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Sinus headache appears when your sinuses become clogged and you suffer a deep breath, resulting uncomfortable feel and this can finally lead to chest infection. Avoid irritant air like perfume, smog from vehicles and high cold air, which leads to sinus headache and also affects lung if persist.
Start consuming foods or fruits which contain vitamin-c, like orange, lemon, grapes and pineapple, which contain abundant of citric acid. You can add a little ginger to your daily morning tea, which aids in relieving from headache and clear all blockages in the sinus area. From ancient days, it is well accepted that daily exercise and yoga can bring a great magic to our body growth, shape and to stay fit and healthy. Sinus inflammation or congestion, commonly known as sinus infection, is caused by a versatile range of indoor and outdoor factors or airborne allergens, including dietary irritants like gluten, dairy, and artificial additives. Western practicants use antibiotics, steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs and surgeries to treat sinus infections.
It is a fact that treating the underlying cause is always more important than focusing on the symptoms only. If there is nothing else you can do at the moment, temporary relief of your nasal passages will sure do you good. Turmeric is an amazing spice that is traditionally used in India and Middle east countries.
Add 2-3 tablespoons of raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar to a cup of hot water or tea of your choice to thin out mucus buildups and relieve congestion and pressure. You can find it in caplets, liquid form, chewing drops – pharmacy offers an abundance of sources.
We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Peppermint, eucalyptus, and frankincense oils diluted with carrier oil and placed below the nostrils work wonders to provide relief. Make sure you like HealthyMom Me on Facebook, be updated every time we find a fantastic tutorial for exciting and innovative ways for healthy balanced living.
Sinus headache commonly occurs due to blockage of air in surrounding areas of eye and nose. Now try to inhale all evaporating vapors from that bowl by covering the whole body with the help of a blanket or huge clothes in such a way that you are inhaling the entire vapor coming out from the bowl.

Also try to stay away from dust powder or particle which can easily enter to sinus and create headaches.
As you know citrus fruits have the property to fight with infection and also include antioxidant. Allow your bathroom to absorb full of steam and bath inside this room early in every morning and inhale this moist steam. It has been proven that one can stay away from sinus headache by making a habit of this simple process.
Hence, if you want to get rid of a harsh sinus headache, then start doing exercise every day, early morning. It will help you relieve sinusitis naturally. The best thing about it is that you need simple ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. Combine cayenne pepper or horseradish and apple cider vinegar to get your super powerful mucus dissolving elixir. Drink your sour liquid three times a day and you can also sweeten it up with some organic honey or Stevia. LIKE Natural Health Beauty on Facebook to get daily updates about health & beauty recipes using the most natural ingredients. They stop you in your tracks and the only thing you want to do is lie down and close your eyes. You have obligations and responsibilities that don’t allow you to have time for a headache. It has been noticed that sinus headache mostly affects the individual who is related to a cold environment. Try to have food when it is in warm condition it aids to clear the blockage inside the sinus and makes you feel relaxed by providing hot environment. It provides a moist environment in the sinus area and citrus acid reduces the blockage of passages connected in between the eyes, ears and nose. Some people used to have a menthol steam bath, which is highly effective for sinus headache. Joining a yoga class can also help you to reduce sinus headache slowly and later it gets vanish permanently.
Before you get involved in strengthening your immune system and eliminate any potential causes of your sinusitis, you may want to examine and relieve some of your symptoms.

You can do five quick steps in just two minutes and your breathing will improve your breathing instantly. Lean your head towards the water, cover both your head and the container with water using a towel and inhale the steam as deep as you can. The handy little devices help in irrigating nasal cavities easily and clear out excess mucus or any contaminant that you may have inhaled. When added to nasal sprays, like this one, grapefruit seed extract eliminates mucus and prevent microbial contaminants from thriving in inflamed and malfunctioning sinuses. Scientists have revealed that vitamin C helps the body in resisting immune deficiencies and it also stimulates overall health.
Using steam inhalation, a humidifier, a Neti pot, and herbal nasal sprays are other power tools that all sinus inflammation sufferers should be armed with.
Sinus headache can lead to nasal stuffiness, nasal discharge, cough, sore throat, and fatigue. Curcumin is largely known for its anti-inflammatory effect.  Combine it with the spicy taste of ginger root, and brew it slightly until you get a nice and hot tea.
Sinus headache can also lead to some major diseases like brain fever or can affect lungs due to an improper breath. But note that the process should not be repeated in excess as the menthol present in the Vicks vapor can dehydrate your body, which in turn may worsen the case of sinus headache.
Such tea combinations dissolve mucus from clogged nasal passages, relieve sinus pressure and make you feel much better.
Ginger root can also soothe an upset stomach, which is a common side-effect of excessive sinus drainage during long nights. With natural remedies you will have no fear of getting infected while curing the problem of sinus headache.

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