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We long for the hot summer days, but when they finally arrive, do we treat the sun with the respect it deserves?  More often than not, our first days basking in the sun result in sunburn. Make an ointment or salve with the essential oil of Saint John's Wort to promote the healing of burns that haven't broken the skin.
Dissolve Epson salts in water, apply to a clean cloth, and place the cloth over the affected skin. Drink lots of water-after your skin has been damaged from the sun’s rays, it needs moisture that it lost during your time out in the sun.
There is no such thing as a "healthy tan." Unprotected sun exposure causes early aging of the skin. You slathered sunscreen on your child, but he still got a sunburn — what should you do now?

From the age-old remedy of applying aloe to the less common solution of using yogurt, Circle of Moms members have shared numerous ways to treat a sunburn. Once you've treated your child's sunburn, the important thing is to move on and make a plan to prevent it from happening again. But  the skin damage is often permanent and can have serious long-term effects, including skin cancer. As one mother, Alison L., said to another mom who was feeling bad about her baby getting a sunburn, "Forgive yourself darling. Other moms point out that sun protection also involves finding shady spots on the playground or beach, making sure your child wears a hat (try a sun hat with a Velcro strap for little ones who like to take them off), and having your child wear protective clothing, like a light t-shirt or cover-up. You can help prevent skin cancer by protecting your skin and your family's skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

If all else fails and you can't get your child to keep clothes on over her bathing suit, then invest in a swimsuit or rash guard with built-in UPF protection.
For recommendations on kid-friendly sunblocks, check out the 10 safest sunscreens for babies and kids. However, the Vitamin D Council also cautions that skin type makes a difference as to how much sun your child can take before getting burned. They recommend staying in the sun only half as long as it takes for your child's skin to get pink.

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