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It has been a general human tendency to take care of the face and hands, neglecting the rest of the body.
We need to select the essential natural ingredients from our vicinity and use them in our treatments.
Garlic is rich in anti-fungus property which is useful for curing toenail fungus naturally. Lemon juice is rich in citric acid and is capable to swipe out the fungus infection from the toenail. It is almost known to everybody that vicks vapor rub has got the power to eradicate any kind of fungus infection.
Lavender oil has got all the essential properties which can help in healing the toenail fungus. Fungus in the foot is a common ailment and it could occur when you engage in sports activities or just take a walk.
Licorice is a very powerful and effective herb for foot fungus because it contains twenty-five compounds that have anti fungal properties. This herb inhibits infections because it possess anti fungal components, hence it is known to be an effective herb in the treatment of fungus foot.
Lemon grass can be had as a tea for internal administration or it could be used externally by using tea bags as a compress on the affected part of the foot that has been infected. Ginger is rated as one of the best herbs compared to many herbs, which have healing qualities.
Allow it to cool for some time and once it is lukewarm apply this solution on the infected area two times a day. To experience the benefits of this herb on foot fungus ,take forty grams of flowers, leaves and stems of the smoke tree and add it to about 400ml of water and allow it to boil for about twenty minutes. A cinnamon soak or footbath is known to have positive results in slowing down the development of specific fungi and molds and it is known to completely remove and heal fungus foot.
Native to Arizona desert, chaparral is one of the plants that are known for its anti-fungal properties. Thyme is an anti-fungal that is quite useful in treating various infections including foot fungus.
You can use it by dipping a small cotton ball in tea tree oil and applying it on your toenails twice a day, especially during the morning and evening hours.
Benefits Of Using Listerine Listerine is a popular solution for oral health but you would be surprised to know that apart from killing harmful bacteria in your mouth, it can also be used as a strong anti-fungal solution. Anti-fungal Benefits Of Cider It is a well-known fact that frequent application of cider solution can result in healthy and beautiful nails.
However since the toenail fungus is most often caused by Candida (yes, even for guys) due to our over consumption of dairy and sugar, you need to get rid of the Candida otherwise it will keep coming back. If you see yellow or white spots under the tip of your toe nails then your toenails are just beginning to be infected with tiny microscopic fungi which will breed and flourish in the warm and moist environment of your shoes and socks and will spread deeper and deeper and infect your whole nail if you do not adopt any preventive measures.
Hard streaks form on the nails and the infection tries to reach the nail bed and causes the nail to come away from the nail bed. Neem is a glorious tree that has miraculous healing powers and every bit of it, from the bark to the branches and from the leaves to the tiny fruit is full of medicinal values which cure a vast number of diseases and ailments.
Soak your feet twice a day for twenty minutes in a solution of one part of white vinegar and two parts of warm water. After each soak dry your feet thoroughly and during the day expose your toes to sunlight as much as possible. Tea tree oil has wonderful antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Coconut oil has potentially strong antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which destroy the infection and promote quick healing.
Camphor is anti-infective and relieves pain and itching.  Rub the warm oil over the infected toe and allow it to soak the nail bed and the surrounding skin. Toenail fungus is one of the most common nail abnormalities, generally characterized by gradual destruction, dis-figuration and discoloration of toenails. This infection is caused by the growth of dermatophytes, a fungal group. The natural anti-fungal properties of olive leaf extract make it a powerful remedy for toenail fungus. Soak a soft, cotton washcloth thoroughly in apple cider vinegar and rub the affected areas gently with it.
The anti-fungal properties of green tea extracts have the ability to kill candida glabrata, another fungal group that causes this type of infection.  Therefore, applying a thin layer of green tea extract using a cotton ball can also be very beneficial in the treatment of toenail fungus. You can buy lemongrass tea bags from a local health food store and dip them in a cup of hot water to prepare the tea.
Improper foot care and regular use of conventional footwear may also result in foot fungus. Use of baking soda can provide relief from the symptoms such as stinging, burning sensation and itching associated with foot fungus. Oregano oil contains thymol, a powerful antimicrobial compound, which treats fungal infections of the toenail by killing the yeast cells. Berberine, an active constituent in goldenseal, suppresses Candida overgrowth. Toenail fungal infection can be treated by applying goldenseal root extract to the affected toenail. Toenail fungus is a condition in which the fingernails and toenails are infected with fungus. Garlic can be used for the treatment of toenail fungus. Crush some garlic cloves and apply them directly over the infected area. Take a one tablespoon of coarse rice flour and make a thick paste by mixing it with required amount of apple cider vinegar. The easiest and quickest way is to squeeze out the juice of half a lemon and apply it on the affected toenail. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Fungal infections in the feet can occur when proper hygienic conditions are not maintained or when you touch things that are contaminated.

Normally, the symptoms include itching in between the toes, rough and scaly skin, white cuts, skin burning, blisters and inflammation. Take five-seven teaspoons of this herb in the dry form, mix it with a cup of water, and boil it for twenty minutes.
The antifungal property in ginger helps in eradicating infections caused in the foot due to fungus. Take off the mixture from the heat and allow the blend to cool down until it becomes lukewarm. As it contains antiseptic properties, it is considered as one of the effective treatment options.
Although it can be conveniently cured with prescription drugs but those medications lead to severe side-effects like liver damage.However, on the brighter side, toenail fungus can be easily cured with some simple natural remedies. It will cut out all the chances for the fungus to reappear and within a month you will find your toenails as beautiful and healthy as before. However, apart from giving you glowing nails, cider solution can also prevent toenail fungus. And low Coumarin Ceylon Cinnamon Tea (won’t damage your liver like Cassia Cinnamon) is the most effective against Candida.
The toenails get disfigured and as the infection progresses they become thick, swollen, discolored and crumbly. This infection is easily picked up in public swimming pools, showers and gyms and from contact with other infected persons.
Neem abounds in antifungal and antibacterial properties which quickly kill the infection at its root and effect quick healing. Do not use nail polish on your toes because it tends to seal in the fungus and allows it to grow and spread. It deals with the infection quickly and efficaciously and prevents it from occurring again. Clip the infected toenail as short as possible and file the nail to wear down its thickness so that the oil can reach the infection beneath the nail. Alternatively, the tea can also be prepared by steeping one teaspoon of crushed lemongrass in one cup of boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Drink this tea a least two times daily. You can drink a cup of ginger tea, prepared by simmering two ounces of fresh ginger root in eight ounces of water for 20 minutes.
Itching, burning sensation, peeling, cracking and scaling of the foot skin are some symptoms of this problem.
You can mix mustard powder in a bucket of warm water and soak your feet in this mixture for 25 to 30 minutes. Frequent use of this salt solution can provide relief from the symptoms of athlete’s foot. Vinegar contains acid which can help in keeping the skin dry and preventing the growth of bacteria. You can use a natural anti-fungal agent as an alternative to conventional anti-fungal pharmacological medications. Applying one to two drops of oregano oil to the affected nail twice a day helps to clear the infection speedily.
Olive lead extract solutions containing 10 to 20 percent oleuropein are used for treating fungal infections of the toenail. Nail fungus results from the growth of dermatophytes underneath the skin which are tiny microorganisms.
Use this solution as a foot bath which is helpful in treating the infections in the fingernails and toenails caused by fungus.
The acidic nature of the vinegar is beneficial in reducing itchiness and maintaining pH balance. Be barefooted while at home that would help in the healing process and prevents further infection.
Take two to three teaspoons of baking soda and add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in it. Another way of using garlic is to keep some cloves of garlic in a pair of socks and sleep by wearing them as such in the night. Rubbing it over the infected area would provide relief.  It can be used for several times in a day.
Dermatopytes is parasitic fungi, which lives on other organisms and causes fungal infections. Finely chop one ounce of ginger that is fresh, add it to one cup of water, and boil it for twenty minutes. The warm water provides a relieving and relaxing effect on the foot while it gets absorbed by the area infected. All you need to do is to boil 4 cups of water, break about eight to ten cinnamon sticks into small pieces, and add to the boiling water. Due to its natural antiseptic property, black walnut hull is quite effective in treating fungal infections. So, if you are suffering from toenail fungus,all you have to do is follow some simple steps every day until it disappears completely.
Soak your feet in this water for ten minutes every morning and at night before going to bed. Daily application during the day and at night will relieve the itching and clear the infection within no time. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties are invaluable in getting rid of the infection and setting the stage for rapid healing. Apply this oil once in the morning and once at night before going to bed till all traces of infection have vanished. To get rid of toenail fungus faster, you are also advised to rub the used tea bags gently on the affected areas. You can soak your feet in a mixture of white distilled vinegar and water for 15 to 20 minutes to obtain relief.

The antifungal property of tea tree oil is attributed to terpinen-4-ol and other terpenoids present in tea tree oil. Regular application of clove essential oil to the infected toenails helps to clear the fungal infection within a short time. In addition to topical use, olive leaf extract supplements can be ingested to boost the ability of the immune system to identify and kill the fungi in the toenails.
Factors affecting these fungal infections include blood circulation problems, injury, weakened immune system, genetic problems, perspiration in the feet and hands etc. These oils have antiseptic properties that make them effective in healing the fungal infections. Add this mixture in some amount of warm water. Make a paste by adding sufficient amount of liquid in it. Below, I will try to make you aware about a few natural cures which you can use at home on your own. You should chew one clove of raw garlic every morning in the empty stomach for internal recovery. Now generously apply vicks vapor rub on it and keep it intact with the help of a bandage or a band aid.Go for it in the morning after completing your bath and keep it for about 2 to 3 hours. The feet area is normally humid and warm, so fungus tends to spread very fast and sometimes could also spread to other parts of the body if not noticed earlier.
Herbal remedies could be effective in the treatment of this condition and a few of them are discussed below. Top Natural Remedies For Toenail Fungus Using Tea Tree Oil Coherent use of tea tree oil can work very effectively in helping you to get rid of toenail fungus. This unsightly, itchy and painful condition can be easily managed at home by trying out these simple remedial measures. Try to wear open toed shoes or sandals so that your toes do not get constricted in an enclosed area.
The oil will also help remove the dead skin and nail cells and will keep the skin soft and prevent cracks. You can also apply a few drops of mustard oil on the affected foot to get rid of the problem.
This natural cure should be used for a minimum period of 6 to 8 weeks to get complete relief from the fungal infection.
Studies suggest that tea tree oil is as effective as common antifungal pharmacological creams in treating toenail fungal infection. In such condition, the area around the nail becomes red that cause irritation, inflammation and pain. It can be used in combination with hydrogen peroxide that would help in killing bacteria and virus. The problem of toenail fungus can be easily treated with care and precaution at home itself. Place the cotton on the affected nail and tie it on till the next application.You need to adopt this technique everyday, most preferably at the night before going to bed. Along with it you should prepare garlic oil for applying on the affected nail.For this you need to chop two to three cloves of garlic and soak it in one fourth cup of olive oil for 24 hours. Another method to use lemon juice is by mixing it with olive oil in equal amounts in a small bowl.Apply this mixture on the fungus infected toenail and leave it on for about half an hour. For faster healing, you can also apply the tea (when it cools down a little) to the infected areas using a clean cotton ball. You can wash your feet with cool water and apply cornstarch powder to control the sweat and moisture. This remedy should be avoided if you are taking anticoagulant or anti-platelet medications. So, be consistent with the remedies and the fungal infection will be cured eventually in a few weeks. Apply a small amount of tea tree oil to the infected toenail to avoid side effects such as irritation, itching and blistering following application of undiluted tea tree oil. Rubbing these onion pieces over the infected area would be useful for treating fungal infections. You may get medicines over the counter but before buying them you may use some easily available natural products to cure toenail fungus. You can also sprinkle baking soda in your shoes to reduce the moisture and control the growth of infection. Two drops of vinegar is sufficient in curing the toenail fungus and is helpful in improving the conditions. The oil has antibacterial properties that are beneficial in healing the infections caused by fungus. Lemon can be used in combination with Listerine that has acidic effect and is helpful in the treatment of fungal infections. Neem and turmeric is a natural good condition that helps to cure toenail fungus within a few days. It can also be blended with lavender oil and can be applied over the infected area using cotton balls. However, you can also place thrashed garlic directly on the affected nail for instant relief from the pain. Tea Tree Oil And Lavender For Toenails Lavender and tea tree oil has been used for ages as different kinds of beauty treatments.If you are an avid reader of heath magazines then you are no stranger to the wonderful qualities of both lavender and tea tree.

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