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Even if you make a puncture in the studio, there is a risk of complications such as blood poisoning, infection and swelling.
In some cases,a clear liquid – lymph – appears on the surface of a puncture.This is absolutely normal and can be removed with a cotton pad moistened with hydrogen peroxide.
Tonsils can be controlled by gargling waith salt water in the morning, in evening and at night. Infection always is a risk following an ear piercing, even if a sterile procedure is followed.
Apply a topical antibiotic ointment to the earring post and the piercing hole before reinserting the earring.
Antibiotics may be necessary if the infection spreads beyond the immediate site of the ear piercing.
Upper ear piercings through cartilage are more likely to get infected than earlobe piercings.
The chance of getting an infection in an ear piercing is reduced by researching the method of piercing and the piercer. When trying to heal infected ear piercings, avoid drowning them in alcohol or peroxide, and use warm water and Epsom salt. Nose piercing has been around for a long time and the popularity of the practice continues to rise.
Unlike nose and navel piercing which is done on flesh and fatty tissues, nose piercing involves sticking a needle through cartilage. Some common symptoms and signs of infected pierced nose tenderness, excessive pain, prolonged bleeding, pus, excessive redness, and hot feel in the affected area. Infections may occur in the course of the healing phase after you have had your nose pierced. Cleaning the infected it generally involves removal of the dried debris such as dead body tissues, dirt, and pus around the the piercing.
No matter how painful the infection is however, the jewelry should not be removed (unless instructed by a doctor) as this may make the wound to close up leading to an abscess.
If the above treatment options for piercing infection don’t heal it, antibiotics may be necessary. Antibiotics will in most cases help to heal the nose piercing infections, but should the symptoms persist, it is also a great idea to seek the attention of your doctor. Cleaning an infected piercing on the nose is usually easy and can be doesn’t require you to go back to the piercing service provider. This is important in order to prevent a transfer of germs and bacteria into the piercing from dirty hands. To a clean cotton swab, apply a small amount of antibacterial soap (a drop or two) and use it to clean the area around the piercing by swabbing it around gently.

Once done, use a cotton swab soaked with a little warm water to rinse the nose before drying it with a clean paper towel.
You should avoid using harsh substances such as Hibiclens, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Betadine, and over-the-counter creams since these can slow down the healing process.  Antibacterial soap is enough to clean the infected piercing. It is our sincere hope that this guide has shared some useful tips to help you avoid and treat nose piercing infection if they occur.
Vertical piercing – the hole goes along the center of the nose line, from the base to the tip of the nose.
Deep nose piercing is a piercing of the nose wing, which is much higher than the ordinary level, poorly heals and is very painful. Until the end of healing, the puncture should be treated with an antiseptic (which will be appointed by a specialist) 2 times a day.
In case of an abscess, immediately visit a doctor to find the cause of the infection and to choose the right treatment. The text on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be used in substitute for the advice of a physician or other medical professional.
Proper hand washing remains the best prevention against harmful bacteria and infection, but if a pierced ear does become infected, you should treat the wound by following these steps.
Clean the earring and the holes on both sides of the earlobe with sterile gauze and rubbing alcohol (if the ear is not newly pierced).
If redness and drainage get worse, the ear swells, or you experience pain, have a fever or show no improvement after three days, see your doctor without delay. Cartilage is more susceptible to infection, as well as more difficult to treat if infection does occur. This makes it take relatively longer to heal and this coupled with the high amount of bacteria typically found in the nose makes this piercing particularly vulnerable to infections. This might be avoided by ensuring stringent aftercare measures such as washing your hands thoroughly before touching the piercing, and cleaning the area with saline water.
Treating an infected piercing basically rolls down to cleaning the area around the piercing, removing the infected materials and using heat to enhance blood circulation and stimulate the body’s immunity.
This involves using a hot salty-water press against the infected area (see the “a section on cleaning your piercing” section below). This is an infection that is trapped beneath the skin and is characterized by pain and swelling. This is especially the case if the infection has moved beyond the immediate area around the piercing. Although rarely, the doctor may recommend the removal of the an infected altogether, or even cut off the tissues around the infected area in order to facilitate healing of the nasal piercing infection. Use an antibacterial soap and how water to wash your hands before drying them with a clean paper towel.

It is advisable that you repeat the procedure twice every day until the infection goes away.
The symptoms highlighted above will usually tell a normally healing piercing from an infected one. But that shouldn’t keep you from getting a a piercing on your nose if it tickles your fancy. A specialist punctures the wing of the nose and puts the jewelry which may be described as a special screw.
This kind of piercing should be done only by the experienced specialist, because the puncture is done strictly perpendicular to the nose, otherwise the jewelry will stay askew. If the pin may be placed in strikingly direct place only, the rings may be placed in different variations. All statements, opinions, and information on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Because cartilage receives less blood flow, it must depend on surrounding healthy tissue for oxygen. People also tend to touch newly  pierced noses frequently and this can easily introduce bacteria, leading to an infection.
This is referred to as cellulitis and results when the body fails to wall-off the infection that results after piercing your nose. Squeeze the cotton wool to remove any excesses before pressing it gently on the pierced area. The following infections may also give you an insight to help you decide if it the high time you get a round of antibiotics or seek the attention of your doctor.
From the outside it looks like a small stone or ball and inside there is a hook for reliable fixation. Dip a sterile cotton ball into the water, and then hold it gently against the infected pierced ear hole for several minutes.
Repeat the process for five minutes and then rinse the area with some warm water (to get rid of the salt) before patting it dry with a paper towel. If you want to change the earring, you should do it on the exhale, because otherwise you may breathe it in.
Silver is never used during the healing period of the nose piercing, because it can cause swelling, allergic reaction, or leave a stain on the nose.

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