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Ingrown hair treatment - Blog with tips on ingrown hair removal with use of ingrown hair cream and products to avoid infection. Ingrown hair on face could be easily treated by using facial mask made from simple ingredients that can be found at most homes. Ingrown hair on the body can be very stubborn, especially ingrown hair on armpits, ingrown hair on legs and ingrown hair on bikini line.
Ladies often shave off their facial hair, underarms hair, hair legs, pubic hair and bikini line. Here is one way to do it: You would need a cup of warm water and about one and a half teaspoon of salt. In this case, you can apply Epsom salt (a type of sea salt) directly to the skin area where the ingrown hair resides, rubbing them in circular motions before rinsing them off.

Along the way, they experience common problems like skin irritation and ingrown hair infection.
The sugar scrub helps in making the hair point back out of the skin and assists in ingrown hair removal. The techniques below will show you how to remove an ingrown hair and avoid ingrown hair infection altogether. Take a cotton ball and dip it into the salty mixture and then swipe it over the ingrown hair on face.
Here is how you can make your own sugar scrub at home: You will need half a cup of white cane sugar and some drops of olive oil or jojoba oil to moisten the mixture.
The mixture can be stored in an airtight jar and is usually good for use within 6 months from its creation.

Optionally, you may add other healing substances such as Aloe Vera gel, honey, vitamin C powder and essential oils. If you like the scent and therapeutic properties of lavender oil, you may include it in the scrub as well. Honey has antibacterial properties so if you use honey in the scrub, ingrown hair infection is thwarted.

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