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Infected people are advised to observe good personal hygiene and wash hands properly especially after touching their eyes.
Acute conjunctivitis is a highly infectious disease, capable of spreading widely in the community. Transmission may occur through direct contact with discharge from the eyes or upper respiratory tracts of infected people, or indirectly through contaminated fingers, clothings, and use of contaminated  articles, such as shared eye makeup applicators, towels and topical eye medications.
Application of antibiotic ointments or eyedrops to the eyes is generally effective in treating bacterial conjunctivitis. Maintain good personal hygiene, particularly thorough handwashing before and after contact with eyes. Avoid sharing eye droppers, eye medicines, eye make-up and other items that may come into contact with the eyes.
The discharge is thick, whitish or yellowish in bacterial conjunctivitis, and watery in viral conjunctivitis.
The most common form is acute infectious conjunctivitis (red-eye syndrome) which is mostly caused by bacteria and viruses .

Other symptoms include tearing, foreign body sensation, itchiness, pain, swelling and redness of the eyes, matted eyelids after sleep, and sensitivity to light.
Furthermore, infected individuals should avoid swimming to prevent spread of infection, and they should  not attend schools or workplaces until their symptoms resolve.
Bacterial conjunctivitis can be caused by a variety of bacteria, with Haemophilus influenzae and Streptococcus pneumoniae being the commonest., Chlamydial trachomatis may also be a cause for bacterial conjunctivitis in both neonates and adults.
Viral conjunctivitis is often associated with an upper respiratory tract infection, and is often caused by adenoviruses and enteroviruses.

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