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Lindsay says: I am not sure which of this actually worked, or if it was a combination, but I was able to get a negative culture after receiving 2 positive urine cultures, which my midwife said she had never seen before. I also inserted 1 capsule of the probiotic vaginally during the day randomly over the 2 week period. Vaginal flush (not douche) Apple Cider Vinegar – 1oz ACV + 4-6 OZ warm water to dilute, using a periwash bottle (I got mine from my midwife). Lindsay’s recommendations are in line with what we know about bringing bacteria back into balance in the body. Large doses of vitamin A, C, and D are known to boost immune function strongly, which can help the body to bring itself back into balance and health naturally. In addition to this list, you may choose to add milk kefir (some say this has more beneficial strains of bacteria than yogurt and actually helps to re-colonize the gut properly) and coconut oil (which is a strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral). Have you ever used a particular remedy or program to test negative on the Group B Strep test? I’ve never tested positive, but when I tested negative I took high doses of probiotics and ate lots of yogurt for 2 weeks prior. In the future, if you post comments that are intended as scare tactics and not adding to the discussion, I will not post them. I have been struggling with recurrent GBS in my urine now for several months, during which time we have also suffered a miscarriage – have no idea if it was related, but it could have been.

While GBS wasn’t terribly common, it is almost completely preventable with antibiotics during labor which is why the AAP recommends testing pregnant mothers. I have not been tested yet (3rd preg with 2 positive tests in previous pregnancies) but I am assuming I will test positive this time.
I will also request a water birth, which I read can lower the possibility of transferring GBS to baby. I tested + for GBS around 38 weeks and after starting a homeopathic remedy for my personal constitution I tested – 3 days later! Many women from the uk have posted on mom forums not even knowing what GBS is let alone EVERYONE getting tested for it. With antibiotic usage, the baby is much more at risk to infections, diseases, allergies, etc after delivery. I realize GBS is a serious issue, but I am so thankful for those who will give us alternatives to antibiotics whenever possible.
I test positive every time they test me except when they do a clean catch then I test negative. I tested positive for gbs vaginally in my last pregnancy and choose to do hibiclens vaginal flush versus antibiotics but it messed up my vaginal flora for months post partum. I lost my daughter two hours after delivery in June to GBS even though I had antibiotics every 4 hours during my 16 hour labor.

Having this info to talk to my ob about and possibly preventing GBS is comforting on so many levels.
I lost a son to late onset gbs and we are trying to find something that my husband and I can do together as well as anyone else that might be in contact with the baby for the first few months.
I also cut notches in the clove for max potency, but some find this stings or burns, which I did not. Most who read this post have done a lot of research about health and wellness and will make informed decisions.
I’m pregnant again and plan to do this protocol due to small amount of gbs in my urine and retest.
We realize the risk of disease and interventions and decide the best route for our long term health and families.

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