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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you can’t stop a wound from bleeding or if the cut extends deeper than the top layer of skin you may need stitches. Shallow cuts that don’t require stitches can still become infected if exposed to bacteria or other microorganisms.
Any sign of red streaks across the skin may indicate an infection of the lymph system, which is responsible for carrying fluid from the tissues. For instance, if you step on a nail and it penetrates deep into your foot you may experience an infection of the bone. It is not easy to properly clean out a puncture wound, which is why it’s highly recommended to visit your local Urgent Medical Center if you have one. Most wounds will not become infected, although without proper precautions and good hygiene the risks greatly increase. Cover the wound with a clean bandage to reduce the risk of bacteria and dirt getting inside. You have a preexisting disease or health condition such as diabetes, cancer, or any conditions related to the kidney, lung, or liver.
If you have a weakened immune system for any reason, such as poor nutrition, a preexisting condition, or if you are taking certain medications, or undergoing radiation treatment. A quick trip to your local Urgent Medical Center will provide you with the care you need to start healing. Make an AppointmentWe understand that your time is valuable and to better serve you, we offer the convenience of check-in in online. Urgent Medical CenterUrgent Medical Center's mission is to offer high quality health care that exceeds our patients' expectations in a caring, convenient and cost-effective manner. Make an AppointmentWe understand that your time is valuable and to better serve you, we offer the convenience to check-in online. Answer the following questions as part of your assessment to determine if your wound care patient would benefit from MIST Therapy®.

Deep tissue injury (DTI) is caused by significant pressure, usually over a bony prominence, that creates tissue damage from the inside out. Pain is an unfortunate effect of many wound care treatments, including surgical debridement, contact ultrasound, pulsed lavage, electrical stimulation and more which can result in patient dissatisfaction and reduced compliance. If pain is a factor when treating your wound care patient, it may be time to add MIST Therapy to your treatment protocol. If your patient has a wound that is not healing as expected, it may be time to add MIST Therapy to your treatment. MIST Therapy has been shown to increase the blood flow to the wound by dilating the vessel. If you have a wound that lacks adequate circulation and the edema is being addressed, adding MIST Therapy to your treatment protocol may benefit your patient. If you have a wound that is showing signs of infection, it may be time to add MIST Therapy to your treatment.
Nonhealing wounds can “stall” in the inflammatory or proliferative phases of healing.  Drainage can result because of this inflammation or because the wound is infected.
Through active cell stimulation, MIST Therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation in nonhealing wounds for less drainage and faster healing.  MIST Therapy also reduces the amount of bacteria within and below the wound bed to improve healing. If you have a wound that has drainage, it may be time to add MIST Therapy to your treatment.
For more information on when MIST Therapy is appropriate for your patient, contact your local Celleration representative or call 866-307-6478 (MIST). Minor skin wounds generally heal without issue, but deeper cuts that require stitches are at a greater risk for infection. One of the main reasons stitches are required is to keep out infection.  The sooner a deep cut is sutured, the lower the risk for infection. These wounds tend to appear small and may not bleed as much but they can still be very deep. In order to help prevent a wound from becoming infected there are a number of things you can do.

You need to change this bandage three times a day, or anytime the bandage becomes wet or dirty. If you have not had a tetanus shot in the last 10 years and the wound occurs in a very dirty location, or an area prone to tetanus, a booster is recommended within 5-years. Antibiotics may be prescribed to help fight off infection and NSAIDs can help decrease pain, swelling, and any fever.
Kudrowitz is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University’s Physician Assistant Program (MMS) and also completed a master’s degree in biomedical science (MS) at Florida Atlantic University.
Previously, clinicians were limited to offloading and waiting until the wound opened before starting treatment. When puncture wounds occur bacteria and debris are pressed deep into the wound, creating an ideal location for bacteria to thrive. This is because the foam in shoes can be loaded with bacteria known to cause serious tissue infections. If you have never been immunized against tetanus or did not complete the three shot immunization, you may need tetanus immunoglobulin, a certain medication used to prevent lockjaw. MIST Deep Healing Energy penetrates below the skin’s surface to stimulate the cells to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and and heal DTIs from deep within.
If your immune system becomes overwhelmed or weakened the bacteria has a chance to flourish, resulting in an infected wound. X-rays, CT, or MRI scans are also used in some cases to identify if there are any broken bones, or foreign objects stuck in the skin.

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