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Unfortunately, antibiotics are not harmless because together with pathogenic bacteria, they destroy millions of “good” bacteria, which are essential for proper digestion. But there is an alternative – natural antibiotics, which can help with infections, but also that are not harmful to health.
BioChem Research (California) conducted a number of studies which have confirmed that precisely grapefruit seed extract acts on bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. This miraculous substance is relatively inexpensive and can be used both internally and externally.
Garlic has many benefits, but the most famous are its antibacterial properties.From history we learn that garlic is used in the fight against the plague and other epidemics. Modern research confirms that garlic is effective against many types of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Colloidal silver water is natural, safe, non-toxic antibiotic, effective in killing more than 650 pathogens, including viruses, bacteria and fungi. In 1983, the Ministry of Health of the United States has recognized colloidal silver as a harmless drug, which can be obtained without a prescription. However, with the rapid development of industry antibiotics, silver has fallen into oblivion. The power of ion-colloidal silver water has been scientifically proven to have antibiotic substances and an efficient means against all infections. Echinacea prevents infections and strengthens the resistance of the organism in such a manner that causes the body to produce lymphocytes.
Lymphocyte cell is the smallest of the connective tissue, which has a defensive role by producing the antibodies and it is involved in the immune response. Echinacea strengthens the immune system in a natural way by preventing bacterial, and in particular, viral infections. It is particularly effective in preventing colds, fever, ear infections, and flu-like condition.
Propolis is a resinous substance that occurs in processing vegetable juices that are collected by bees from various plants. Bees use propolis for hive hygiene – to defend it from attack intruders, including infection. Otherwise, hives are known as the most sterile space in nature – and all thanks to propolis! People have long been using propolis as a natural antibiotic, which protects against bacteria and strengthens the immune system.
Research shows that taking propolis in flu and cold season reduces the risk of getting these diseases by as much as 53%.
The cream of propolis is an excellent means for treating fungal and bacterial skin infections. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant, which plays a specific role in mobilizing the defense forces of the organism. A lot of studies on the effects of vitamin C on viruses and bacteria have been conducted, and they confirmed that the vitamin C takes the first place when it comes to preventing infections.
His research has confirmed the effects of vitamin C, and not only to viruses and bacteria, but also to toxins (snake venom). The oil obtained from the leaves of oregano contains the medicinal ingredient carvacrol, which has amazing antibacterial properties. Studies at Georgetown University have shown that oregano oil fights infections with the same efficiency as the classic antibiotics.
For now it has been confirmed that oregano oil is effective against 25 different bacteria, including the bacteria that have developed resistance to modern antibiotics. Miraculous substance was obtained from the olive leaf, named Oleuropein.Olive leaf extract is known for its anti-microbial properties, which protect the olives from pathogenic microorganisms.
The antimicrobial properties of oleuropein are repeatedly tested and works on its effectiveness have been published in numerous medical journals. Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) is a plant native to China, which is little known in our region. In Asia, Astragalus has been used for over 2000 years to boost immunity and protect against colds and flu.
This herb works by stimulating the production of interferon, which boosts the body’s ability to fight infections.
Astragalus has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, contains antioxidants, boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure and prevents diabetes. It’s almost instinctual for us to head to the doctor’s office to get a prescription when faced with an infection or other illness. While antibiotics do have their place in medicine, why not think about reaching for a natural solution when you can?
By eating a few cloves of garlic each day, you can effectively fight off all sorts of bacteria, viruses and infections. Cooking it into a meal is not good enough, however; to maximize its full antibiotic properties, you’ll need to crush the garlic and eat it raw.

Onions are closely related to garlic and have similar health benefits, reducing pain and inflammation as well as illnesses like colds and flus. Graprefruit seed extract, referred to as GSE, is conventionally used as an anti-microbial compound. Staph, short for Staphylococcus, is a spherical parasite that often breeds in irregular colonies. If you had Staphylococcus then you would be unlikly to try an alternative cure, however the best natural cure for staph, as it is known, is prevention, and as said earlier in this article always wash your hands after being to the toilet, and before preparing food. Healthy Lifestyle is in business as an affiliate marketer and recommend products on this website for which we earn a commission: We hope this disclosure will demonstrate our intent to run an honest and reputable business. This past March, Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization warned that life as we know it may soon be over. There is an increasing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, the infection-battling drugs that have reinforced every single of aspect of medicine.
If there really is an evolving resistance to antibiotics it means every medical procedure that depends on antibiotics to fight attendant infections could become compromised, from hip replacements to chemotherapy, organ transplants to neo-natal care. Some scientists claim a post-antibiotic era will mean an end to modern medicine as we know it. FDA stands accused of regularly raising the bar that antibiotics must cross to get approved. The antibiotic resistance problem is caused by too many people demanding antibiotics for a common cold.
It is also worth nothing that if we take the wrong drug or too little of it, allows bacteria to hone its defence mechanisms. I think in order to fight the antibiotic resistance problem, it is imperative for physicians and patients to play a role in decreasing the misuse of antibiotics.
A It definitely struck me to learn that we are losing the battle against antibiotic resistance. In contrast to the modern antibiotics, the bacteria do not develop resistance to the garlic. The leaves and roots of these plants have always been used by the Indians as a remedy for healing any type of injury.
Contact a qualified doctor, to determine treatment and follow your condition during the treatment. These over-the-counter medicines can destroy the intestinal flora and the good bacteria in the body.
But the antibiotics often prescribed usually wind up doing much more harm than good, killing off healthy bacteria with the bad ones. Here are 10 natural antibiotics that you’ve probably already got lying around your kitchen. Studies have even found that garlic can assist in areas as severe as AIDS symptoms, diabetes and high blood pressure. Cooking onions releases many of their healthiest nutrients, robbing your body of their help. It has shown great promise in preventing the growth of various fungi and bacteria, even being recommended for use in bathroom cleaning.
The site I’ve linked to above lists a few helpful pointers for determining how much extract you need for specific applications.
When antibiotics are used for a long time, there would be a high chance that the bacterium would develop drug resistance. Herbal antibiotics can maintain the immune system in good condition so the body itself can prevent the recurrence of staph infections.
It is because they have a strong immune system that curbs the growth of infectious microorganisms.
In the past 25 years bacteria have become increasingly immune to the antibiotics in our medical arsenal. These hurdles mean that if new antibiotics do eventually reach the market, they may have cost between $500 million and $1 billion to develop. The downside is that every time we use them, we expose bacteria to the drugs, potentially allowing them to develop immunity.
This is why we are always advised to complete a course of antibiotics, even when we feel better. Antibiotics should only be prescribed when a test shows that there is a bacterial infection present. I remember Professor Read talking about this in the beginning of the semester, how eventually all the antibiotics out there will be deemed worthless because of the constant mutations and new resistant strains. This way, they can lead to the formation of more powerful bacteria.Natural antibiotics are secure and extremely cheap, given the fact that we’re talking about foods with surprising abilities of destroying and eliminating the harmful microorganisms from the body.
The severity of staph infections can range from minor to serious, the latter accompanied by abscess or fatal illnesses like meningitis, pneumonia, and septicemia. The presence of the bacteria does not immediately mean that the person is severely infected.

They have a high risk of developing fatal illnesses like septic arthritis, pneumonia, and heart valve infections.
Antibiotics are derived from a single compound, so it is possible that the target bacteria would get themselves immune to the drugs by breaking them down for metabolism. Another way to prevent staph infections is to observe proper hygiene, especially in public places like hospitals and schools.
Have you ever asked yourself how ancient people managed to prevent infections even though they had no antibiotics on hand?  Ancient people consumed herbs to maintain their immune system.
At the same time, we have developed only a trickle of new drugs to take the place of those that have become useless. Regardless, patients often demand that their physicians prescribe antibiotics when they are not needed. So, if it is in my understanding, there could be a different strain of the same bacteria that does not show up in tests because the new strain lacks an enzyme?
Before following a treatment with antibiotics, it’s vital to find out what kind of infection you’re actually treating. Seven years after penicillin was introduced, drug resistance developed among 40% of S.aureus.
In addition to strengthening the body’s resistance to diseases, herbal antibiotics do not cause bacteria to be resistant to the treatment. Taking antibiotics when you have a viral infection not only wastes your time and money, but also contributes to increasing antibiotic resistance.
The synthetic antibiotics only have positive effects against bacteria and fungi, while the natural antibiotics can also fight against viruses.
Pylori and took two rounds of antibiotics to clear it out, which took a lot out of her as the antibiotics were very strong. Although more than 100 antibiotics have been developed to date, S.aureus remains resistant to a large number of popular antibiotics.
At the same time, it has anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. Infected children have a high risk of experiencing blister flareups.  These blisters have thin walls, so they break open easily even with a light touch. Manuka honey is collected from the flowers of Manuka tree in New Zeeland and it contains a powerful natural ingredient called methyglyoxal. This one is responsible for killing the bacteria.The people who have alreay ysed Manuka honey have confessed that they have successfully treated streptococci, staphylococci, Helicobacter pylori infections and various other pathogens that are usually resistant to antibiotics.
The bandage is changed 3 times per day.Even though it’s quite expensive, the Manuka honey is a worthy investment. You can find it on the healthy food stores or buy it online.GarlicIt is certainly the most used and accessible natural gift against infections.
Garlic is not only an antibiotic agent, but also an anti-microbial, anti-fungal and antiviral one. This herb is also rich in natural antioxidants that destroy the free radicals that cause lesions in the body cells.To benefit from the antibiotic property of garlic, you must consume it raw. The healthy food stores also sell garlic capsules that don’t come with the same bad odor as the natural garlic. Still, they aren’t as efficient as the natural, crushed herb.Wild OreganoThe most valuable healing substance in the wild oregano oil is the carvacrol, a compound with powerful anti-bacterial properties.
It is efficient against most of the bacteria that cause infections in the urinary tract, colon, stomach, respiratory system or skin. The history has shown that the plant has been used to treat open wounds, blood intoxication or diphtheria.Today, Echinacea is used to treat respiratory tract infections. It is also efficient against Staphylococcus aureus, one of the most powerful bacteria out there.
Echinacea will also boost the immune system, helping the body fight against viruses and bacteria.You can use Echinacea tincture to cleanse the blood. Have a 1-week break and, if necessary, follow the treatment again.PropolisPropolis contains at leats 19 active substances, most of them being flavonoids. You can also find it as capsules, simple or enriched with vitamin C, echinacea and other immunostimulatory plants.Thanks to its antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, propolis is a great remedy for the respiratory infections.
My cat had been bitten by and dog and had a literal hole in the side of his leg we could see I side him and his flesh. It is actually amazing stuff and have had a lot of people wanting my supply of my manuka but I won’t let it go!

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