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The January 2010 Medication Adherence e-survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network set out to capture the expanding focus and impact of medication adherence in the healthcare industry, from populations and health conditions targeted by medication adherence programs to the components of a successful medication adherence program. Responses were provided by 107 healthcare organizations to 23 multiple choice and open-ended questions. 2010 Benchmarks in Medication Adherence and Management provides actionable information from 107 healthcare organizations on their efforts to improve medication adherence and compliance in their populations and the impact that medication therapy management programs are having on adherence levels, medication costs, ER visits, hospital and nursing home admissions, risk of death and other areas of concern. 2010 Benchmarks in Medication Adherence and Management is available from the Healthcare Intelligence Network for $117 by visiting our Online Bookstore or by calling toll-free (888) 446-3530. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
What Are The Benefits Of Using An Online Drug Store To Buy Pain Relieving Tramadol Medication? What Are The Benefits Of Using An Online Drug Store To BuyPain Relieving Tramadol Medication?An internet drugstore acts as a broker for independent American pharmacies and allows youto order Tramadol, a prescription pain reliever without a prior prescription. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Lexicomp is the market leader in providing dental-specific pharmacology and clinical information and is seen as the industry benchmark for ensuring medication and treatment safety in the dental setting. Our web-based platform increases efficiency and improves patient care by providing office-wide access to continually updated pharmacology information, interaction and allergy screening tools, patient medication management, ePrescribing, lesion diagnosis and a wide-ranging collection of dental reference databases. The BASIC Package provides the necessary pharmacology and dental reference information to support medication and treatment safety in the dental office. Experience an enhanced level of decision support and mobile accessibility by upgrading to the Lexicomp PRO Package. VisualDx Oral is the first ever oral lesion diagnosis tool that combines the power of a comprehensive medical image library with concise, specialist-developed clinical information.
Access industry-leading drug information and clinical content from Lexicomp directly from your smartphone or tablet with our Lexi-DENTAL COMPLETE app!
The PREMIUM package is the clear choice for dental offices looking for a more advanced patient medication management solution available.
Office staff will love how easy it is to build and save the patient's medication history for future visits. Review patient specific and stored drug interactions, drug allergy and medication alert warnings. Our industry-leading, core dental drug information database available, Dental Lexi-Drugs provides quick access to up to date dental-specific information at the point of care. Lexi-Natural Products provides dental professionals in-depth information on over 175 commonly used natural products. Lexi-Patient Education, the Lexicomp patient advisory database, provides vital information on over 1800 adult medications. Lexi-Patient Education, the Lexicomp patient advisory database, provides vital information on over 1100 pediatric medications. Drug Allergy and Idiosyncratic Reactions addresses drug allergies, including reactions by drug class, considerations when managing patients with reported allergies, and more. Lexicomp has developed the Lexi-Pregnancy & Lactation database to offer in-depth, detailed content on drug use during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
This database is designed to provide information for the practicing dentist and dental personnel so that prevention and management of emergencies are part of the office knowledge base.
This database is designed to assist in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with oral soft tissue diseases. This database is designed to assist in the visual recognition and diagnosis of common bone lesions. This database presents a review of basic clinical principles and procedures that are commonly encountered on a daily basis and is a perfect resource when transitioning into clinical practice or as a refresher for the seasoned dental professional.
The Oral Surgery for the General Dentist database is written specifically for the general dentist practitioner. This database is designed as a quick reference for the drugs most commonly used in dental practice. This database is designed to support efficient diagnosis and treatment of conditions frequently occurring with the pediatric patient population. A practical resource database intended for general dentists, dental hygienists and students for both clinical and educational settings stresses patient-centered, evidence-based diagnosis, treatment planning and accepted modalities of periodontal therapy. Fully-illustrated, this database addresses current issues in endodontic therapy including the latest techniques, procedures and materials. Detailed diagnosis and treatment plans are presented for different case types, with restorative, step-by-step illustrations included in this database designed to initiate dental professionals into the world of implant dentistry and maintenance.
A wide-ranging drug, herbal, and drug allergy interaction analysis tool, Lexi-Interact assists dental professionals in making safer medication decisions at the point of care. Lexi-Drug ID helps dental professionals quickly identify unknown medications based on imprint, dosage form, shape and color. Fully-integrated within the Dental Lexi-Drugs database, Lexi-CALC assists dental professionals in making drug calculations and decisions for treating specific patient conditions. The Lexicomp Patient Education Module enables dental professionals to improve care by providing patients with easy-to-read information (written at a 5th-7th grade reading level) about their condition, care and overall health. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Ease of use and outstanding ergonomics make the explore 5 the device of choice for active people looking for an electronic magnifier they can take everywhere they go. A smart choice for active people with mild to medium-severe low vision who need variable magnification and contrast enhancement, the explore 5 is designed to help them on the go, at school, at work… everywhere.
For over 25 years, HumanWare’s inspirational vision has resulted in a range of highly intuitive and intelligent solutions that empower people who are blind or with low vision by giving them the independence to participate effectively within a sighted world. Subscribe to our newswires to receive the most recent news about our innovative products and be automatically notified about special offers, product updates, etc.
Share this data with a colleague!IMPORTANT NOTICE: This information is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information on the business of healthcare. Qualified medicalstaffers are always providing potential customers with free prescription from US certified andlicensed doctors for whatever Tramadol medications they might requireOnline drug stores collaborate along with US licensed and certified physicians who supplyconsumers with the utmost value in healthcare services available anywhere.
They should, since you need youronline drugs fast.If there is not a toll free customer service number and live chat, look for another onlineservice. Andrew Adesman, Chief of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics at the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York (CCMCNY), part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System. This introductory collection of databases and decision support modules is your first line of defense to eliminate patient drug interactions.
Select your device platform to receive the appropriate installation instructions." class="tooltip">What is this?
Input findings such as visual clues, symptoms, patient medications, and patient history to develop a differential. You'll have the clinical information you're seeking to support fast, safe diagnosis and treatment conveniently at your fingertips!
This top of the line product offering combines first ever ePrescribing capabilities with direct access to Lexicomp dental-specific drug and clinical information. This HIPAA compliant patient record is seamlessly integrated to Lexicomp pharmacology, drug allergy, drug interactions and patient education information that you need to ensure medication safety! Simply click the "medication history" button and retrieve the patient's most up-to-date medication history list. Designed for the busy dental professional, Dental Lexi-Drugs contains vital information on over 7500 drugs. Monographs include dosage and standardization, reported uses, active forms, pharmacology, general warnings and other key information.
This innovative database is based on integration of scientific and clinical literature and offers unique insight on allergic mechanisms, concepts and categorizations. This evolving database reviews the most commonly used drugs for women of reproductive age and pregnant women. The database presents specific dental office medical emergency situations defined by symptom analysis.
Over 100 lesions are discussed and illustrated with one or more four-color photographs depicting clinical features and common characteristics.
Featuring over 135 high quality radiographs, each lesion is illustrated by one or more photos depicting typical features and common variations. It is intended to be used as a tool for efficient diagnostics and treatment, but not intended to replace the comprehensive research that may need to be done by a clinician in the care of individual patients. This step-by-step approach illustrates general, everyday oral surgical procedures and provides the knowledge to perform these procedures with competency.
The information provided includes practice-oriented suggestions made by dental professionals. Over 180 photographs and images are featured to assist in competent and compassionate treatment of children and teens. Over 275 color photographs, radiographs, diagrams and drawings are included as well as dental trauma management information. Enter a patient's entire regimen and known drug allergy profile, identify potential interactions, screen for potential duplicate therapies, and obtain appropriate patient management suggestions. Lexi-CALC includes dental specific age and weight-based calculations for commonly used local anesthetics and antibiotics.
Our patient education handouts cover information on medications (adult and pediatric), diseases, conditions and procedures. A single search provides links to trusted and qualified websites, eliminating the need to search sites independently. From magnifying restaurant menus to the fine print on documents, packaging and more, the explore 5 makes life easier for anyone with vision problems. The best way to reduce the risk of infection is to administer a safe heartworm preventive that kills immature worms before they cause damage. It is distributed with the understanding that Healthcare Intelligence Network is not engaged in rendering legal advice. The personalonline qualification survey or medical consultation conducted by our panel of specificallyeducated healthcare professionals is completely free of charge and can save the averagecustomer as much as $2000 when factoring the cost of doctor’s visits. Or search a specific diagnosis to confirm diagnostic thinking and review therapy recommendations.
Quickly review patient profiles for drug interactions and then send prescriptions electronically to the patient's pharmacy. In addition, this database discusses idiosyncratic reactions which may be confused with allergy, either due to clinical presentation or patient-reported events.

The database also provides information on pre-procedural antibiotics and decision algorithms, oxygen delivery systems and office protocols for occupational injuries, as well as current CPR and BLS (basic life support) guidelines. Recommendations for treatment and follow up, including sample prescriptions and concise drug monographs, are also included.
It is an easy-to-use compilation of the most important reference materials and includes current diagnostic modes and technology consistent with contemporary treatment planning. Over 660 four-color photographs with over 40 surgical cases are included with photographs of instruments and descriptions of their use accompanying each surgical case.
This database is a straightforward approach to periodontal diseases, diagnosis, therapy options and sample treatment plans.
Dental alerts deliver critical information about the effect of patient medications on dental treatment.
Handouts are available in up to 19 languages and can be customized with the patient's name and clinician information.
The large, bright buttons are intuitive and simple, and its key features are designed to help in every situation. Treatment for heartworms is risky and expensive so it is important to use year-round preventative medication since heartworm disease is preventable. The US affiliatedpharmacies are completely licensed and in strict conformity with US FDA rules for distributionof prescription drugs for personal use. The module provides access to over 100 conditions of the oral mucosa with about 1,200 photographic quality medical images of the oral cavity and systemic disease with oral manifestations. The system even automatically alerts you if there are drug interactions or patient medications that have a harmful effect on your treatment plan.
This data will assist the clinician in addressing allergy-related issues which are often difficult to interpret in clinical practice.
In addition, the database also provides detailed information on how much drug enters breast milk and, subsequently, reaches the infant.
Over 300 full-color photographs, radiographs and illustrations are included, and it is an ideal resource for board review. The database covers specific medical situations and the appropriate medications to be used. It is valuable at varying levels of implant training so that the user can continue to benefit from it as he or she gains experience. Medication Safety Check instantly generates a list of drugs in a selected medication category that do not interact with your patient’s regimen, helping to inform your treatment decisions. Most importantly, only FDA approved Tramadolmedications are on hand for sale to US customers.If it happens that a customer does not meet the requirements for the Tramadol medicationbeing requested, any counsel they receive will be theirs to keep, free of charge. As a result, you and your staff spend less time with the headache of collecting and researching drug information and can focus on other tasks. Monographs may also include a Pregnancy Registry contact information field and a Selected Readings section listing the clinical guidelines related to the use of the drug in pregnant women. Substantial information is provided about the administrative aspects of incorporating implant treatment into a general practice. Interaction analysis includes a summary of drug interactions with an assigned risk rating to identify the action steps necessary. Having these capabilities, in addition to electronic prescriptions, will save you valuable time and help avoid adverse and sometimes tragic medication events. Each letter designation (A, B, C, D, X) represents the severity level of the identified interaction. Ordering and receiving theprescription Tramadol medication needed is accomplished without having to leave thecomfort of one’s home or office.
As soon as the totally free internet prescription has beenaccepted, it will be sent to a U.S. Additional features include: "Jump To" option and tools that filter results by interaction type, by risk rating, or by drug name. Therefore, customers are encouraged to inform their doctors if theyuse any new Tramadol medication so that the doctor can monitor the therapy.
It is always agood idea for new consumers to read and understand all product information, dosage,possible side effects, and contradictions of the Tramadol medication to be used. For this, theInternet can be an excellent source of information, provided clients use professionalinformation sources to buy without a prescription.How can you be sure that the online drugstore you want to order from is trustworthy? Seesome questions below to ask yourself:Does it ship your prescriptions from a US licensed pharmacy? If it does, then you know that itonly carries USA FDA approved Tramadol medications and you are safe.Does it include a free online prescription as part of the cost via a safe and sound medicalfeedback form administered by a US licensed physician? If it does, then you know it adheresto all the regulations required to buy online drugs from a pharmacy mail order service.When it comes to your privacy, can you count on them to deliver your order in discreetlyunmarked packaging?

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