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Natural remedies have been around since the beginning of time, and most cultures still turn to them as their main means of healthcare. According to an extensive report printed in Life Extension Magazine in March, 2004, conventional medicine is now the #1 cause of death! Pharmaceutical companies make over $100 billion each year selling drugs in the US, and it seems clear that drug manufacturers are more concerned with making money than considering the overall effects the medicine will have on the patient.
What most people don’t realize is that more than 25% of all prescription drugs contain plant derivatives, and over 80,000 different types of plants are used all over the world for medicinal purposes. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It’s true, women tend to care more for and worry more about others: the children, partner, parents, in-laws, friends…If it’s a choice of doing something that is important to yourself, or for the other, you will more often than not, do it for the other person in your life. Varicose veins, also known as varicosity and varicosis, are veins that have become twisted and engorged due to the collection of an abnormal amount of blood. For some people, the only symptom of varicose veins is visual, as pain does not always, or even usually, accompany the condition.
You may be able alleviate some of your symptoms with self-care: elevating the legs, wearing compressed stockings, and exercise all work to ease painful symptoms and may prevent worsening symptoms.
The purpose of your veins is to return blood to the heart, which will be recirculated throughout your body via your arteries before the process is repeated.
While a definitive cause for varicose veins is unknown, experts agree that certain factors increase your risk of developing varicose veins. Researchers have been unable to definitely say what causes varicose veins, which makes the question of prevention tricky.
Improving overall health will help prevent varicose veins, especially improving circulation and muscle tone. Another technique to prevent varicose veins is to elevate the legs, making sure your feet are in a higher position than your heart.
The greatest treatments for varicose veins are self-care such as the above described preventative measures. Compression stockings are your best bet for self-care, and should be tried before seeking medical treatment. Compression stockings may be difficult for certain people to put on, so if you have arthritis or weak hands, there are devices available to help you put on these stockings. If self-care does not work and your varicose veins have become painful, or if the area is swollen or tender or discolored, or if a rash appears, you need to seek medical attention. This is an effective treatment when done correctly and the treatment can be performed in your doctor’s office.
This is very similar to sclerotherapy, but instead of sealing off the vein with the injected solution, an electrical current is used. The laser projects a strong stream of light directly onto the vein, causing it to fade and disappear. Closure involves placing a catheter into the vein, heating the tip of the catheter, and then removing the catheter.
This is typically an outpatient procedure (occurring in an operating room) and requires either a local or general anesthesia. This surgery is used to treat more severe instances of varicosity that include skin ulcers. Horse chestnut seed extract is an herbal remedy that may be used to treat swelling and discomfort associated with varicose veins. My name is Kim Wang and this site is my work in progress helping to pass on some of the things my mother has taught me over the years.
The United States, however, has only recently seen an increase in use after a long period of turning away from them. National Poison Data System put out a 174-page report in 2010 stating that the number of Americans killed in 2009 by vitamins, minerals, amino acids or herbal supplements is zero! Learn about topics such as: holistic medicine, alternative medicine, addiction, natural cures for acid reflux, back pain and arthritis, biofeedback, Chinese medicine, chi, crystal healing, cupping, ear candling, aromatherapy, gua sha therapy, hologram therapy, magnetic therapy, massage, Native American healing, herbal cures, pilates, polarity therapy, self healing, therapeutic touch, vibrational therapy, and the benefits of vinegar. Pharmaceutical reps, who have no medical training, are coached to provide incentives and gifts to doctors who prescribe their medications. The pharmaceutical companies are starting to realize that the cures are available to us simply from our own earth, so they are beginning to add them to their drugs.
By using natural remedies, such as medicinal herbs and other alternative methods, you are allowing your body the opportunity to heal itself. On our Herbal Products page, you will find more information about how to create your own home remedies.
By growing your own herbs and creating your own products, you can save a ton of money that you would typically spend on drugs. Here’s an informative article on herbs, nutrients and lifestyle tips for women by guest blogger, Rahim Habib, Naturopathic Doctor & writer for Bell Lifestyle. If you have the signs of persistent stress (headaches, high blood pressure, poor digestion, insomnia, low libido), then it’s time to make a change.
Low energy and cold hands and feet are the most common symptoms, however, other symptoms include shortness of breath, headache, dizziness, pale skin, restless legs, and even chest pain.
A 2011 study in the International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics found that the herb valerian significantly reduced the pain of menstrual cramps.
Irritability, cravings, low energy, bloating, and low mood are some of the common symptoms women experience before their period. Women often wonder if they are getting enough exercise and calcium to strengthen the bones.
Some of the above concerns can be complex, particularly when other medications are factored in.
Rahim Habib is also a registered naturopathic doctor who has a general family practice, with a special interest in helping patients comprehensively detoxify their bodies for preventative and therapeutic benefit. Varicose veins are sometimes painful and can happen to any veins but most often affect the veins of the legs and feet, which is the result of walking and standing upright, increasing pressure on the veins in your lower body.

Signs of varicosity include veins that are a dark blue or purple color and that are visible beneath the skin.
Women are more likely than men to develop varicose veins, at nearly double the rate as men do.
In addition, there is no guarantee against developing varicose veins, however carefully you follow prevention techniques. By exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, and eating a diet high in fiber and low in sodium, you will improve your circulation. If your job requires long periods of standing or sitting, sleep with your feet elevated, propping them with cushions to keep them elevated above heart level. The physical exam will include your doctor looking at your legs while you are standing to check for any swelling.
This is a noninvasive procedure and is used to ensure your veins are functioning normally and there is no clotting.
A solution is injected into the affected vein, which triggers a swelling of the vein walls, causing them to stick together and finally shut.
There are various possible side effects, including stinging, cramping, redness, skin ulcers, and bruising at the injection site. It entails tying shut the affected vein and removing it through a series of small incisions.
Next, small incisions are made in the skin and surgical hooks are used to pull the vein out of the leg. We are finally beginning to look back to what nature provided us with and the wisdom and power it holds, instead of trusting only in our own ability to create synthetic drugs.
While traditional medicine has its place and should certainly not be overlooked or ignored completely, it does have its downside. Hopefully the percentage of plant derivatives will increase considerably over the next several years.
This only changed when chemical synthesis led to rapid drug production, meaning more people could be treated quickly and that pharmaceutical companies could get very rich. Natural remedies have an emphasis on prevention and curing disease, rather than merely putting a band aid on the problem and making the patient reliant on strong drugs for the rest of their lives. Typically, these side effects, however, are minimal to nonexistent, especially when compared to the side effects and reactions people have to conventional medicine.
The first thing is to know what stresses you have and reduce those situations, or if you can’t eliminate those stressers, then learn to reduce their effect. Many other herbs can also help: crampbark, dong quai, ginger, false unicorn, blue cohosh and black cohosh. Some of the most effective herbs for reducing such symptoms before the period include chaste tree, saffron, and dandelion leaf.
In addition, there are many foods and herbs that have been found to support the health of bones. To address the complexity of how our lives can be, seek professional help to get the best advice: nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, psychologists, etc. He is the director of the Four Seasons Naturopathic Clinic for Detoxification and Healing.Do you have any fav herbs for any of these womanly issues or those not listed here? Swelling, muscle cramping, or a burning sensation may occur, which can be worse after a prolonged period of sitting or standing. The valves open to allow the blood to flow back to your heart, and close again to stop the blood from returning. First, there is an increase in the volume of blood in pregnant women, which is coupled with a decrease in blood flow between legs and pelvis. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause may be the contributing factor here. Certain chronic conditions also add a strain to your veins: constipation, an enlarged prostate resulting in urinary retention, chronic coughing, and any other condition which may cause you to strain for prolonged periods of time and therefore increase the pressure on your veins.
There are a number of options, though, to prevent varicose veins, or prevent current varicosity from worsening. Toning your muscles also assists in this, as muscle contractions help move the flow of blood in your veins, so keep your legs fit via walking, bicycling, or climbing stairs. You may also want to wear compression stockings, a kind of support hose that provide an outer pressure that may improve circulation and increase blood flow. Your doctor may also ask for a description of your symptoms, such as any pain you may be experiencing in relation to your varicose veins.
If your varicose veins are pregnancy related the condition will typically improve within three months of delivery. Be sure to research your choice carefully, and check with your primary doctor before having any treatments performed.
This noninvasive procedure does not include any needles or incisions, and the patient will only feel a slight pinch when the laser hits the patient’s skin, which can be soothed by cooling the skin. Ligation or stripping is usually performed on surface veins and removing them does not negatively effect circulation.
A skinny camera is inserted into you leg to enable the surgeon to see your veins and then close the varicosities.
Luckily, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is now funding clinical trials to help improve the understanding of herbal medicine in the medical world.
This chemical synthesis turned out to be bad because pharmaceutical companies now refuse to acknowledge their roots in nature. Usually when these problems occur from herbal medicine, it is due to improper dosage and impurities. I’d much rather go with the solutions our wise ancestors used that came from what was provided for us naturally on this earth.
I also think that the natural remedies are better way to protect us from health issues than Conventional Medicine. Nutrients including calcium, magnesium, zinc, and omega fats may also be of significant benefit.

Assisting in this process are also muscle contractions to help move the flow of blood, and elasticity in the vein walls. This is due to the increased wear and tear on the veins as you age, which affects blood flow. The female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) work to relax the vein walls which reduces their effectiveness.
Prolonged standing also places a greater strain on the legs and may lead to varicose veins, especially if the valves have been weakened by age, pregnancy, obesity, or prior leg injuries or surgeries. Compression stockings should especially be worn during long periods of sitting, whether at work or during long plane or car rides. Tight clothing or hosiery, which restricts blood flow and disrupts circulation, should also be avoided to help prevent varicose veins.
Generally speaking, varicose veins are diagnosed strictly through these visual means and there are no other tests necessary to confirm a diagnosis of varicose veins.
The technician will apply a warm gel to the area, which helps to produce a clean picture for the technician. They can be bought at most pharmacies, but before purchasing your pair, use a tape measure to measure yourself according to the chart you’ll find on the package to ensure you buy the right size. The same vein may need to be injected more than once, depending on the severity of the varicosity. The vein may also become swollen or develop bits of coagulated blood, which is not dangerous. The treatment takes 15 to 20 minutes and will need to be repeated two to five times, depending on the level of varicosity the patient is experiencing.
As with any procedure, if a general anesthesia is used, the patient runs the risk of cardiac or respiratory complications.
The most common side effects are bruising and mild scarring and patients may return to normal activity the following day.
One problem may be alleviated with the drug, but a number of other issues are brought to the table. It’s also important to point out that the manufactured equivalent of the original herbal product requires more processing by the body and leaves behind toxins in the body. Another important factor is the strength of your digestion, if it is weak, then your iron levels can suffer.
The second contributing factor is the extra weight a pregnant woman has in her uterus, which exerts extra pressure on her legs. However, your doctor may decide the need for other tests is indicated based on any complications you may experience from your varicose veins, such as blood clots. He or she will then rub a small device called a transducer against your skin, over the gel, which sends images of your veins to a monitor so that the technician and your doctor may check for vascular health. Following a healthy diet not only will help you shed any extra pounds adding stress to your veins, but a low-sodium, high-fiber diet prevents water retention and constipation, both of which contribute to swelling and varicosity.
Applied heat and aspirin should reduce swelling, antibiotics may be prescribed for any infection, and the bits of coagulated blood can be drained. As in sclerotherapy, blood coagulation may occur, but rarely is a problem as the collected blood settles on its own.
Activity must be kept to a minimum for a couple of days after surgery, and may slowly return to normal activity over the next few weeks.
However, there is an increased risk of low blood sugar, so consult with your doctor before taking and use with caution if you are a diabetic. Calcium supplements can reduce the absorption of iron, but vitamin C dramatically increases iron absorption, so take 250-500mg of vitamin C twice a day with meals and your iron levels will likely increase significantly. As your body ages, your veins may lose some of their elasticity and as a result become misshapen.
Third, changes in the levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone work to relax the vein walls, further contributing to varicosity. To do this, simply pump your foot up and down, mimicking the walking motion, at least 10 times per leg every hour.
Heat contributes to the swelling in varicose veins, so avoid hot tubs and baths that are too hot. Side effects may include some redness or swelling to the treatment area, but these typically last only a couple of days.
At the incision points infection, inflammation and redness may occur, and possibly permanent scars. Certain herbs help to reduce the long-acting stress hormone called cortisol – the one that leads to the high blood pressure, and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Varicosity symptoms tend to worsen over time, and women who are menstruating may experience heightened symptoms of their varicosity, as increased progesterone levels contribute to varicose veins. Age may also weaken the valves in your veins, allowing the blood that should be flowing toward the heart to back up and pool within the vein. Typically, varicose veins that develop during pregnancy improve without medical intervention within a few months of delivery. Also, the patient my experience some discoloration of the affected area, which should disappear after one to two weeks.
Nerve damage is another possible side effect, as nerve branches are difficult to avoid in this surgery. Herbs that can help with stress and reduce cortisol include rosenroot, ashwagandha, and holy basil. A deep vein blood clot is the most serious possible side effect of this procedure, and there is a risk the clot could travel to the heart or lungs. The blue appearance of the veins is due to the fact that the blood trapped in the vein is deoxygenated (oxygenated blood flows through the arteries to nourish the body, whereas veins carry back the deoxygenated blood to the heart).

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