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UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTION MEDICINE OVER COUNTER Infection, but you should not improved by many.
If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Webmd discusses upper respiratory infection in cats and includes symptoms, treatment, and prevention.. About upper respiratory infections in cats, including risk factors, signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.. Upper respiratory infections (uris) in felines can be bacterial or viral in origin, and are faily common among cats in animal shelters, humane societies.
Copyright © 2014 Review Ebooks, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Since my last delivery, I suffered from many vague symptoms before menses, like bloating, mood swing, gastric disturbances. I suffered from severe anxiety neurosis due to certain circumstances at my office, which I cannot discuss. I had visited Dr.Sushma Wadhwa 6 months back for acute gastric headaches, with lot of hyperacidity, flatulence etc. My mother had taken me to Dr.Sushma Wadhwa when I was around 5 yrs old, for both the above mentioned problems.

My 3 year old sone used to fall sick with fever, cold, cough with the slightest change of seasons, or in diet, whether it be chocolates, sweets, artificially flavoured or coloured foods, ice creams, cold drinks, cakes. I had urticaria since last 3 yrs and was on an anti-allergic drug which I had to take daily.
I was on heavy medicines, which I was told I would have to take lifelong and that there was no cure for my ailment. After 4 yrs of dedication, I have come down to 2 Mesacols a day, I eat out regularly and have a normal life.
I was suffering from acute attacks of urticaria with a lot of swelling and burning patches all over the body.
I sincerely thank Dr.Sushma Wadhwa, because after her treatment, now since last 4 years I no longer suffer from those acute attacks. But they just vanished right from the very first month I started the treatment and within 6 months I was completely OK.
This is the greatest gift that I could receive from my doctor, whom has my complete faith. Now my family and my parents visit her for whatever problems we have and we are very happy with the treatment.
Dr.Sushma Wadhwa has also treated my daughter for asthmatic bronchitis and my husband for allergic rhinitis and kidney stone.

Dr.Sushma Wadhwa's homoeopathic treatment must increased the immunity of many of her other patients, too. Now he can tolerate all those things without falling sick after getting homoeopathic treatment from Dr. Sushma Wadhwa, and incredibly, ever since her treatment, I have neither blurring nor headaches! My father, who used to have recurrent cold with severe obstruction of the nose, is rid of his problem. I simultaneously had also started treatment for my daughter for corn, and within 3 weeks she was free from it. My friend referred me to Dr.Sushma Wadhwa, who brought back joy in my life and today I enjoy cooking. The intensity and frequency of his bouts is also gradually decreasing and we can see that there is 90% improvement. Homoeopathy is really amazing and Dr.Sushma Wadhwa will be the first doctor in my mind if I have any problems in future.

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