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The parasite is spread through mosquito bites and mainly affects the heart and lungs of your pet dog. While you can avail a conventional heartworm remedy from a vet, there are some simple natural treatments that will help your dog to remain free from the parasite. Spraying small amounts of the tea tree oil and Lavender oil will act as a mosquito repellant. Extracts from the Yucca root are treated to reduce the symptoms of bloating and coughing that accompanies the problem of heartworm in pets. Other than enhancing the immune system of the body, licorice extract helps to purify the blood. The use of Black walnut in treating diseases dates back to the Greek period.  The hulls of the nuts are beneficial in improving the functioning of the intestinal system. Natural heartworm remedy also includes a balanced and healthy diet, clean environment, frequent visits to the vet and de-worming of the pet at regular intervals.

In regions where the parasite is of common occurrence, pet owners are advised to test their pets for the infection on a regular basis. The juice of the natural product increases the immune system of the body and also enhances blood circulation. The body produces anti-bodies that are capable of fighting the harmful effects of the parasitic infection. The ingredients found in the plant helps to inhibit the growth of the parasite inside the blood stream of your pet. It supports the tissues of the lungs and fights any kind of inflammatory action of the parasite in the organ. It has a positive health effect on the conditions of the liver, stomach, kidneys, respiratory system, intestine and the immune system. These are some ways by which you can ensure that your beloved pet remains free from all parasitic infestations.

You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The symptoms of the parasitic infection include coughing, lack of energy, weight loss, breathing difficulties etc. It is used to keep the coats and skin of the pet clean and thereby attract fewer parasites towards itself.

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