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Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications for both adults and children can now be found in most households; but with OTC medications there are certain precautions you need take to keep both you and your children safe and healthy. Being mindful of expiration dates is very important when taking or administering OTC medicine. Reading the fine print and dosing instructions is essential when you’re using OTC medicine.

Storing medications properly keeps your family safe and medicines from going bad too quickly. Make sure you’re administering OTC medicines carefully and going to the doctor if they aren’t getting better after a few days. Dosing will change as they grow as well so checking with a doctor for proper dosage is always a good idea for new medicines and ones that you aren’t using on a regular basis.

The instructions that come with OTC medicine will often include how to store to them, such as ideal storage temperatures and usually will specify a dry environment.

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