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A large number of people all over the world suffer from headaches, nasal congestion and facial pressure which are a result of sinus infections. Sinus headaches can be treated with the help of many natural remedies that are safe and effective as well.
Inhaling certain herbs or any aromatherapy products is very beneficial in curing sinus headaches. Relief from sinus and sinus headache can be achieved by placing a steamy and warm wrap like a towel over your face. The sinus pressure and pain is known to strike at the forehead and also around the eyes, so because of this reason, if you are placing any kind of moist sinus wrap then make sure that you place it on your forehead on over your eyes for the most effective results. Ginger is one of the best remedies for a wide variety of ailments including sinus headache.
Every year colds seem to get stronger and stronger, and when the immune system is taxed you are much more likely to catch the latest cold. HOLIDAY NOTICE: The herbs factory will be closed from Thursday, December 24, 2015 to Friday, January 1, 2016 for the holidays. Postnasal drip results due to accumulation of viscous mucus that prevents motion of cilia and thread cells of the nose. Natural homemade remedies for postnasal get include simply ruining your nasal area, eliminating or gargling with salt-water, drinking plenty of liquids like water, herbal tea or warm orange water, avoiding mucus producing delicious foods and milk products, using a room warm air humidifier, and just calming, etc.
Whatever solutions you try, make sure to help keep your nasal area and head in top situation by diminishing use of over the counter antihistamines.
Since nasal drip is due to the sinuses generating lots of mucous, consuming a lot of water can help to slim that out. Rapid exponential developments in science and medicine have opened up amazing horizons for the treatment of various disorders ranging from simple illnesses like acne and eczema to chronic illnesses like arthritis and life threatening ones like heart disease.
Stress and depression are now a part of common man’s life and today everyone suffers from anxiety and psychological ailments. Though most sleep disorders can be easily cured with medications and therapy, it is best to resort to use of natural therapies.
However, it is essential to keep in mind that one should not consume gingko extracts before going in for a surgical procedure or if the individual suffers from a bleeding disorder.
Rosemary, an herb widely used in numerous food preparations, is another amazing substance that treats narcolepsy.
It boosts circulatory system and can be taken as a tincture, capsule, or can even be added to tea.
It is also recommended that a person suffering from narcolepsy eat high protein foods like meats, nuts, poultry, cheese, soy products and increase the uptake of vitamin B rich foods like brewer’s yeast and brown rice.This is because protein rich foods and foods having high vitamin B content increase alertness and freshness. Gotu kola is an herb that strengthens and protects the connective tissue system, that ensures enough blood and oxygen reach the brain, which is ideal for the treatment of narcolepsy.

Consuming this herb frequently, however, may have a few side effects like skin rashes and irritation. Headache is one of the most common symptoms of sinus and the best way to combat a sinus headache is to treat the underlying inflammation of the sinus.
In this article, we have put together a list of a few of those natural remedies that are meant to cure sinus headache in a safe and natural way. You can opt for inhaling the aroma of herbs such as peppermint, eucalyptus, mint, lemongrass, rosemary, etc. It is rich in antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. You can apply ginger paste on your forehead and leave it for about 20 minutes before you wash it off.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Try eating these 10 foods during cold season this year to help you fight off that nasty bug!
Any orders placed on Kirstin's Counter Store during this time will be shipped out on Monday, January 4, 2016. The included wetness in the atmosphere created by a warm air humidifier helps to reduce this issue. Gingko biloba enhances and protects the nervous system by improving circulation of blood to the brain and protecting the nervous cells with its antioxidant action.
It helps reduce symptoms by improving the blood circulation to the brain, which in turn, ensures that the brain receives an increased supply of oxygen and other vital nutrients.
Merely adding more cayenne pepper to your food preparations is thought to have a positive effect on the condition of an individual suffering from narcolepsy. Adding more sea vegetables and green leafy vegetables to your diet can make a great difference.
The antioxidant effect of this herb is a wonderful treatment for narcolepsy, as it protects the nervous system cells from damage. Now position your head at a distance slightly above the pan and cover your head with a thick towel so as to prevent the steam from escaping. The moist steamy towel will give some humidification for the nose, thus, reducing the pressure of the sinus. If someone has the nasal congestion and cold like symptoms for many days then it is the sign of sinusitis. Narcolepsy is a complex sleep disorder causing excessive sleepiness and drowsiness during the day, causing an inability to perform day to day activities with ease.
It is this chemical that functions as a dilator of the blood vessel and also helps in clearing the sinus and combating all its symptoms including headache. This article explores the various symptoms experienced during the sinusitis and their medical cure.

Stuffy noseThough this occurs due to the cold but if it persists for many days then the lining of the sinuses are infected causing the blood to rush to them and make them swell which then lead to nasal congestion.Yellowish or greenish nasal dischargeThough whitish nasal discharge is the clear sign of the cold but if this discharge is greenish or yellowish in color then it is due to the sinusitis. Sit aside the pot with a towel over the head and gradually take in the fumes, which give comfort to your signs. To eliminate accumulated mucus within the pharynx, one should drink lots of fluids like hot natural tea, grapes juice, distilled water, etc. The discoloration of the nasal discharge results due to the accumulation of white blood cells which shows that your body is fighting the antigens and viruses in order to remove them. It is very similar to the pus that is found in the infected wound.Pain around the faceSinus often leads to the pain around the facial area in the cheek bone , forehead, area surrounding the nose etc.
This is often getting worse when the person wth the infection change the place or position or moves the face.Cough and phlegmSinusitis leads t the accumulation of the mucus inside the nasal passages which then makes it way into the throat too leading to the cough and phlegm and discomfort in the throat along with them coming out during the morning and evening. This is done in order to clear the throat and get the comfort.Bad BreathBad breath occurs during the problem of sinusitis due to the mixture of odors of bacteria and mucus at the back of the throat and the sinus. If someone suffers from the cold, headache and pain around the facial area along with the bad breath then it is due to the sinusitis.FeverFever is the body’s response to fight the bacterial and viral infections inside it. It shows that there is an infection inside the body and it needs to be treated in order to cure itself. Gargling with warm water can also help you clear the mucus and bacteria at the back of the throat.Over the counter medicationPain relievers and nasal decongestants can be taken form the drug store to relieve symptoms including fever, headaches, and nasal congestion.
However, you should follow recommended dosages and avoid using these for more than three days, as side effects may occur. A few drops of olive oil can be rubbed over the painful sinuses to help drain them of mucus. Oregon grapefruit extract may be taken orally while oregano oil may be added in drops to water or juice to relieve symptoms.Avoid smoking, dry air and alcoholAvoid smoking cigarettes or tobacco, which irritate the inflamed membranes in your nose and sinuses and make the symptoms worse. Use a humidifier to breathe air at home and at work to increase the moisture in the air passing through the nose and keep the lining of the nose moist and non-dry. Finally, avoid drinking alcoholic drinks that can increase the swelling of the tissue lining the nose and sinuses.Medical helpUntreated sinus infections can sometimes damage the sinuses and lead to chronic sinusitis. Rarely, other complications may also occur, such as ear infections, loss of vision, or even meningitis (infection of the brain and spinal cord membranes).If these symptoms persist beyond 10 days (fever, headache, or colored nasal discharge) you may need to seek medical help. The doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics to stop the infection and relieve your symptoms.

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