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Most people believe that if they have fingernail or toenail fungus, the worst of the problem is how their nails look. Fungal nail infections are just like any other infection – a medical condition that involves rapid growth of a live and active fungus.
At first, a toenail or fingernail with a fungal infection may become white or yellow, get thicker, and then crumble, split, or separate from the skin. When you have a fungal toenail infection, it can be uncomfortable, even painful, to walk, wear shoes, or stand for long periods of time (Top 10 questions about nail fungus). For elderly nail fungus sufferers, the infection can lead to other skin irritations or a serious type of inflammation called cellulitis.
Aside from the serious medical consequences, ignoring a fungal nail infection can really affect your daily life.

Do the necessary research to explore your treatment options, and then take action to get back to healthy nails. Signup to receive a free design each and every week, plus a special welcome gift "5 Easel Card Shapes" as our way of saying thanks. Enter your email address here to receive a daily dose of happiness one nail polish at a time! Unfortunately, unhealthy looking nails are actually a much more serious problem that can get worse. Ignoring such infections can lead to ingrown nails, cause pain and embarrassment, and disrupt regular activities. Those with diabetes, or any medical condition affecting the circulatory system, may experience additional problems with their circulation caused by the fungal infection.

The PinPointe™ FootLaser™ provides a safe and effective treatment for nail infection that is approved by Health Canada.
Today I’m sharing a quick post on a brand that I have always heard about, but never had any of their polish until it was gifted to me for Christmas!
Nail infections can even spread to other people who bathe, swim, or sport with or near you.
Feeling self-conscious when others see your nails or feet can cramp your lifestyle, and force you to stop doing the things you enjoy.

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