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Treating nail fungal infection can be tricky because it tends to recur if not treated properly. If you consult your doctor, an oral anti-fungal medication might get prescribed to you for the treatment of your nail fungus. If you take these medications, they will help a new nail grow that will be free of infection, and the infection portion of your nail will be slowly replaced by the new nail. Typically, these medications have to be taken for 6 to 12 weeks, but until the nail has grown back completely, seeing the end result of the treatment is not possible.
Moreover, it is also possible for the fungal infection to recur, especially if exposure of the nails to moist and warm conditions continues. Anti-fungal lacquer: If your nail fungal infection is mild to moderate, prescribing an anti fungal nail polish by the name of ciclopirox (Penlac) will most likely be preferred by your doctor. Topical medications: Your doctor might also recommend the use of other topical anti-fungal medications. Surgery: If your nail is extremely or severely painful, removal of the nail could also be recommended by your doctor.
Laser or photodynamic therapy: In this treatment, the nail is irradiated using intense light after having been treated with an acid.
At times, you might also have to turn to the following natural home treatments if the above ones do not prove to be effective or because you cannot wait too long for the above treatments to work.
Vinegar: Although there is no direct evidence that nail fungus can be cured by soaking the infected nails in vinegar, according to some studies, the growth of particular bacteria is inhibited this way.
Vicks Vapor Rub: Just like vinegar, the effectiveness of Vapor Rub when it comes to treating nail fungus has not been assessed with controlled clinical trials.
Indeed, the right nail fungus treatment could definitely rid your nails of the fungal infection. Nail fungus, which is medically known as Onychomycosis, may not seem as severe as an internal infection, but it is actually very difficult to treat.
Just as in any other medical problem, identifying the exact cause is the very first step to be taken. In the recent years, antifungal treatment has come a long way and the options now are more diverse and a lot more effective.
Toenail fungus is a common form of nail infection, which is caused by mold, fungal yeast or dermatophytes. Several over-the-counter anti-fungal medications are available for treating mild cases of toe nail fungus.
The efficacy of these products can be increased by using a lotion containing urea, in combination of these products. Along with this, you can also crush fresh clove of garlic and apply it onto the affected toenail thrice daily.
Garlic possesses strong anti-fungal properties, which helps the patients in fighting against the fungus successfully. Incorporating some changes in your lifestyle can also promote healing of toenail and aid in eliminating the toenail fungus. Wet socks usually hinder the healing process; hence you must try to change your socks if you feel that they have turned wet or sweaty. If you observe that your toenail and the neighboring skin bleeds frequently due to the infection, then you should not rely on any of the home remedies.

However, treatments are available that can help you clear up the infection if you have nail fungus. Fortunately, you can easily buy anti-fungal creams and ointments for nail fungus over the counter, but their effectiveness can vary. According to studies, itraconazole (Sporanox) and terbinafine (Lamisil) happen to be the most effective treatments. There are several circumstances under which your doctor might advise you against taking anti-fungal drugs, especially if you are already taking certain medications. At times the use of these creams is recommended along with an over-the-counter lotion that contains urea so that the medication gets quickly absorbed. The nail that is removed is usually replaced by a new nail that grows in its place, though a new nail may grow slowly and may only grow back completely a year after the removal.
However, this nail fungus treatment is quite new, and you might not be able to avail it everywhere, though it can be successful. Experts suggest that feet should be soaked in a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts warm water for 15 to 20 minutes.
In fact, from all fungal infections out there, treatments for toenail fungus may be the hardest ones. So, it is essential to go to the doctor’s office in order for him to identify the particular fungi that have caused the infection and prescribe the proper antifungal treatments. However, it needs to be stressed out that you must be sure it is a fungus infection you are dealing with, before starting any kind of medication.
You are recommended to try these anti-fungal over-the-counter products right from the onset of the infection.
But people, who take blood thinning medications, should strictly avoid consuming garlic in any form without taking permission of their doctors.
You should rub this VapoRub on the affected toenail gently at least twice every day to help it to heal. People having toenail infection are recommended to keep their feet dry and clean throughout the day and night. Also, application of nail polish should be avoided until your toenail recovers completely from the fungal infection.
If you have nail fungus along with athlete’s foot, you should first use topical medication to treat the athlete’s foot, while ensuring that your feet remain clean and dry. After seven days, the piled-on layers can be wiped clean using alcohol and fresh layers of the nail polish can be applied for another seven days and so on.
The surface of your nail might also get filed by the doctor, which is known as debridement, so that the amount of infected nail that needs to be treated is lessened and the effectiveness of the topical medication is increased. At times, your doctor may use surgery in combination with ciclopirox for the treatment of the nail bed.
It is a proven all natural nail fungus treatment that will helps clear yellow keratin debris, improves the health of your nails and is safe and effective. There is no consensus on how frequently this product should be applied, so before it is used on the nails, consulting with a doctor is recommended. Back in 2007, an article was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology that suggested that the nail bed and plate tend to suffer trauma as a result of a fungal infection, so even after the infection has been treated, the nail formerly infected nails ultimately look permanently abnormal. However, many people prefer to first try out home remedies as treatments for toenail fungus.

This is essential because there are several conditions that are very much alike in aspect with fungal infection, such as Psoriasis, bacterial infection or contact dermatitis and they all require different treatments and pills. Antifungal tablets, surgery, laser treatment and antifungal nail paint are used for getting rid of the toenail fungus.
You can consume six tablespoons of garlic extract per day until your toenail becomes fungus-free.
Hence, you should also dust your shoes as well as your feet with garlic powder every day till you get rid of your toenail fungus.
Vicks VapoRub contains active ingredients called camphor, eucalyptus oil and menthol, and inactive ingredients like turpentine oil, cedar leaf oil, thymol, nutmeg oil and special petrolatum.
Somewhere between 2% to 18% of the population of the world has been found to have nail fungus, but fortunately, it is highly treatable with the right nail fungus treatment.
It has been shown that some nail fungal infections tend to clear away if Penlac is used every day for almost one year.
Nonetheless, rather than stressing on the visual appearance, you should focus on curing the fungal infection in your nails. There isn’t just one fungus that affects the nails and causes Onychomycosis, but a variety of species and in many cases, more than one type will present at the same time.
After a doctor has given the diagnosis of nail fungus infection, you have several options, the easiest one being oral prescription antifungal medication.
As the name suggests, it is basically a fungal infection that develops in one or more of the nails. However, if this tends to irritate your skin, then just soak your feet twice or thrice every week. For instance, some people soak their feet in vinegar, which is a good idea, because the vinegar is a strong disinfectant. However, this may take quite some time and medications are only effective against some species of fungi. You could consider a chemical too for your shoes, but using it every day may impact your shoes and your feet. This infection typically begins as a yellow or white spot under the tip of nails, whether of the fingers or the toes. But there is only so much time for home remedies, as the more the infection grows, the harder it will be to treat. If the infection is very severe, surgery would be one of the other treatments for toenail fungus, although it is usually the last resort, because surgically removing your toenail can be pretty traumatic and very painful.
The nail fungus can cause nails to develop crumbling edges, discolor and thicken if it spreads deeper into the nails, making them potentially painful and unsightly.
Therefore, vinegar and other natural remedies are only advisable in early stages of infection. If your toenail has already separated from the nail bed, sticking your feet into vinegar will only cause a tremendous amount of pain and agitate the fungal infection.

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