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Ingrown hairs affect different parts of the body, and are not exclusive to areas we commonly shave (although there is always the heightened risk). The Details Style Syndicate features contributions from sites that our editors have identified as best of breed in fashion, grooming, tech, travel, design, food, and drink. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. A small town veterinarian talks about pet care, veterinary medicine, and what happened today. Well, I just was searching for info about rattesnake bites and dogs and found your website. I'm not really a plastic surgeon, though I have done some successful reconstructions of some pretty big defects.
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For the most part, your best course of action is learning how to avoid the problem in the first place, but chances are you have stepped into the unknown and could do with some pointers on treating ingrown hair.
Unfortunately, some dog walkers and riders discover a danger, only sadly, when victimized and so I wanted to inform you of StreetZaps, a timely and useful tool intended to reduce the year round risk of injury and fatality from contact voltage.

I live in West Texas, have 2 pits (Jake & Blueberry), who hate snakes, especially Jake.
I confer with Con Edison's Stray Voltage and Public Affairs Units and contribute to Wet Nose Guide and New York Dog Chat. I was unsure as to whether the last 2 were rattlers, until I noticed they also tear off the rattlers. We tried liquid benedryl but got very little down and the result was foaming from his mouth. It is my firm wish that PetMD will disseminate this vital public service to preclude more tragedies.
Anyway, Jake has been bitten several times; last year his face actually fell off, was in the vet for 2 weeks. When to Treat an Ingrown Hair Whether you get them after shaving, or on your face, back, thighs or arms will vary from person to person.
What you can do is work out what is causing the ingrown hairs, and aim to treat the hairs plus the source for effective results.
Invest in a skin care routine, and learn how to shave correctly, to reduce the risk of ingrown or infecting hairs.

Shaved hairs often have a sharp slant cut into them, which is ideal for growing back into the skin. Those who have thick, coarse, or curly hair are at a higher risk as ingrown hairs can also occur without shaving (where hair naturally grows back on itself), knowing how to identify and treat this common complaint can save you a lot of hardship. If you begin to see redness and irritation you can start treatment by cleansing the area (preferably with antibacterial gels), and keep an eye for progress.
Recommended After Care Consider using tea tree oil, which is a natural antiseptic to cleanse the areas after showering or shaving, and avoid baths during this time.
You should also wait for the hair to grow back in a little before shaving again if you have suffered from ingrown hair.
Add tea tree oil to a carrier oil (such as Jojoba oil, or Almond oil), or dilute with distilled water and apply a few drops to the area twice a day as needed to relieve the inflammation. Another product you can use for a less invasive treatment, and as an after care preventative measure, is Tend Skin, which reduces the redness and swelling, and helps to alleviate ingrown hairs and razor rash.

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