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A corn is a more severe form of callus that is normally seen on the pressure points of the foot.  Corns normally occur on top of the toes, in between toes or anywhere on the soles of the feet where pressure points are created. The core of the corn is hard, tough and waxy in texture, which then exerts pressure on the surrounding area and causes severe pain. If you are susceptible to corns and calluses, take preventive steps to avoid their recurrence. If you are suffering from an underlying condition like diabetes and atherosclerosis, foot corns will be fairly common and may also cause acute discomfort.
Some medicated and topical creams are specially formulated and contain salicylic acid that helps to soften tough and dead skin. Treating corns is an effective way of healing thickened skin that appears between the toes & on the sole of the feet.
Corns can be described as the thickening of the skin on the feet, as a result of excessive pressure and friction. Tying the corns with a fresh pineapple peel, daily, would be an effective way to cure the corns.
The juice prepared from the stem of the dandelion has been found to have a soothing effect on the corns. Corns refer to masses of thickened skin, which often develops on the toes with a tough, waxy covering thata€™s yellowish in colour and tender around the centre. Thus, if you notice something amiss with your toes or feel a tough lump, which aches when you press, it may be a corn, and if this occurs, you should consult the dermatologist.
Diabetics and those with immune system disorders need to be so wary and they should consult a physician before they embark on treating corns. Children are very active and this activity will often result to the formation of corns on their feet. Lastly, essential oils such as lemon and tangerine work effectively when you apply them directly to the foot corns. Get answers health questions - webmd answers, Webmd experts and contributors provide answers to your health questions..
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Corns calluses - youtube, A podiatric surgeon explains treat corns calluses (areas thick, dry, hard skin feet painful). Blisters, corns, calluses, skin - webmd, Three common skin conditions people experience blisters, corns, calluses. Always wear snug fitting, flat heeled shoes that are not likely to exert pressure on the foot. This will help to smoothen out rough edges on the soles of the feet that may eventually lead to corns.
In such cases, severe corns may require medical and surgical intervention where they are cut and the fluid is drained out.
These creams may also help to puncture the corns, drain out the fluid and consequently reduce pain. Most treatment modalities are aimed at reducing the pressure on the foot, which is perhaps the best solution for corn prevention. Using a bandage, tie the herb over the affected area, in the form of a bulb like structure. For the case of the high-heeled shoes, raising your heels will simply allow your body weight to exert pressure on the feeta€™s fragile bones, thus making the situation worse. Besides, remember to wear socks or even stocking, as they help to minimize the contact between your shoes and skin. If you intend to attend any special occasion that requires walking or travelling for several hours, try to apply certain moisturizer gels and creams first. Whatever the case, ita€™s usually advisable that you consult a competent health professional before you venture out into treating the feet corns and other related skin disorders including inflammation, drainage or pain from the affected part. If you have a child that suffers from the foot corns, you should know that theya€™re a common occurrence although a painful one.
Corns usually occur if you follow poor foot hygiene and wear ill-fitting, high-heeled shoes.
Massage also helps to restore circulation to your feet especially when you have been on your feet all day.
In medical terms, they this thickening is called hyperkeratosis and it includes the definition of the calluses too.

Wearing highly uncomfortable shoes like the fashionable high-heeled type or putting on tight, undersized footwear could lead to corns. Because of excessive chafing or rubbing induced by putting on the high heeled shoes, corns will definitely develop.
Individuals with a good habit of applying lotion to their feet each night may not develop corns easily. If you stay close to a beach, let the children walk through sand because ita€™s a natural way of sloughing off the dead, skin cells. The other method is to make a paste of six aspirin tablets, lemon juice-half teaspoon, and water-half teaspoon.
The areas surrounding finger nails and those between the finger toes are the most popular sites for the occurrence of corns. The skin tends to thicken as a natural protection against constant friction between your shoes and the skin. While allowing kids to walk barefoot is a great remedy, ensure you monitor and guide them not to walk near unsafe environments that may hurt their feet.
You should then apply the paste directly to the corn and then wrap the kida€™s foot with a warm towel or sock for about 15 minutes. Talking about their causes, wearing tight shoes, ill fitting socks, inflexible or nonporous shoes and high-heeled shoes are the main culprits. Depending on your skin type, they are generally white and gray or yellow and brown in color.
The most common symptoms of the ailment are pyramid-like structures, occurring over the joints of the toes and on the soles of the feet. In case you are now wondering how to treat corns, make use of the natural remedies given below.

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