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Firstly, please understand that I am not a professional and I always recommend that you obtain professional advice if there is a health problem … and preferably from a Holistic type of Veterinarian.
So, at best Cat Flu is something that most breeders and cat owners will have to deal with at some stage.
What I have noticed is that vaccinated cats who develop upper respiratory infection’s tend to have worse symptoms and seem to be more prone to go on to become carriers. Also check out this article:  New Kitten And Cat Flu ExposureWhat If Your Kitten Or Cat Has A URI?
Swollen, runny, weepy eyes can be just gently bathed with warm water and a little colloidal silver added, an eye Herbal such as Eyebright made into a weak tea, or even just a weak, plain black tea solution. However, if your kitten develops very bad symptoms, and URI’s can be nasty and even life threatening in some individuals, please do get professional advice and preferably from a Holistic type of Veterinarian. There are also Homeopathic Remedies specifically made for protecting against cat diseases, like the two below.
Incredibly cost-effective (just compare the inexpensive price to a single vet visit!) … both these remedies are highly effective and have been used successfully by thousands of cat owners.
However, there are a number of homeopathic remedies available that help to strengthen the immune system, and are specific to viral diseases. I was suggested to read your cat site by my cousin, who has been here already and said it was very good. My own two cats have already used the homeopathic cat flu remedy when I found it here about three months back. But now, my boy, Sharpey, has not had a single sneeze for over a month, and my lovely girl Shantuzi, is almost completely cleared up as well. A passing neighborhood cat with an upper respiratory infection may have a sneeze, which is just enough to infect your kitty.

In a mild case of Cat Flu this may be only once or twice an hour or so, or you may see you cat is sneezing frequent and violent. My kittens are all given the Homeopathic Nosode URI 30c as a prophylactic (preventative) starting at 5 weeks old. Symptoms will be mild to almost non-existent, although I have found that an occasional odd sneeze may persist for a month or two. If sneezing is bad, and the nose is becoming blocked – I would place the kitten in a warm room with lots of humidity.
I have been here on your website quite a few times now and I always find something interesting. I am wondering how I might be notified when a new post has been made, since I don’t want to miss out on any updates! And as a result our poor kitties have a much weaker immune system than they had just 30 or 40 years ago.As we over-treat again and again, each generation becomes weaker as a result.
My understanding is that L Lysine is only of any help if the virus is Feline Herpes, although it may somewhat lessen symptoms in other forms of URI. I reckon that supplementation of any form can present it’s own problems – unless you are a rocket scientist! Nosodes will probably not prevent them getting a URI, but it will help prepare their body to respond in the best possible way. Just keep feeding good raw food, and deal with any symptoms as naturally as possible – allowing and encouraging the body to defend and heal itself. If the nose is quite blocked, the cat may be unable to smell food and then you need to make sure it is eating and getting plenty of fluids so as not to become dehydrated.
This is why your new kitten may suddenly develop an upper respiratory infection after you have had her home for a couple of weeks and she has had no exposure to other cats since you got her.

I have an eleven month old persian kitten and she has been sneezing and coughing with a snotty nose ever since I got her. I have found that if Homeopathic Aconite 200C (aqueous) is given at the very first sign of any temperature, usually the temperature (and often the disease) will not progress. If any kitten does catch an upper respiratory infection or URI, I also use the Nosodes for treatment of the disease itself. In my personal opinion, antibiotic treatment often leads to URI’s becoming chronic rather than acute. She gets really congested and sometimes I get scared thinking that she is not going to be able to breath.
They would also come down with cat flu symptoms, temperature, runny noses etc., like clockwork about every six weeks. THEY HAVE ALL BEEN VACCINATED AND WITH ABSOLUTELY EVERY VACCINE UNDER THE SUN THAT IS AVAILABLE.
I have also found that Kali Bi (also a Homeopathic Remedy) can be of great help if used early in the infection period of a URI.
I have already been through all the things that the vet has suggested and now I know why she doesn’t ever get any better.

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