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An individual may experience gallbladder problems as a result of blockage of the bile duct. Symptoms such as yellowish skin, dark urine, rapid heartbeat and so on may also be experienced as a result of bile duct infection. It is important to note that it may become difficult to digest fatty food items and cholesterol as a result of inflammation or gallstones.
You should exercise on a daily basis to control weight gain and reduce the possibility of developing gallbladder disease.
The most common problem associated with the gallbladder is gallstones, most of which are made up of cholesterol.
Sometimes gallbladder is affected by the problem of inflammation and this condition is termed as cholecystitis. One of the good home remedy for gall bladder is to take fresh juices extracted from the beet, cucumber, carrot which are very useful in cleaning the gall bladder. Gall bladder remedy - The application of hot packs or fomentation to the upper abdominal area relieves the patient from the pains of gallstone colic. Giving the affected person a warm-water enema at body temperature will help eliminate fecal accumulations if the patient is constipated. The flowers, seeds and roots of chicory or the endive plant are considered the most important for the treatment of gall-bladder disorders.
Gall bladder cure - Some nature cure practitioners have suggested the use of oil for the removal of gallstones. Take four tablespoons of lemon juice daily early in the morning (it should be the first thing you consume in the day; make sure that your stomach is empty). The diet for an affected person should be lacto-­vegetarian, which gives more emphasis on raw and cooked vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetable juices and a moderate amount of fruits and seeds.
In situation of acute gallbladder inflammations, the patient should fast for two or three days until the acute condition is cleared.
New modern studies have shown that drinking coffee can prevent you from getting these gallbladder problems. Diet for gall bladder - Taking some fiber-rich foods and avoiding the sugary snacks and fatty foods can help you keep your gallbladder healthy.
An interesting study found that people who eat lots of lentils, nuts, beans, peas, lima beans, and oranges are more resistant to gallbladder attacks than people who do not eat much of these foodstuffs. Research have shown that that omega-3 fatty acids, found especially in fatty fish such as salmon, may help you to prevent gallstones. Natural remedy for gall bladder - Eating veggies is one of the best ways to ward off gallstones. Drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day; this will help you in maintaining the water content of bile.
Gall bladder remedy - Before taking your breakfast on an empty stomach take one glass of hot water with one tablespoon of common salt added to it. Under any trouble with gall bladder, fat digestion becomes a problem. Cholecystitis and biliary colic are disease from the spectrum of gallbladder disease. Lemons and even beets are very useful source for healthy functioning of gallbladder and liver.
During any gall bladder associated pain, one should consume lemon juice prepared by squeezing half a lemon in 6 oz of water and gulping it down in small sips within next 30 minutes. Include diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables as these are rich in fibres and enzymes that make the digestion process much easy. It is best to have fiber diet in the breakfast and avoid skipping breakfast as then one becomes more prone to gallstone formation. Individuals consuming high amounts of vitamin C are protected from painful stone formation.
Consumption of 60mg of vitamin C for an individual above 15 years of age is advised to keep the gallbladder troubles away. Prepare a solution using two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in one glass of water and consume it once in the morning and once at night. Drinking half a glass of wine on daily basis is also useful in averting gallstone formation. Apply a cold pack over the upper half portion of abdomen, placing it half over the ribs and rest on the abdominal region. Make use of organic apples mainly the green apples or one pint of raw apple juice to proceed with gallbladder flush. Every morning, consume 30 ml of olive oil on empty stomach and then have either 3 to 4 teaspoons of lemon juice or consume 120 ml of grapefruit juice. After sipping the mixture, one must sleep while lying on right side. Incorporating above useful remedies one can keep check over gallbladder issues. For attaining a healthy gallbladder and body, one ought to depend on low cholesterol, low fat and high fiber diet.

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The gall bladder is a leaf like organ which plays a vital role in the digestive system of the human body.
Even though there are surgeries and medications available to remove gall stones, herbal remedy is considered as the best treatment. Turmeric is handy at home and helps to stimulate the easy flow of bile fluid and hence prevents the formation of gall stones. Ginger root that is easily available at home helps to absorb considerable amount of cholesterol in the body and hence effectively fights against gall stones.
Parsley is a medical herb which effectively increases the flow of bile and thus emptying it. Milk Thistle is an herb which helps to remove chemicals completely from the bile that is stored in the gall bladder.Intake food that is rich in vitamins E and C.
Gallbladder problems may arise as a result of inflammation, infection or formation of gallstones. It can help in reducing the pain and inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It contains curcumin which can help in treating dyspepsia and bloating caused by a gallbladder attack. An individual suffering from the problem of gallstones should not consume turmeric as it can result in the contraction of the gallbladder and obstruct the opening of the gallbladder. An individual can consume raw pear or drink its juice multiple times in a day to get effective results. It has been observed that physical activity may increase peristalsis in the gut and decrease triglyceride levels which can help in preventing the formation of gallstones.
However, if a stone moves, it may cause obstruction in the neck of the gall bladder or the common bile duct giving rise to severe pain in the upper right side of the abdomen. Either the fruit directly or its juice should be taken without any restriction (as much as possible) daily by the patient. Take approximately about 125 milliliters each of the juices of dandelion and watercress twice in a day. Prepare a decoction of about 30-60 milliliters of the flowers, seeds, or roots and use this three times daily.
Scientists discovered that drinking half a glass of wine or beer can cut down the number of gallstone attacks by 40 percent. One study has found that vegetarian people were only half as likely to have gallstones as compared to those whose diet included the carnivore foods.
Do not completely stop taking fatty foods, certain quantity of fats are required for normal functioning of the body. Include the Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) in your diet as it has a high content of vitamin C. It is a small organ, located at the upper right portion of the abdominal cavity, just below the liver. Gallstones formed will temporarily obstruct the bile duct developing biliary colic and when it remains obstructed for long, it develops into cholecystitis.
But, thee exist wonderful home solutions to overcome gallbladder issues. The major risk factors for gallbladder problems are excess fat consumption, being over the age of 40, high fertility in women. Gallbladder pain attack can be prevented on continual consumption of beans, lentils, peas, nuts, vegetable oil, cottage cheese and yogurt. Include oranges, lemon, strawberries, pineapple and other citrus foods to get enriched with vitamin C. The malic acid of apple cider vinegar helps to dissolve any gallstone formed and saves from any need of surgical intervention.
Keep it till it makes the skin numb and comforts from any pain or heat generating due to gallbladder problems. Apples are most effective food to bring about the efficient flushing and clearing of unhealthy toxins from the gallbladder.
Regular consumption of olive oil and lemon juice for just a week will show favorable results in curing gallbladder problems.
Moreover, one must reduce intake of saturated fats but do not cut them totally and consume them as these are equally essential for gallbladder to function. In case, gallbladder trouble seems more problematic and serious due to increased size or infection, it is crucial to consult doctor and then proceed for treatment accordingly.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Milk thistle contains silymarin which helps in protecting the gallbladder from the damage caused by drugs and toxins. It is interesting to note that this natural cure may also help in obtaining relief from the problem of gallstones. This juice is required to be mixed with carrot and cucumber juices and consumed before breakfast and dinner to get relief from gallbladder problems.

You should not practice any form of exercise or perform physical activity during a gallbladder attack as it can aggravate the pain. This is the best remedy; however a combination of all these juices is also a good cleaning source.
The surgery becomes necessary only when the gallstones are very large or in cases where they have been present since long period of time.
It is said that people who have a habit of drinking two or three cups of coffee in a day have 40% less chance of suffering this disease and those who drink 4 or more have reduced chances up to 45%. Studies have shown that without eating, for a long period of time such as skipping breakfast, can make you more prone to getting a gallstone.
A recent study found that people who have more vitamin C in their blood are less likely to get painful gallstones.
Be careful as the study does not find that drinking more than half a glass would offer any more protection.
Researchers have no clue about exactly how vegetables counteract gallstones, but they believe that vegetables help to reduce the amount of cholesterol in bile.
It performs its digestive role by storing bile, the digestive fluid that is essential for digestion of fatty food components. Keep the meal size small and avoid all processed, fatty and sugary foods as these are hard to digest and gallbladder has to work harder to achieve proper digestion. Vegetables are known to reduce cholesterol component of the bile, keeping far off the probability of gallstones.
Any area of the upper abdomen, if appears warm on touching, can get easily cooled down with use of cold pack. Adding one finely sliced clove of raw garlic to this mixture will enhance the effects manifolds.
However, milk thistle should be taken in accordance with the instructions of your doctor as it can cause side effects such as diarrhea or skin rashes. Further, fruits contain no cholesterol or fat and are easy to digest. You should also increase the intake of items rich in fiber such as oats, nuts and wheat bran to improve digestion and lower bad cholesterol levels.
Estrogen levels have been found to be a cause, because of which women get more frequently attacked by this disease. In some cases you may not even need to remove these stones by operating upon them; but you can remove them simply by causing it to dissolve into the bile.
The usage of this endive or chicory juice in almost any combination promotes the secretion of bile and is, therefore, very good for both liver and gall-bladder dysfunctions. Take this as the first thing in the morning and follow it immediately with 120 milliliters of grapefruit juice or lemon juice. The juices of carrot, beet, grapefruit, pear, lemon or grapes are beneficial in this condition.
The major function of the bile is to separate the fat from the food that we consume.The bile should be released, then and there, when required. If the gall stones are identified in the initial stage then it can be treated with these simple herbal remedies. Vegetables rich in vitamin B such as broccoli, spinach, bell peppers and so on can also be consumed on a daily basis for obtaining effective results. It may also lead to indigestion, gas, a feeling of fullness after meals, constipation and nausea.
Generally women over 40 years, who are fair-skinned and over-weight tend to have gallstones.
If the bile fluid is not emptied properly then it thickens and forms stones in the gall bladder. The main cause of gallbladder disorders is over-nutrition resulting from excessive intake of refined carbohydrates, especially sugar.
The stones are normally called as the gall stones since they are formed in the gall bladder.
The gall bladder stones must be treated in its initial stage itself to avoid any complications.
Some people may also feel pain in the right shoulder or back pain.The pain may become intense within few seconds. Women should not confuse this pain caused by the gall bladder infection with the pain they get during their periods.Usually the gall bladder pain occurs during the night time after you eat heavy meals.
Other symptoms of gall bladder infection in women include lowered blood pressure, vomiting and nausea, unwanted gasses, burping, bowel problems, fever ,loss of appetite etc.

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