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In medical terms the word down osteo means bone and malacia means soft so when you combine the two words it means a disease in which your bones become soft.
Bone pain that is widespread, especially in your hips and radiates to your lower spine, feet, legs, and pelvis. Physical deformities such as lordosis, which is the inward curvature of a portion of your cervical vertebral and lumbar column or triradiate pelvis.
The most common cause is a lack of vitamin D, which is a nutrient that is important for your body absorb the calcium in your stomach. When you have a low level of vitamin D you are not able to process the necessary calcium to ensure proper bone formation and structural strength. Pancreatic disorders because the pancreas is the organ which secretes the digestive enzymes that help break down particles of foods and interferes with your body absorbing minerals that can help make your bones strong. Gastrectomy surgeries because the food you eat is broken down in your stomach and the vitamin D in your body is absorbed by your body so any attempt to change, bypass, remove, or alter parts of your stomach could cause Osteomalacia.
Celiac disease which is an autoimmune disorder and the lining of your small intestine is damaged by eating certain foods that have gluten in it. Liver or kidney disorders can also interfere with your body’s ability to process and absorb vitamin D. If Osteomalacia is caused by sunlight or dietary deficiency it can usually be cured by replenishing your low levels of vitamin D. Your physician may also have you take supplements if your phosphorus or calcium levels are low. Once the physician begins your treatment you will need to have regular blood work done so the physician can check the level to see if the treatment is working.

One may see frogs as a sign of transformation into adulthood, or the sign of struggling to find a place in life.
The tongue can be split all the way back to where the tongue meets the base of the mouth, but attempting to split past that would endanger muscles that should not be split. Actual piercings through the lip is not as common as you may think, but there are still plenty of people who have their actual lip pierced. A venom piercing, on the other hand, is a term that refers to a pair of tongue piercings that are side-by-side on the tongue. It is not acute pain but it is consistent, especially if the pain is aggravated when you do physical activity. This vitamin will also help you maintain phosphate and calcium levels in order to ensure proper formation of your bones. This can happen if you do not have enough foods in your diet that give you the necessary vitamin, having a problem with your intestines, or not enough exposure to the sun. If the lining of your intestinal tract is damaged it cannot absorb the essential nutrients, such as vitamin D, your body needs. You can do this by making sure that your diet includes foods and drinks that are rich in vitamin D and get plenty of sunshine. It you have any conditions that affect vitamin D metabolism like primary biliary cirrhosis, or kidney failure, you can improve the symptoms if you treat the condition that is causing this problem. If not then the physician may try another type of treatment or raise the amount of supplements you are taking. Frogs even represent fertility in some cultures, as frogs are known to lay large numbers of eggs.

But, if you have excessive redness, swelling, heat, pain, and pus, you may have an infected piercing. Some patients may have mild symptoms while others may have bone fractures that happen frequently.
You can observe this in any part of your body where you can feel the one and if you press on it you would feel a terrible pain.
You can get vitamin D in supplements or within your skin from being exposed to the UV rays found in sunlight.
There are also certain medications that can cause Osteomalacia such as ones that are used to treat seizures like Phenobarbital and phenytoin. Frog symbolism ranges from luck, purity, rebirth, healing metamorphosis, transition, dreaming, intuition, and an opportunity. Vertical labrets, lowbrets, medusa piercing, monroe, angel bites, snake bites, spider bites, and any piercings around the lips are different types of lip piercings that you can get. Normal healing will have a clear or pale yellow drainage and a little bit of blood, whereas an infected piercing will have a darker coloring along with blood. With bones that are soft they are most likely to either fracture or bow unlike bones that are healthy and hard. The reason that you may have muscle weakness is because of problems at the spot where your muscles attach to your bones.

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