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Urinary (or bladder) incontinence happens when you are not able to keep urine from leaking out of your urethra. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Uroretrohydropropulsion is a technique sometimes used in male dogs to relieve a blockage of the lower urinary tract caused by stones.
Dogs and cats usually form their stones in the urinary bladder, whereas people tend to form stones in their kidneys. Unlike female dogs, whose small stones can sometimes be removed by voiding urohydropropulsion, male dogs must have their stones removed surgically or by dissolution with diet. When surgery is indicated it is preferable to remove the stones from the urinary bladder and not have to cut into the urethra. Thus, uroretrohydropropulsion was invented as a method of moving lodged stones back into the bladder, where they can be removed surgically with less risk of complications. The procedure begins with catheterization of the urethra, passing the catheter only as far as the proximal (upstream) portion of the os penis. Multiple attempts may be required, and X-ray or ultrasound can be used to determine whether all of the stones have exited the urethra.

All stones will be chemically analyzed so that preventive measures can be taken to prevent future stones. A 1980 graduate of Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine his special interests are Dermatology and Internal Medicine at Animal General Hospital in Long Beach, MS. He is married to the talented artist Brenda Randolph, and they enjoy visiting their children and grandchildren whenever possible. They continue to cherish the memory of pets gone on: Sam and Blossum, Sally, Peyton, Pearl and Martha. The os penis surrounds 80% of the circumference of the urethra, is two to three inches long, and sits at the end of the penis.
That is a surgical emergency which, if not addressed quickly, can result in urinary bladder rupture. Some stones are too large to move and some may become embedded in the mucosa (lining) of the urethra. Other interests: he enjoys weekly teaching a Sunday School Class at a nearby nursing home and at church, singing in the choir in his Methodist church, furniture making and other woodworking and bass fishing.
They are allowed to share their home with a sweet poodle, Willie and their precious cat, Maxx.

From the bladder to the os penis, the urethra can expand dramatically to allow large volumes of urine and even large stones to pass.
Finger pressure is applied at the distal portion of the penis, thus preventing the solution from escaping and keeping flow in the proper direction. In such a case the surgeon has no choice but to make an incision into the penile urethra to remove the stones. Randolph on Male Dog Penis And Sheath DischargeCathy on Male Dog Penis And Sheath DischargeDr.
However, when calculi reach the portion of the urethra inside the bone, the urethra cannot expand, thus causing even small stones to become lodged. Sutures in the urethra may fail, resulting in urine leakage under the skin as well as additional anesthesia and surgical time. The goal is for the fluid to carry the stones back up the urethra, redepositing them in the bladder.

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