or viral load to symptom severity in the disease and interest in EBV as a causative agent waned. Everytime the B-cell duplicates, though, the presence of EBV DNA in the cells DNA allows the virus to be duplicated as well. While a primary (initial) infection during childhood is usually benign, a primary EBV infection during adolescence causes infectious mononucleosis in about 30-40 percent of those infected, and about 10% of those infected come adown with a post-infectious fatigue syndrome or CFS.
Several situations, including an impaired innate immune response, physical or psychological stress, organ transplantation and HHV-6 and HIV infection have been shown to trigger the EBV reactivation. Vaginal thrush, Candida vulvovaginitis, recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis (candidosis) or  rVVC, chronic VVC (cVVC). Vulval examination shows erythema of the labia minora, majora, perineum often with oedema and fissuring.
An overgrowth of certain strains of bacteria causes symptoms and is especially harmful to pregnant women. A wide range of factors may contribute to a diagnosis of BV, including having multiple sex partners, smoking tobacco, and vaginal douching [1].
Typically, this is done by analyzing a sample of vaginal dischargea€“ usually under a microscope.

Consider using boric acid suppositories as treatment for 14 days to fight chronic bacterial vaginosis. Douching removes ALL bacteria (good and bad) from the area then, the bad bacteria takes over again and you’re stuck in the same boat! ALSO ADVISED ME NOT TO DOUCHE ALTHOUGH, I HAVEN’T THE PROBLEM STILL REMAINS AND IS EFFECTIVE TODAY. I have tried everything over the counter, works for a couple of days and stops.Everything seem to be a rip off. I did have a couple of flare ups when I stop taking AZO yeast and when I couldn’t make my appt the nurse advise me I could simply go buy a cheap yeast infection cream one that is used for 7 days get the boric acid and make a mixture mixed with the cream in a bowl and 2 table spoons of boric acid MIX and use as you would the cream- now it will be a little messy until you figure what will work for you- ME (after I make the mixture I spoon a heaping table spoon in small plastic bags and push the cream all the way to the bottom of the bag roll it and FREEZE IT then break it in half and use as a suppository. A douching solution that is meant to make your vaginal ph more acidic or to introduce good bacteria into the vagina can be helpful. Before I bath or shower in the morning and at night I put about 7-10 drops of tea tree oil in a half cup of warm water and clean my vaginal area with it then bath or shower as you normally do using whatever soap or body wash you normally use. In recent years, however, like Lazarus rising from the grave, EBV’s role in CFS has been given new life by several research groups that have continued to examined this intriguing virus in greater detail. By the time the immune sytem knocks EBV it has usually established itself in the DNA of B-cells. People with higher levels of EBV infected cells are not necessarily less healthy than people with lower levels of cells.
If you do so as a child you usually have a mild infection, if you do so as an adolescent or adult you have a good chance of getting infectious mononucleosis, and if you get infectious mononucleosis you have a fairly good chance of coming down with post-viral fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome, and an increased (but still low) chance of getting MS. Other features commonly found, but not quite as specific include pain on intercourse, vulval soreness and vulval swelling. My OBGYN put me on a seven day douch regimen (1ST day apple cider vinegar and water, 2nd day yogurt and water, and alternate) However, I must be true full I only did it three days the odor left so I stop. I wonder where in the hell did this condition come from and won’t even go away permantly with antibiotics. People I wondering if the Doctor’s really have no clue of what’s causing this infection how can anyone really tell us how to heal it where it NEVER returns? I was informed that it may cause just a very little irritation AND if that happened- she told me to use the THE REAL VITAMIN E VITAMIN and open the capsule and use on the outer labia if irritation OCCURS- I HAVE NEVER HAD BACTERIA VAGINOSIS PROBLEM AT LEAST 2YEARS NOW, I’VE HELPED MY FRIENDS AND DAUGHTER! Traditional douches just wash out all of the bacteria which can make you more vulnerable to growing more bad bacteria than good. Another found a detectable viral load was present in over a third of healthy individuals and another that about 25% of healthy individuals had EBV DNA in their blood (Maurmann et. IF YOU GET BV REPEATEDLY IT MAY BE THE RESULT OF A WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEM, WHICH I ALSO HAVE.
Douching with hydrogen peroxide (only short-term to get rid of the infection), lactobacillus yogurt, or an acidophilus solution should be fine.
If I ever start to notice any kind of changes I immediately up my intake of yogurt and I do insert a tampon overnight with plain yogurt on it and it has worked; I have been BV free for over a year now.
If I relied on people’s opinion, I would not have found great resources, recipes and remedies like the ones on this website.

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