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Causes of sore throatSore throat can be caused by different kinds of infections, like viral infection or bacterial infection. On the other hand, bacterial infections or (strep throat) is more serious then viral infections.
A· Hard candies and Juice bar are also having said to reduce the intensity of the sore throat. A· If the sore throat is accompanied by stuffy and plugged nose, this should be taken care right away. A· Drinking lemon juice can be very helpful, by mixing honey and lemon juice in water.
A· Lastly, Chicken soup is an age old, tried and tested home remedy that is perfect for flus, colds and even sore throat. Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, itching and sore throat are symptoms that millions of people experience. Here at the Healthtipswatch blog we look for interesting articles covering health, fitness and diet tips from around the world.
Alternating between warm and cold water gargles will help in alleviating the symptoms of cold sores.
Ever wondered how to get rid of those nasty cysts that keep recurring in and around the bottom of your tailbone? Pilonidal Cysts are cysts that usually occur in and around the bottom region of the tailbone.
Even though Pilonidal cysts can be treated with medications, there are several home remedies that can reduce the occurrence of these cysts and provide relief from the symptoms of existing cysts. One of the best ways to treat pilonidal cysts at home is to maintain proper personal hygiene, especially in and around the concerned area.
Use a sterilized shaving blade, an epilator or a depilatory cream to remove hair from the tailbone region.
Washing the cyst prone area regularly can keep it clean and free of impurities and infections that could potentially lead to the formation of pilonidal cysts.
These include garlic, chicken, mushrooms, yogurt, onions, citrus fruits, honey, ginger, spices and black pepper etc. The severity of the symptoms of pilonidal cysts can be reduced to a great extent with certain kitchen counter remedies.
Garlic is known for its potent antibacterial, antibiotic and antiseptic properties which are known to fight off all kinds of infections from the human body. Adding garlic to your meals can help reduce the occurrence of pilonidal cysts by controlling the infection behind it.
The oils that are usually recommended for the home treatment of pilonidal cysts include tea tree oil (which supports tissue development in the infected area), jojoba oil (acts as a natural moisturizer that soothes and heals the skin), peppermint oil (helps to reduce irritation, itchiness and inflammation in the cyst prone area) and sage oil (helps remove harmful toxins that could lead to the formation of pilonidal cysts in the area) etc. Adding an extra pinch of salt to your meals can effectively help the irritation and inflammation caused by pilonidal cysts. Beeswax is known to contain Vitamin A which can bring down the infection and promote cell growth and reconstruction in the infected area. Excellent examples include sweet potatoes, red pepper, carrots, lettuce, butternut squash, apricots and liver etc.
Honey contains potent antibiotic and antioxidant properties that can effectively reduce the symptoms of pilonidal cysts in addition to preventing recurrences. Mix a tablespoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it every morning for relief from the condition. Turmeric is very effective in treating pilonidal cysts, including abscesses resulting from the condition.
Other kitchen remedies include castor oil and iodine, both of which help to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by pilonidal cysts, and promote quick healing.
Applying a hot compress over the infected cysts can bring down swelling to an extent and offer relief from the pain and discomfort caused by the condition. Alternatively, you can fill a bathtub or bucket with hot water (not too hot though) and sit in it for about 10-15 minutes to get relief from the pain caused by the cysts.
Exercising regularly would improve the circulation of blood and nutrients throughout the body. Healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are some of the important factors of maintaining hormonal balance in the body. Caffeine and nicotine being stimulant increase blood pressure as well as the causes of hot flashes. It traps any foreign substances which enter the nose and throat when inhaling air and keeps them from entering the body. But when the glands start producing excessive and thick mucous it is either expelled through the nose or it drips through the back of the nose into the throat and gives a feeling of something stuck in the throat which makes you want to swallow or clear your throat again and again. Infections from common cold, flu, allergies and swelling in the food passage are frequently the most common causes.
Ginger is rich in antiviral and anti-inflammatory compounds and has vast abilities to fight off infection and propound the body back on a healthy path. Baking soda is very useful in eliminating the excess mucous and preventing it from dripping down the throat. It helps to clear out the mucous and eases the irritation in the throat by keeping it moist and hydrated.

The hoarseness and tenderness will vanish and all the excess mucous will be easily eliminated through the mouth leaving your throat smooth and clear.
When they are severe, viral infections present high fever with aching muscles and even runny nose sometimes accompany them.
Using postnasal drip and nasal sprays like Afrin, may be effective, they should be used for about three days as to avoid mouth breathing, because mouth breathing further causes sore throat to persist. Also drinking hot fluids, such as coffee, tea or hot lemonade can coat the tissue in the throat with warm liquid and sipping hot tea is pleasant and soothing. Allergies can make you downright miserable and make it hard to complete daily tasks, and while there are plenty of medications available that are effective, many people prefer taking the natural route. You need to make sure that turmeric is pure, no other spices or chilli powder has been added to it.
You should make sure that before going to sleep also it is applied. You needn’t spit it out, if you so desire.
Squeezing can result in bacterial infection, which may mean that the problem will compound instead of reducing.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
You may want to know a little more about them first before embarking on a mission to get rid of them forever.
Resembling normal cysts that occur elsewhere in the body, pilonidal cysts are usually filled with pus and are prone to infections. In certain cases, the presence of a large abscess in and around the sacroccygeal area can trigger the development of pilondial cysts below the tailbone. Pilonidal cysts are usually more prevalent in the hairy areas in and around the tailbone region. Be extremely careful when shaving the area (or using an epilator) lest you break the cysts. Clean the area in and around the tailbone with a mild soap or cleanser at regular intervals throughout the day, or at least twice a day (before you go out and after you come back home). If possible, opt for glycerin which can act as a mild cleanser and get rid of the infection in the process. So make it a point to include plenty of fruits and vegetables, and plenty of nutrients to your existing diet in order to boost the immune system and bring down the infection to a great extent.
The antibacterial properties of these oils help to get rid of the infection causing the cysts while their healing properties help to promote quick healing, thereby preventing the development of scars in the infected area.
Alternatively, try adding some Epsom salts to your bath water and soak in it for about 15 minutes for extended relief.
Increased blood flow to the cyst prone area can in turn help control the infection from inside and provide relief from pilonidol cysts and their symptoms.
The mood and sexual desire of a person may vary in accordance to hormonal fluctuation levels. With the starting of any hormonal problems, one’s food intake needs to be adjusted as per body needs.
Alcohol, though a depressant, stimulates in the rise of blood pressure and thereby triggering hot flashes. After grinding a piece of ginger and boiling it in a cup of water, we have to add a teaspoon of sugar to the water.
The diet must include organic vegetables and fruits along with whole grains, cereals, nuts and other natural foods. The glands in the throat and the nose consistently produce mucous which keeps the nose, throat and air passages well moistened.
Ordinarily the mucous is not felt because it mingles with the saliva and slides down the throat. A sore and hoarse throat, difficulty in swallowing, headaches, congestion and coughing are the general symptoms of this condition. It controls the secretion of the mucous, helps to fight the cough and keeps the throat soothed and clear. Take half a cup of warm water and mix in it half a teaspoon of salt and a good pinch of baking soda. Tilt your head backwards and insert the dropper into your nose and squeeze the liquid in both the nostrils. It removes all the harmful free radicals from the body, detoxifies it and inhibits too much production of mucous.
When the water starts boiling put half a cup of distilled white vinegar into it and turn off the flame. Sore throats symptoms can be treated through antibiotics, but usually through home remedies that prove most effective.
Viral infections can't be cured, but their symptoms can be treated and with proper rest and fluids, they generally disappear on their own within several days. A strep infection is thus, mostly treated with antibiotics because there can be a permanent heart damage and even kidney damage. Mix 1-1.5 tsp each of cider vinegar and something sweet like honey, and then gargle five-six times a day. Decongestant products, such as those containing pseudoephedrine (Sudafed, Mucinex D, Claritin D), may be helpful also.

It is food in liquid form, which is convenient and healthy and most importantly it helps fight off infections. Natural remedies are less likely to cause side effects and they can be just as effective as both over-the-counter and prescription medication options. Locally sourced honey contains the beneficial properties, all other varieties may be good to eat, but they lack in nutrients. To one tbsp of glycerin which can be bought from any drug store or a chemist shop put a tsp of turmeric powder. Once gargle with chilled water, spit that out and then take a sip of warm water and repeat the same. An asymptomatic hair in the nearby area that contains sinuses or cysts can also lead to the formation of pilonidal cysts. Keeping the tailbone region clean would effectively reduce the symptoms of pilonidal cysts and prevent recurrences as well. So pat the area dry with a soft towel immediately after washing it. The symptoms of pilonidal cysts can be aggravated by powders, creams or oils that you apply on the cysts.
Besides, the fatty acid of prim rose oil helps in restoring the function of the thyroid gland.
Red meat, refined and processed food, dairy products, caffeinated drinks and alcohol should be stopped with total effect. The solution will hydrate the nasal passages and help the mucous to come out of the nose instead of going backwards into the throat.
It has vast medicinal values by virtue of which it is extensively used in ayurvedic medicine to treat a number of diseases and ailments. It will also regulate the production of the mucous and will keep it from accumulating in the nasal passages and the throat. Doctors usually recommend anti-biotic in case of strep throat, and do not recommend them when it is normal pain and irritation.
As an extension of this remedy, some people also add a soluble aspirin in the salt water, and gargle throughout.
Simply let the hard candies dissolve in the mouth, cough suppressants and Analgesic Sprays (for example, Chloraseptic) and lozenges, can give brief pain break. But they should be carefully taken; keeping in mind any previous disease the patient suffers from. First take a bowl of steaming hot water and cover the head with a towel to keep the steam in. Infected cysts can be extremely painful and can make it very difficult for the individual to even walk or sit.
The occurrence of these cysts is more common in men than in women and is usually prevalent in men below 40 years of age.
Siberian Ginseng is very positive for adrenal and thymus glands thereby very helpful in sustaining thyroid health.
One must reduce the intake of coffee, tea, sodas and chocolates to avoid the cause of the disease. Some common remedies to regain normal hormone balance are soybeans and herbs like black cohost and dong quai. It is full of antibacterial and antiviral properties which cure and eradicate all types of infection. You will immediately experience a feeling of well being and your throat will feel tremendously soothed. The fumes of the vinegar will help to thin and dry out the phlegm and prevent its buildup in the throat. Many cough syrups help reducing the instances of sore throat, but there is no cure for sore throat.
But they should be avoided for young children, as the substance is hard and can be a choking hazard. In certain cases, the cysts can remain dormant for several years and flare up all of a sudden; causing symptoms like pain, redness, pus drainage, bleeding, inflammation and even fever etc.
Regular removal of hair from this region would reduce the occurrence of pilonidal cysts, and effectively reduce the symptoms of existing ones.
Besides this, a 2:1 ratio of beetroot and carrot juice mixture and taking it for three months is also an effective way of curing irregular menstruation. Home remedies work wonders when it comes to a bad case of the sore throat, this article will discuss many types of home remedies. Soy beans, black cohosh and Dong Quai root are some of the popular and effective home remedies of hot flash. Gargles with Listerine are another great way to relieve stress on the throat, and give the pain a good break.

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