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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. If you are reading this article, I am sure you want to know what recurrent bacterial vaginosis is. Bacterial vaginosis is an infection of the vaginal tract and surrounding tissues caused by a number of microorganisms.
There are 2 main reasons why people look for a treatment for bacterial vaginosis: recurrence and inability to cope with the symptoms. Recurrent bacterial vaginosis occurs when a woman experiences the symptoms periodically, that is symptoms come and go. Other postulated causes of recurrent bacterial vaginosis include the use of homemade vaginal douches and unsafe sexual practices or the use of intrauterine contraceptive devices. Recurrent bacterial vaginosis can be quite disturbing and can lead to a number of complications which include pelvic inflammatory disease and spontaneous abortion. Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common infections in women of the reproductive age group. Physical inactivity is closely associated with weight gain and weight gain is one of the predisposing factors to diabetes.
Recurrent bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy is an important condition that needs to be identified promptly.
For those people who do not know what bacterial vaginosis is, let me introduce you to this not so rare condition. Recurrent bacterial vaginosis occurs when a woman starts getting the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis periodically. The most efficacious treatment for recurrent bacterial vaginosis is adequate antibiotic therapy. The presence of lactobacilli in the vaginal environment is important to prevent recurrence of bacterial vaginosis. Homemade remedies have been famous for centuries for their presumed ability to prevent bacterial vaginosis from recurring. Other commonly used techniques to prevent recurrences involve the consumption and local application of yogurt and the use of tea tree oil which acts as a bactericidal. One final advice which can most definitely help you prevent recurrences is the minimal use of soap. Bacterial vaginosis is an infection of the female genital tract and is characterized by the production of a vaginal discharge, vaginal odor and extreme vaginal irritations. While bacterial vaginosis is not a life threatening condition, it can be quite disturbing and stressing for the infected woman.
Very often, women present with increased vaginal discharge following sexual intercourse, and if you experience such symptoms, it could mean that you have bacterial vaginosis. Another symptom usually attributed to bacterial vaginosis is itchiness in the genital region. These include some sexually transmitted diseases, vaginal yeast infection and urinary tract infection.
Bacterial vaginosis produces a characteristic vaginal discharge that has a fishy unmistakable odor. The main reason most women fail to get rid of the vaginal discharge of bacterial vaginosis is the poor choice of treatment. The first step in getting rid of that troubling vaginal discharge is to change your lifestyle. Another mistake a lot of women do which predisposes them to recurrences is the use of scented products. Bacterial vaginosis usually presents with symptoms, which usually point to the correct diagnosis. There are 2 common ways or group of ways for treating vaginal odor caused by recurrent bacterial vaginosis- medical and homemade remedies. Some people often like to supplement the medical treatment with some home remedy for recurrent bacterial vaginosis. Other methods which are believed to be able to help treating vaginal odor caused by recurrent bacterial vaginosis include having a proper well balanced diet and eating the right amount of vitamins. Most of the methods that can help in this particular situation target the elimination of the disease rather than the symptomatic discharge.
When you think of someone who is ill, you also think of medications and the hospital setting. A warm bath to which a few drops of pure apple cider vinegar have been added is believed to be useful in preventing the itching and inflammation associated with bacterial vaginosis.
A number of vitamins contain antioxidants, which are quite useful in treating bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis natural cures are probably the cheapest and among the safest means you can get rid of bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is an infection that is so common today, and most women (1 out of 3) will get it at some point in their lives. Before you understand the different causes of recurrent bacterial vaginosis, you need to understand how your body actually works. The contraceptive methods you use also put you at risk of developing a recurrent bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common vaginal infections in women, especially those in the reproductive age group. The causes of bacterial vaginosis have not yet been fully accounted for, and therefore the ways we can use to successfully treat it can sometimes vary. The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis can be quite disturbing for the patient and include a bad smelling vaginal discharge and itchiness in the genital region, just to name a few.
High recurrence rates of bacterial vaginosis mean that the above mentioned treatment often needs to be supplemented with other treatment options.
Presence of lactobacilli in the vaginal environment is essential to preventing recurrence of bacterial vaginosis. Topical application of antibiotics, mainly metronidazole is also believed to be able to fight off any possible recurrence. If you want to try out natural remedies to treat your recurrent bacterial vaginosis, then i suggest you try out the recommendations in Linda Allen’s Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom Guide.
Tea tree oil is known to have bactericidal effects and is quite effective to fight bacterial vaginosis. Homeopathy medications are easily available over the counter and this is why they are becoming so popular. Vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E have proven to be quite useful when it comes to treating bacterial vaginosis. Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis are a cheap but very effective method of getting rid of this condition once and for all. What is Electrotherapy?Electrotherapy works by generating electrical impulses that stimulate nerves through the skin causing muscles controlled by those nerves to react by contracting.
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However, it’s not certain what causes Peyronie’s, and some men with none of the above happen to develop the condition.
Usually, doctors only perform surgery for Peyronie’s when the disease has stabilised and it’s not getting worse. The Lue Procedure: This is where the plaque that has formed inside the penis is removed and replaced with a patch of skin.
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Well, to understand what it is, you need to first understand how you can get bacterial vaginosis, what it is all about and how you can actually get recurrences. Unlike what most people think, bacterial vaginosis does not occur as a result of infection with a single pathogen.

The most common symptoms include a vaginal discharge with a fishy odor, and itchiness and redness around the genital area.
Therefore, it is essential to identify the symptoms related to the infection and be able to report recurrences to your doctor. Bacterial vaginosis occurs when there is an imbalance between the good and the bad bacteria in the vagina. However, pregnancy is associated with a number of physiological (normal) changes in the pregnant woman’s body that alters the way the body behaves and reacts to external insults.
What we mean by that is that during pregnancy your defense against pathogens invading your body is weakened for one reason or another. This is because bacterial vaginosis may cause infection of the other parts of your genital tract, may lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and this is widely known to be associated with high risks of a spontaneous abortion. Symptoms like a bad smelling discharge, itchiness in or around the vaginal tract and inflammation all point towards an infection. The most common ones are a vaginal discharge which has a fishy odor, and itchiness and redness of the genital area. In fact, the woman’s life is divided into symptom free periods and periods where the symptoms are ever present. Soap washes away all the skin oil whose natural function is to act as a barrier to infection. Bacterial vaginosis can easily deteriorate into a pelvic inflammatory disease and remark: Missing Verb fertility issues. While this infection does not produce any symptoms in many women, it can however produce some non specific symptoms like itchiness and inflammation in others.
This helps to differentiate it from other common infections of the vaginal tract like vaginal candidiasis.
Therefore, in case you are having your menses, you should use thin pads and need to change them more often. While this may temporarily mask the odor of the vaginal discharge, it will eventually worsen the situation and make their skin itchy.
Curd, tea tree oil, honey are just a few things, which are believed to be useful to control bacterial growth in your vagina. The one most commonly used in called Metronidazole and is available either orally as a tablet or in gel form to be applied topically to the infected area. This is often achieved by using a homemade vinegar douche which can be prepared by mixing one tablespoon of vinegar with one quart of lukewarm water.
It is a cultured milk product containing lots of the ‘good’ bacteria your body actually needs. Most of the above mentioned treatment options make use of products, which have been minimal to no side effects, and they can help treat all the symptoms associated with bacterial vaginosis.
Although it is not considered a sexually transmitted disease, it is more common in the group of women who are sexually active.
Bacterial vaginosis though not a sexually transmitted disease has been found to have a link with having a new or multiple male or female sex partners.
The usual treatment regimen for bacterial vaginosis is a 5 to 7 days course of metronidazole, an antibiotic. The most appropriate methods of protection would obviously be barrier methods like male or female condoms. BV as this infection is also called is often the result of a combined infection with multiple microorganisms such as Gardnerella vaginalis and Mycoplasma hominis. This is one of the reasons why the infection is very often associated with a high recurrence rate. In fact, bacterial vaginosis may lead to lots of complications, for example pelvic inflammatory disease which may in turn lead to infertility – and it also increases the chances of being infected with HIV. However, it has not been proved yet whether using any additional treatment is actually beneficial.
In fact, one of the ways to increase the levels of lactobacilli is to make use of probiotics.
Thus, it is often recommended to use a metronidazole gel up to 2 times a week for around 4 to 6 months following an oral antibiotic course. Linda Allen’s bacterial vaginosis freedom program has some great and effective tips for treating this infection, and most women who have tried these tips ended-up stooping the recurrence of their bacterial vaginosis. Although it is quite prevalent in sexually active women, bacterial vaginosis is not currently considered a sexually transmitted disease. Acidifying your genital tract serves to kill the bacteria already present and also prevents future colonisations. Pulsatilla and sepia are some of the ingredients often used which make homeopathy so useful for treating bacterial vaginosis.
Vitamin E can be administered both topically and through capsules orally; it can help alleviate itching in the genital area.
Cold causes constriction of your blood vessels and limits the blood flow in that particular region.
The above mentioned treatment solutions will help eliminate all the symptoms associated with bacterial vaginosis:- itching, burning sensation, and the stinking fishy odor. You can definitely cure it permanently by using the same methods that have worked for generations.
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I bet you are interested to know more about it because you either feel you have some of the symptoms associated with it or someone probably scared you with some bizarre stories.
While the fishy odor characterizes bacterial vaginosis, itchiness and redness are non specific symptoms of any type of vaginal infection.
While, the disease in itself rarely causes any physical discomfort, its symptoms can be quite disturbing psychologically. While medical treatment is rarely needed for a primary infection, it is definitely needed if you get recurrent infections. Unlike what most people believe, bacterial vaginosis is caused by a number of microorganisms, rather than a single one.
For example, in pregnancy, there are changes in your physical activities and your body itself undergoes changes- your blood volume, urine output, weight and immunity change. Hence, it is vital to identify the signs and symptoms of recurrent bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy. The infection can be caused by one microorganism but most commonly it is caused by several microorganisms.
This increases the acidity of your vagina, kills the bad bacteria and prevents recurrences. Unlike previous beliefs, bacterial vaginosis is caused by a number of microorganisms that normally live in the vagina.
Thus, all women with itchiness of the genital region do not necessarily have bacterial vaginosis.
The most frequent symptom most women actually complain of is the stinking fishy odor of the vaginal discharge produced by the infection.
If you complete the full antibiotic course, lasting 5 to 7 days in general, you are bound to be cured from bacterial vaginosis in most cases. They usually do so by increasing the amount of good bacteria present in your vaginal environment. The itchiness is often accompanied with redness and is often worse following sexual intercourse or menstrual flow. The best way you can get rid of the bad odor associated with recurrent bacterial vaginosis is by getting rid of the infection. In fact, those homemade remedies for treating the vaginal odor caused by recurrent bacterial vaginosis have existed for generations and have been known to work. The therapeutic basis behind the use of yogurt is that it contains the good bacteria that your body actually needs to fight off the bad ones.
In fact, your diet also determines whether your vaginal environment should be acidic or not, and whether the environment promotes bacterial growth or not.
This will help reestablish the balance between the good and the bad bacteria in your vagina. Usually, it is due to an infection of a combination of microorganisms – not just a single one. For example, one of the causes of recurrent bacterial vaginosis involves having a bad diet. In contrast, intra uterine devices pose a definite risk of bacterial infections, and being a foreign body may lead to other complications. But if you want to use them, make sure you get proper advise on how they work and what dosage you should use.
It is therefore the starting point for a number of complications which may eventually worsen the quality of life of the patient.
Although this is quite successful in decreasing the recurrence rates, it is quite expensive and the length of therapy can be quite inconvenient. In fact, age old homemade remedies exist which can be used successfully to manage bacterial vaginosis, using basic products like yogurt, tea tree oil, cold compresses or even by just having a warm bath. All you need to do is to put a few drops of tea tree oil in your bathtub and soak your body in it. With regards to bacterial vaginosis, you should try to avoid all types of food which promote yeast growth.
Soap washes out all the skin’s natural oil which has a protective effect and acts as a barrier against pathogens. Applying a cold compress to the part of your skin which is affected can help; you will find that the area may soon become less inflamed and swollen.

The frequency of these impulses determines which nerves are stimulated then identifying the treatment as TENS or EMS.
This works by encouraging the production of the endorphin hormone which is your body’s natural pain killer.
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One thing you need to understand is that to get recurrent bacterial vaginosis, you need to have had a primary infection before! Thus, this may lead to confusion as to what is that actual cause of your vaginal infection. Some people may therefore find it difficult to cope with the way bacterial vaginosis progresses. A decreasing immunity level as present in diabetes or HIV also predisposes to recurrences and increase in the duration of each episode. There are a number of factors which actually promote recurrence of bacterial vaginosis which can be a real problem to treat, especially in pregnant women.
Probably the most important factors which predispose a pregnant woman to recurrent bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy are the lack of physical activity and associated weight gain, and the decrease in the immunity level. While this condition usually resolves on its own, it can recur, and recurrent bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy can be quite disastrous if not identified and treated completely. Far from that, you should consider yourself lucky (especially if you only had a single episode of the infection rather than having recurrences). It is usually caused by an imbalance between the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ bacteria in your vagina.
Well, if you follow a complete antibiotic course, which may last 5 to 7 days or occasionally more, then you are guaranteed to treat the episode of bacterial vaginosis. This includes cheese, dark chocolate, sugar, white wine vinegar, fermented food items and alcoholic beverages. However, it may give rise to a number of complications, including pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility.
The most common symptoms women seem to complain about are vaginal discharges and the associated odor.
However, if you fail to complete the treatment, this will facilitate re infection with tougher strains of bacteria and cause recurrences. Another common symptom of bacterial vaginosis which most symptomatic women complain of is a vaginal discharge.
While eating too much yogurt can become a bit boring, you can try to vary the different flavors you are consuming.
You can start by consuming some fresh vegetables, grains, and drink lots of water to drain all the bacteria out of your body. Inability to do so leads to the appearance of resistant strains of the bacteria and there is a high risk of recurrences. Eating sugary foods, cheese, chocolate and too much soy sauce increases the risk of recurrent bacterial vaginosis. This is very important because even natural remedies when wrongly used can also cause this infection to reoccur. In fact, it has been found by some studies that recurrence occurs in around 80% of women within 6 months of treatment. While the focus here was on the medical management of bacterial vaginosis, you might also consider those methods of treating bacterial vaginosis.
If you are reading this post, you probably know what bacterial vaginosis is and you are most likely looking for ways to treat it. Using soap will most certainly expose your genital tract to the different microorganisms which may in turn cause bacterial vaginosis. These low frequency treatments are ideal for light pain management – chronic neck pain, back pain and even period pain.You can then use a TENS machine on a high frequency to ease more severe pain.
EMS machine do have a certain amount of pain-relieving qualities too but these are very specific to muscle pain such as sore, tight and spastic muscles. So often women with a prolapsed bowel will say that they never feel as though they have completely emptied their bowels, they are left with an uncomfortable bulge, this can leave them feeling unclean. Years of ignoring the early signs such as 'laughter leaks' (stress incontinence), lack of intimate sensation and tampons falling out mean our pelvic floor is weak and our pelvic organs are falling out of position. The iGrow features programmes designed especially to target male and female hair loss in different ways.
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In fact, in most cases, bacterial vaginosis is self limiting; that is gets cured on its own.
Some of these causes are a decreasing immunity level, concomitant infections, and an inability to treat a prior bacterial vaginosis.
Inappropriate treatment and a poor lifestyle will add to the already weakening immune system in a pregnant woman to cause relapses. Many people confuse bacterial vaginosis with vaginal candidiasis, which is caused by yeast. Consuming adequate amounts of vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E are also essential to prevent relapses. The balance between the different species of bacteria, therefore, leads to either a normal vaginal environment or an ‘infected’ one. Therefore, it is quite important to be able to identify all the associated signs and symptoms of bacterial vaginosis to prevent future complications. Very often, those are the only features of the disease which are present in an infected woman. In fact, the texture and odor can often be more helpful to judge whether an infection or inflammation is taking place. Also, what is “a lot of vaginal discharge” in one woman may be quite normal to another woman and not necessarily imply disease. So, before choosing a medical treatment, you have to condition yourself that you will have to complete it at all costs! Hygiene products may also be a source of exogenous hormones and lead to bacterial vaginosis.
The second strategy for using yogurt as part of the management of BV would be to place it within your vaginal canal. Alternatively, you may use a vinegar douche, which can be easily prepared at home by mixing one tablespoon of vinegar per quart of warm water. This works by stimulating your sensory nerve endings which, as the name suggests, are responsible for how something feels to you – rough, smooth or painful. The resulting symptoms of prolapse are urinary incontinence, pain, constipation, and discomfort. Being overweight affects your insulin, testosterone and oestrogen levels – and hormone imbalance can lead to hair loss.
At StressNoMore, we stock a wide range of high quality electrodes which are reusable, comfortable and safe to use, with no unpleasant burning or nipping and they’re great value too. Other types of vaginal infection, for example vaginal candidiasis, caused by yeast, also produce discharges but of a different consistency.
All those causes can be easily managed; you just need to make sure you identify the symptoms correctly and follow your treatment. In fact, most of the time, it should only become a concern once you start having recurrences. Therefore, it is important to distinguish whether you have bacterial vaginosis, caused by bacteria, or vaginal candidiasis, caused by yeast. Vitamin E is also available as a cream which can be applied topically to the infected part. Bacterial vaginosis usually presents with an unpleasant fishy odor and this together with the thin grayish vaginal discharge to make the diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis straightforward.
In fact, those symptoms are more common to a number of other medical conditions often mistaken for bacterial vaginosis. In fact, vaginal discharges are rather classified as abnormal due to their colour, texture and odor. You can definitely cure bacterial vaginosis by using the very same natural cures for bacterial vaginosis that have survived the generations.
Stress, a weak immunity resulting from diseases like diabetes and HIV, using perfumed panty liners or tampons may also cause recurrence of bacterial vaginosis. Wearing tight panties or jeans actually keeps your genital area too warm and this promotes the growth of the pathogenic bacteria. One thing you need to remember when on antibiotics is that whether or not you see an immediate improvement, you should complete the course of antibiotics.
This stimulation blocks the pain signals from these nerves to the brain so your sensation of pain is significantly reduced. Indeed, most of the times bacterial vaginosis is self-resolving, that is gets cured on its own. Of course, there are a number of other infections which affect the vaginal tract, and the treatment for each is obviously different. If you have had bacterial vaginosis at any point in your life, you should know what I am referring to.
By washing yourself repeatedly and using soap, you are actually losing the protection provided by the skin oil, which normally prevents pathogens from entering your body. While the exact causes of bacterial vaginosis have not been completely elucidated to date, the complications due to this particular infection are well known. Failing to do so will simply result in resistance to antibiotics and recurrence of bacterial vaginosis with more potent and less easily manageable strains of microorganisms. These high frequency treatments are often used for sports injuries and in labour TENS machines. In this article, I will talk about some few things you can do to identify, treat and prevent recurrent bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy. Although we mentioned earlier that bacterial vaginosis rarely requires treatment, you should be on your guard whenever you start developing the symptoms characteristic of bacterial vaginosis. Inability to complete the full antibiotic course often leads to re infection with resistant strains of microorganisms, which lead to frequent recurrences of bacterial vaginosis. There are some reasons though which make people want to treat the infection as soon as possible. This is one of the main reasons women actually look for ways of treating vaginal odor caused by recurrent bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility and even spontaneous abortion. We will be discussing some bacterial vaginosis natural cures which you probably never thought of.
It is therefore exposed to a large number of pathogens and its internal environment should be controlled. If you feel that the symptoms take long to disappear, then you should most definitely consult your doctor. This might include the associated itchiness, terrible irritations and an awful vagina odor. Therefore, it is quite important to be able to recognize the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis and being able to deal with it promptly.
Failure to do so or an incomplete antibiotic therapy, especially when you are infected with some resistant strains of bacteria, means that recurrence is likely to occur in the future. The reason you are reading this post is probably because you have either experienced the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis or are looking for bacterial vaginosis natural cures. This is probably why some people use yogurt as a homemade remedy to fight off bacterial vaginosis. In a sense, the good bacteria fight the bad ones, and the winner controls your vaginal state.

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