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Women are thinking about stretch marks’ laser removal for a lot of different reasons: pregnancy, hereditary issues, or rapid weight lossor weight gain. The stretch marks’ laser removal feels like you are being stuck with a needle or pinched during a longer period of time.
After you have gone through laser removal of stretch marks the skin will most probably look irritated or red for a few days.
There are a lot of women who have gone through stretch marks’ laser removal and they weren’t happy with the results that they had. As you might have seen, there are different opinions regarding the effectiveness of laser removal of stretch marks, but in the majority of the cases women have reported that they had good results.
Having laser removal of stretch marks isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first, but for sure it is expensive, and there are also some women who simply cannot deal with the pain.
Stretch marks are the result of damage that occurs when the skin is stretched due to rapid growth, or weight gain. Some people are more susceptible than others to stretch marks and others never develop any, despite multiple pregnancies, or excessive weight gain. RevLite laser treatment involves the application of a light wavelength, the energy from which is absorbed by areas of discolouration caused by stretch marks.
Treatment times range from 20 to 40 minutes with the RevLite laser depending on the area size of the skin being treated. With persistence, and the skill of our consultants, you should see a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your stretch marks. Consultations require a ?25 deposit, which is deducted from any future treatments. 24 hour notice is required to move or cancel an appointment, or the deposit is forfeited at our discretion. Numerous women are suffering from them, although they cause no pain, they are just bothering people from an aesthetic point of view. The length of the stretches is determined by the amount of collagen that can be found in the skin.

In order to get the results that you have been looking for you most probably need several treatments. Each of the treatments that you need could cost between $400 and $1,500 at a dermatologist’s office. The truth is that the results of the procedure depend greatly on the severity of the problem and the skin type of the patients might also have a word to say in the matter.
On the other hand, there are also some who say that they saw no difference after the treatment was over.
Nonetheless in case you get the treatment, you shouldn’t be alarmed by the way your skin looks right after the doctor is done with the treatment.
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But now, non-invasive lasers can help to significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks, regaining a persons confidence in the process. Often associated solely with pregnancy, stretch marks can in fact appear on many different groups.
Those who do suffer can understandably feel self-conscious about their bodies, which can lead to anxiety and low of self-esteem. This light, known as PTP (PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse) is absorbed by the blood vessels beneath the stretch marks, which will then collapse. Most of our clients have tolerated their stretch marks for some time and they are usually delighted with the improvements laser technology can bring.
We recommend that you return for sessions every four weeks, but you can discuss this with our consultants when you have been examined. The main advice to note is to avoid sun exposure (including sun beds) for at least, 4 weeks prior to treatment and 4 weeks after treatment. Since the procedure is quite expensive, this is something that stops a lot of women from getting the treatment done.

In case you would like to make sure that you won’t need stretch marks’ laser removal you should be thinking ahead and try to prevent them from occurring rather than going through painful treatments just to get rid of them.
Teenagers who have a sudden growth spurt and bodybuilders who put on muscle bulk during exercise regimes can suffer too.
Starting a new relationship is a time of particular concern to those with extremely prominent stretch marks. Whilst laser therapy cannot completely erase stretch marks, it can improve their appearance to the extent that sufferers can feel confident to wear a swimming costume or bikini. Since the procedure is non-invasive, it has no ‘down time’ to recover from and you can carry on working throughout the treatment period. The rapid stretching allows the middle layer of the skin (dermis) to tear, and deeper skin layers show through those tears, causing the ‘tiger stripes’ that appear.
In effect, the laser creates localised and controlled damage to the skin, which encourages the production of new collagen. Although the dermis is incredibly strong, allowing for slow growth, rapid weight gain will over-test the flexibility of the fibres that it contains.
New collagen production pumps up the stretchmark from the bottom upwards, making the depression much less noticeable.
Over time, these recede, and your body fat will return, turning the marks a silvery colour.

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