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The Pan D’Arco is antifungal herb that can be used for the treatment of fungus on the nails. You just need to boil 5-6 cups of water and then add 5 tea bags or five spoons of loose tea into the water and let it boil for ten minutes. Garlic contains allicin which has very good antifungal properties that helps to fight with infections of toenail.
If the nail or its root is hit, blood vessels broke and cover the entire area under the nail. If nail injury is not the cause for the black lines in fingernails, and they are getting bigger, than you should start to worry. Black fingernail is common among the persons often gardening and have frequently work with soil and vegetation.
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This problem affects the nail of the toes and fingers but the infections are more common in toe.

Tea tree oil is good for the immune system also and this helps to cure the internal infections. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Wear gloves in order to protect your hands, and wash them after finishing with antibacterial soap and warm water. Though it is difficult to treat nail fungus but several types of medications and herbs are available in the market to cure it.
Experts made the connection and established that nail fungus appears mostly during the humid months of the year. If case of even minor injury quickly apply on the finger first aid,to prevent germs from entering under the skin. Public gyms, swimming pools, showers, lockers and public baths are perfect places where fungal infections can spread. If you have doubts about this, but you just don’t want to chance the place, bring your own set. If you want to use it in the form of tincture then put 4-6 drops of tincture on the affected nail.

The powder can be mixed with warm water and the toes or fingers having nail fungus can be dipped into the water for ten minutes to get relief. It is recommended that tea tree oil should be mixed with almond oil for the people who have sensitive skin. The chances of reoccurrence of nail fungus will be minimized by the use of garlic on the nail fungus.
Black fungus finds a good home in the moist area under the nail, and soon entirely conquers the nail bed. The infection starts with the emergence of a white or yellow spot underneath of the fingernail or toenail. The drops of the tincture can be directly applied on the fungal area or by mixing it with some other oil like olive oil, canola oil etc.

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