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Formula similar to Vicks Vapo Rub, but in a liquid form - can also be used to treat ear mites ! Effective relief of symptoms caused by upper respiratory ailments produced by congestion or allergy. Put bottle in a container of warm water and let it stand for a few minutes or warm quickly over medium heat with the cap open.
If possible, isolate your pet and treat with VetRx in warm water vaporizer, following manufacturers directions. Secondly, these are viruses, so antibiotics are not only not effective, they run the risk of undermining your cat’s immune system.
So your primary duty, as your cat’s chief health carer, should be focused on keeping this healing mechanism, or the immune system as it is more commonly called, in tip top working order. 1.Make sure the diet is a high quality and natural diet as close to your cat’s evolutionary diet as is practical for you to manage.

Herzlich Willkommenim historischen Rathaus in Maintal Hochstadt mit seiner Ebbelwei-Sch?nke. Cats can suffer with sneezing, coughing, fevers, eye and nasal discharges and other cold- or flu-like symptoms, just as humans do. It may not be your idea of fun to be sprayed with nasal mucus from your cat’s sneeze, but it won’t do you any harm. Every single living being has an inbuilt healing mechanism, which prevents and cures all disease. Not only do medical drugs damage the immune system, they inhibit the uptake of nutrition, making a bad situation worse. Natural medicine works by stimulating the immune response, or by clearing the ‘blockages’ away that prevent it from working as it was designed to. It can make all the difference between a contented cat, and so a healthy one, and a depressed cat, waiting for disease to strike.

Upper respiratory disease in cats can easily be treated with homeopathy, and prevented with diet.
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