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Iron bacteria are bacteria that derive their energy from oxidizing iron commonly found in groundwater.
The most common sign of iron bacteria in the water supply is a reddish-brown or yellowish gelatinous slime in water tanks, faucets, toilet tanks, and plumbing. Although such radical treatments as well pasteurization can be used, by far the most common approach to iron bacteria control is chlorination. Our client was relocating from California.  She found a beautiful home in Shorewood MN that had been completely remodeled. Iron Bacteria is not a health risk.  But it forms a corrosive slime that’s a real nuisance!  It was responsible for the nasty rotten-egg smell (which is often mistaken for Hydrogen Sulfide gas).
1st Stage – Chlorine is pumped into a dedicated mixing tank that has 18 gallons of retention. 2nd Stage – A backwashing filter captures the “chunks” and periodically flushes them out of the system.
Think of this as a small city water treatment plant that only delivers 7 gallons per minute (7gpm). A Layne GreenPro Arsenic Filter was added for maximum protection.  It uses the patented LayneRT media that removes both Arsenic 3 and Arsenic 5.
LayneRT Media has almost 2x the life of other Arsenic Filter Media.  This means the operating cost is significantly lower than competing Whole House Arsenic Filters.
Best of all, FREE ongoing Arsenic testing is provided every 6 months – talk about piece-of-mind!

Well water can have a wide range of challenges.  Some of these problems, like rust stains, are easy to see. Premier Water can help you with both the Water Testing AND Water Treatment you need to fix your well water.  We are the leading Arsenic removal company in Minnesota, and have experience you can trust. In some uncommon cases, a home with high levels of iron or manganese levels in the groundwater around a foundation will support the growth of an organism known as iron bacteria.
This bacteria creates a substance known as iron ochre which is not known to be a health hazard but can quickly clog up in a basement drain. Our WaterGuard IOS (Iron Ochre System) Drain Channel is the ideal way to manage this troublesome problem. Our basement drain systems are a great way to transform your basement into dry, usable space! Iron bacteria lives by oxidizing minerals dissolved in water, particularly ferrous iron and sometimes manganese. Iron ochre will stain anything it touches, give off a swampy, musty smell, and ruin the taste of drinking water. We have solutions for even the most challenging issues with wet basements -- including problems related to iron ochre and iron bacteria. If you would like a free basement waterproofing quote, to solve this or any other wet basement problem, contact us today! These bacteria present no threat to health, but they can cause severe straining and damage to fixtures and water treatment devices.

These nuisance bacteria may cause corrosion to treatment equipment, clog screens and pipes, and have a foul odor.
Although sometimes shock chlorination of the well can completely fix the problem, this is rare. Bacteria is disinfected.  Metals like Iron, Manganese, and Arsenic are oxidized so they form “chunks” that settle out of the water. Since 1978, we’ve provided the Twin Cities with residential and commercial water softening, filtration, and purification systems.
Its wide-open drain resists clogs, while a removable lid makes access to the drain system easy. To schedule your free basement drain installation quote, contact us by phone or e-mail today! Over time, these layers will completely block the pipes, and can even lead to the breakdown of the pipes themselves, as the bacteria uses the iron of the pipes as a mineral source. Our drain system is custom-designed to handle this unique situation -- and is the ONLY cleanable, flushable iron ochre system of its kind! Usually, regular, repeated chlorine treatments or constant chlorination are the best solution.

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