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After diagnosis and prescription, I wanted the quick fix so badly I even tried to go to the closest possible pharmacy on the way home.
By the time Buddy Boy had a snooze on the way home, waited the prescribed time and I got both kids bundled up to go, he said he didn’t want the ear drops to relieve the pain instantly. If he has the antibiotic, his natural flora (the balance of good and bad bacteria) will be off, and he’ll be more susceptible to bacterial problems over the next few weeks. If he doesn’t neeeeeeed the antibiotic, are we contributing to bacterial resistance if he takes it and shares it with our ecosystem? While I waited to make the final decision, I crushed a clove of fresh garlic for each foot and put it in my son’s socks, much to his dismay. I crushed more garlic and warmed it with extra virgin olive oil, allowed it to cool to just above body temp, and poured a few drops in his ear. I also wouldn’t let the poor child drink his milk after a Twitter friend mentioned avoiding dairy to avoid ear infections and remembering that one of my milk group ladies doesn’t let her kids have milk when they have colds. So, my husband may joke that he’s never heard of someone curing an ear infection by pouring FOOD in their ears, but the medicine remains on the kitchen table while the food in the ear and the socks seems to have done the trick. I post this not to teach you anything, but because I’m still in awe that I tried it…and it worked. A friend swears by Hyland’s homeopathic ear drops, (also sold for infants), although the advice came too late for this latest bout. Another friend tried Trilight’s ear drops, a company I trust, and I really like them. A reader recommended mullein, and this one is the brand of garlic oil that worked with the oregano on ear infection no. Get an otoscope so you can confirm the presence of an ear infection and watch it dissipate.
Many readers are saying that chiropractics prevents and heals ear infections (and more) better than anything else out there.
What if you’re already using antibiotics (or end up filling the prescription after the natural remedies don’t seem to be cutting it)? How to Make Elderberry Syrup (again, bookmarked and cursing myself for not ordering some elderberries to make this.

You may also want to look at how essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs can help keep your family healthy. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Click here for my disclaimer and advertising disclosure - affiliate links in this post will earn commission based on sales, but it doesn't change your price. They are really, really painful, as I learned when I got my first (and only) ear infection as an adult when my son was a baby.
The mechanical drawer at the drive-through was broken, and my son said he’d rather wait the 20 minutes to get to our end of town than get out of the van and go in. But don’t skip your medicine on my account – be sure to do your own research and make your own decisions.
Essential Oils – same son had antibiotics for strep, then developed a nasty ear infection immediately following.
It’s blessed relief when they rupture, actually, because the pressure releases and the germs can come out. The time to buy a few natural remedies is now, not when your child wakes up in the middle of the night with ear pain. I believe that God calls us to be good stewards of all His gifts as we work to feed our families: time, finances, the good green earth, and of course, our healthy bodies.
Ways to cure the dreaded Chickenpox.Everyone who has a child, and everyone who remembers childhood, knows that at some point in time, your children will get chickenpox.
20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. He is a tough kid, so I knew that he was really in pain when he couldn’t stop whimpering, and the nail in the coffin was that he said he wouldn’t care if we missed school to go to the doctor. In a twist of fate, I got the ear infection when it would have been common for him, and I have been teething for a few years – cutting my wisdom teeth – when my kids should be the ones with new pearly whites. Praise be to God, because I forgot you have to wait half an hour for the order to be filled. I had been uncomfortable about the antibiotics all morning, and with the help of my Twitter community, I had some natural remedies for the ear infection up my sleeve. Be sure to use probiotics if you use oil of oregano or any antibiotic, natural or unnatural.

Others say to bake the onion for 30-60 minutes and then squeeze out the juice, or to put the baked onion cut in  half, wrapped in fabric, on top of the ear, not inside. As soon as your child wakes up or can’t sleep because of ear pain, hit it hard and fast!
Instead of living vicariously through my children, they’re living vicariously through me – in the pain category! I couldn’t give him the first dose of antibiotics until I had read a little more and talked to my husband. We get it once, and then it is gone.Just because it occurs only once, doesn’t mean it isn’t an annoying nuisance.
I would cut it with oil to do this again, but not I’ve purchased some garlic oil from a health foods store that I use instead. EVOO and garlic both have antibacterial properties, and anecdotal evidence confirms that the warm oil also takes away the pain in the short term. Even if your child is not having headaches or sore throats, remaining relatively still gives their bodies the best chance.
Make sure the room is well ventilated, and that it is dark enough to help them sleep.What to avoid Besides avoiding activity, there are certain foods that will not help your cure your child of chickenpox.
As the body sweats, the red bumps on the body become irritated and the chickenpox continue.A positive root Ginger is known for its numerous anti-bacterial properties and can be deployed in a number of ways. Add two table spoons of powdered ginger to bath water.Good oils Where as oily food may be bad, sandal wood oil and vitamin E oil are both great ways to reduce the symptoms of chickenpox. These can be spread over sore and bumpy parts, as well as help heal blisters and reduce swelling.A good use for a veggie Many children don’t like veggies, so how about giving them a fun and helpful way to reduce their own irritation? So, follow some of these tips, and help reduce everyone’s suffering.Please Share!and like our fanpage!

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