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The smelly scalp of yours can cause low confidence level and takes away the courage to move freely in your circle of friends and relatives and also among general people as well. In such cases, the question rises that what actually are the factors that cause this smell. But in such situation home remedies have proved to be the most effective and lifetime cure for smelly hair problem. Washing your hair on the regular basis removes the dirt and filth that could stick to the scalp hence resulting in the production of oils. Drinking a lot of fresh water is surely a cure and an effective DIY solution for many skin and hair related issues. While using conditioner, make sure that it should only be applied on the tips of the hair and should not be applied on the scalp.
While choosing the shampoo for your hair, choose those that are rich in sulphur and salicylic acid.
This will not only control the smell but also reduce the stickiness in your hairs produced due to oil.
Baking soda has an extraordinary neutralizing effect that is very useful for treating bad odor and excessive oil secretion. Both these ingredients are proved to have resistance against bacterial and fungal activity. After forty minutes wash your hairs and scalp with fresh water and then apply shampoo afterwards. Cinnamon powder is easily available in the market and you can also prepare it at home using fresh cinnamon. The excessive oils produced by the glands in the scalp could be controlled using milk of magnesia. The unnecessary oil produced on the scalp and dandruff produced as a result of it could be controlled by orange juice. Take this mixture out after two weeks and then add two tablespoons of this mixture in twelve to sixteen ounce of water.

There is an alternative procedure that could be followed in case you do not want to apply orange juice. To clear the hair locks and to prevent the bad odor of scalp, vodka could be used as a cure. Take a little amount of yogurt depending upon the length of your hairs as longer hairs will require more yogurt than the shorter ones.
After about twenty to twenty-five minutes when the mixture gets dried, rinse it thoroughly with cold water.
Thyme is a natural herb and is used as a remedy for many kinds of issues including the itchy feeling on the scalp and bad odor of hairs.
This is very powerful herb and would immediately clear any kind of dirt or filth stick to your scalp and cause irritation.
They feel bad sitting among people and start refraining from gatherings and public meetings.
As per some researchers who conducted researches to find out the reason behind smelly scalp, seborrhea dermatitis could be a major cause of smelly hairs.
There are some ingredients from everyday use that could prove to be useful in treating the smelly scalp.
Drinking at least 8-10 glass of fresh water everyday would not only keep you hydrated, but would also cleanse your skin and your scalp. It has not only proved to be really useful in treating the smelly scalp, but it also controls the itchy feeling that also comes with the smelly scalp.
The issues like irritation and itching of the scalp could be reduced to a great extent by the regular use of olive oil. Although onion juice is pungent, and applying it on the scalp for a longer period of time is not easy for many of you.
This helps a lot in keeping you away from different kind of infections that could be caused due to it. Before using shampoo add about eight to ten drops of grapefruit extracts in your regular shampoo and then massage it on your scalp properly and then wash it.

Try this egg recipe to avoid smelly hair problem and also to make your hair healthy and beautiful.
In some people, this smell is so strong that they sometimes have the issue of flies buzzing over their heads. The oily nature of conditioner, when combined with the secreted oil from the scalp, doubles the effect and hence resulting into smelly scalp. The vinegar helps in removing the oily layer and helps in balancing the pH level of the scalp. But onion juice has some unique antiseptic properties that make it perfect for treating itchy and oily scalp and get rid of smelly hair problem.
Tired of this problem, most people go for the allopathic treatment by taking different medicines and medicated shampoos to get rid of it. Water also helps in getting this dirt and waste getting clogged in the scalp thus causing the scalp issue.
Lemon has antibacterial properties naturally and the citrus present in the lemon helps to reduce the oils of the scalp. Some people often try consulting some beauty experts but could not get the lifetime results and still remain stuck with the problem. This will not only remove any kind of residual of products left on your scalp after using hair sprays and gel or other hair cosmetics and would keep the pores open but will also remove the oily layer that is produced everyday on your scalp as well. This means that the issue is not about the lack of hygiene, there are some other factors that get involved in producing such smell. Assuming that the issue could be because of some fungal or bacterial activity, people even opt for taking antibacterial and antifungal medication. They even try having shampoos of different fragrances just to avoid the smelly scalp but the result still remains the same.

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