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Sinus headaches occur when the sinuses get infected due to accumulation of mucus in the sinuses and the nasal area. One needs to understand the difference between a sinus headache and other headaches, in order to effectively deal with it.
Causes of Sinus Headache Sinus headache occurs due to congestion of sinus cavities, this congestion can cause infection, inflammation and heaviness of sinuses as well as the heaviness of the head. Home Remedies for Sinus Headache Neti Pot Using a neti pot to clear your sinuses is an ancient Indian remedy which has become very popular due to the spread of yoga. Humidifier Moist air helps in decongestion whereas the dryness of the air dries up the mucus and irritates the sinus membranes. Lifestyle For Sinus Headache When you have a sinus headache, you need to take adequate rest. Diet for Sinus Headache Eating warm foods and drinking warm water is the best way to treat sinus headache.
Pharmaceutical approaches are often forgone over alternative medicine because of the risk of side effects associated with them. Tablets, capsules, herbal tinctures and powdered herbs are some of the forms in which herbal remedies can be found. Sinus can be relieved with eucalyptus when it’s inhaled via steam and it’s only safe when it’s used in small doses as a diluted essential oil. Herbs might be recommended during pregnancy by the health care provider or doctor you are seeing.

Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. The collected mucus needs to be cleared, if it doesn’t happen, the build up of mucus causes sinus headache. The first and the foremost is that you are likely to have congestion of the nasal passage, nasal discharge, maybe fever and heaviness of the head. Hence, it’s important to buy a humidifier for the room where you spend most of your time and sleep. Pluck a few leaves of this plant and make yourself an infusion or tea, add some honey to it and drink a cup two or three times a day. Liquid diets like soups, lentils, non-caffeinated beverages are very useful to treat a sinus infection, so are the fresh vegetable and fruits.
Pharmacies or health food shops are some common locations that can be used for getting these over the counter herbal remedies.
Fertility in both women and men can be reduced with high doses. Its side effects include disorientation, heartburn, constipation, headache, mouth ulcers, allergic reactions, nausea, insomnia, dizziness, diarrhea, breathlessness and abdominal pain. It should be avoided by women who have a history of vaginal bleeding and miscarriage during pregnancy. Premature labor, miscarriage and uterine stimulation are some of the consequences that can occur.

There have been studies, which indicate that symptoms of pre-eclampsia can be lessened or prevented with garlic, but there isn’t any backup evidence.
According to studies, majority of the women prefer to use herbal medicines because they are afraid of using medications. But you can get these natural and safe herbal remedies almost anywhere for combating common problems during pregnancy.
Skin itching, heartburn and abdominal discomfort may be caused by excessive amounts of zinger. Using herbs under the supervision of a homeopathic doctor, herbalist, midwife, naturopathic or physician is essential because each pregnancy is different. You can go in for infusions and herbal teas, but stay clear of the caffeinated beverages, alcoholic drinks and carbonated drinks. This herb should not be used by those women who are expecting twins, bleeding in late pregnancy, high blood pressure, have had caesarean, have anemia or have placenta praevia.
However, two weeks before caesarean or any other planned surgery, women should stop taking ginger.

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