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A Sprained Thumb is often referred to as Skier's Thumb, due to the prevalence of this injury during skiing. In days gone by it afflicted gamekeepers and was known as 'Gamekeeper's thumb' due to it being an occupational hazard of the gamekeeper. Skier's Thumb is an apt description of this injury since the mechanism of injury commonly occurs during skiing, if the skier holds on to the ski pole during a fall.
The pole gets fixed in the snow and acts as a lever and forces the thumb into an extended position, resulting in high stress forces through the Ulnar Collateral Ligament.
In severe Sprained Thumb injuries there is often immediate thumb swelling and bruising may develop in a few days. The ability to pinch grip small objects between the thumb and the index finger is often severely impaired because of the resultant instability in the MCP joint (see anatomy image above). Sprains tend to resolve in around four to six weeks and can be aided by physiotherapy treatment.
Where there is a total rupture of the Ulnar Collateral Ligament, then surgical repair may be considered. Ulnar Collateral Ligament injuries may sometimes be accompanied by an 'avulsion' fracture, where one end of the ligament is pulled so forcefully that is pulls a small piece of bone off the Metacarpal of the thumb. Ruptured Ulnar Collateral Ligaments, without Stener lesions, have a good capacity to heal without the need for surgery. Wrist Support with Thumb Spica is more comfortable and may be used, depending on the preference of the treating doctor. If there is residual instability or a lack of pinch grip strength in those cases that have been managed conservatively, then surgical repair is appropriate.
Taping can be very effective in improving thumb joint stability and preventing Ulnar Collateral Ligament injuries.
Thumb Stabiliser helps to protect the Ulnar Collateral Ligament, without limiting hand movement and function. A mouldable pack that becomes an instant, single use ice pack, without the need for refrigeration.
Physicool is an innovative and uniquely designed reusable strapping that combines the healing characteristics of cold therapy with the support qualities of a compression bandage.
The Physicool combination pack supplies you with one specially formulated cooling bandage and one bottle of recharging coolant which will rejuvenate and refresh the dressing.
Physicool is a new and unique way to instantly apply cold therapy whilst on the move, this portable and reusable compression bandage is applied quickly and easily allowing the healing process to begin immediately.
It may take a few weeks for the finger to heal completely.This type of finger injury heals relatively quickly, if no fracture has occurred. Keep the Finger ElevatedWhen suffering from a jammed finger, keep the affected finger elevated above chest level.
As well as skiers, football (soccer) goalkeepers and rugby players are also susceptible to this injury.

If these forces are sufficiently high then the Ulnar Collateral Ligament will either be sprained or ruptured. The ligament is located at the 'web space' between base of the thumb and the base of the index finger. In more chronic cases of Sprained Thumb that have not been diagnosed early, then there may be a persistent thickening of the joint with chronic thumb swelling. In some cases the ruptured ligament becomes entangled in the soft tissue at the base of the thumb. If the fragment of bone is closely aligned to its original position, then it usually heals without surgery. For this reason, many doctors simply immobilise the thumb in a plaster cast called a 'Thumb Spica', for six weeks.
Following successful rehabilitation, a return to sporting activities is possible at around 10 to 12 weeks. There are several surgical methods, but basically the surgeon fixes the damaged ligament back in place using wire or sutures.
Once the thumb spica is removed, then physiotherapy treatment is very important to regain range of thumb motion, rebuild thumb muscle strength and to resolve stiffness. Unless you are in deep powder snow and fear losing your ski poles, it's best not to put your hands inside the ski pole loop when skiing. The hand grip strengthener has durable foam handles and resistance springs to increase the strength of the forearm and the hand grip.
The hand grips with foam handles feature resistance springs which help to increase the strength of the forearm and hand grip. Differing from the more traditional treatments currently available, Physicool works by drawing heat away from the body to provide an instant long-lasting cooling effect which can be utilised for extended periods. Small and compact this kit is ideal for wrist, elbow and ankle injuries providing between 2-3 hours of cold therapy and compression. By taking heat away from the body Pysicool have developed a product which differs from move traditional methods meaning it can be used for longer periods. If there is a fracture, the pain will be unbearable and the healing process will take longer.Hence, it is recommended to get X-rays to rule out a finger fracture. Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments.
The joint between the Metacarpal and thumb bone (Meta-Carpo-Phalangeal or MCP joint) will feel lax and unstable. This can be confirmed by taking an x-ray while stressing the joint, although x-ray evidence is not always helpful in isolation. This is known as a 'Stener lesion' and it usually indicates that surgery would be appropriate as ligament healing is impaired otherwise. This greatly increases the risk of sustaining a Skier's Thumb sprain in the event of a fall.

It is important to note that this injury is not exclusive to skiers and can occur to anyone where there is sufficient force applied to the thumb that takes it in a direction furthest away from the hand (described as thumb abduction and extension).
Proper rest is a key component for repairing soft tissue damage.Continual strain will lead to increased inflammation, pain and possible further injury. Plus, without rest, the healing time will gradually increase.Rest the injured finger as much as possible and avoid any jerky, painful movements. Also, people who have vascular disease, diabetes or decreased sensation should talk with their doctor before applying ice.2. Splint the FingerKeep the affected finger splinted or immobilized until the pain is completely gone. Epsom SaltEpsom salt consists of magnesium and sulfate that work together to reduce inflammation and pain.
A splint will keep the affected finger straight and prevent movement while it heals.The splint should not be too tight, which can inhibit blood circulation and lead to numbness or tingling sensations.
It is even effective at reducing swelling, one of the biggest discomforts associated with a jammed finger.You can start using Epsom salt 48 hours after the injury has occured. Follow either of these remedies once each day to relax your painful finger:Mix 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt in 1 cup of hot water.
Dip the injured finger in this warm solution for 15 to 20 minutes.Another option is to mix 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt in warm olive or coconut oil. Use it to massage your finger for 10 minutes, then soak it in warm water for another 10 minutes.6.
TurmericTurmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory agent that can help reduce pain and swelling.
Plus, a compound known as curcumin in turmeric helps improve blood flow throughout your body. Proper blood circulation is important for the healing process.Mix 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder with 2 teaspoons of melted coconut oil to make a thick paste. Cover it with a bandage and leave it on for a couple of hours before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Repeat 2 or 3 times a day.Also, heat ? teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk for 5 to 10 minutes. Drink this before going to bed for about a week to help reduce pain and enjoy proper sleep.

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