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A Sjogren’s syndrome is a kind of autoimmune disease in which inflammation of the body glands and tissues takes place.
This disease especially leads to inflammation of the lacrimal glands which produces tears and salivary glands which is responsible for producing saliva.
Our mouth contains saliva which helps in chewing and swallowing food, you will notice that in a person suffering from Sjogren’s syndrome the amount of saliva will be comparatively less as compared to others. Sjogren’s syndrome affected patient will feel a painful burning and tingling sensation in the eyes.
If the problem of dry eyes is left untreated for a long time then this may lead to severe eye complications like eye infections, corneal ulcer, and even loss of vision. The salivary gland located between the eyes and jaw line on each side of the face gets swollen up and can be noticed even by others. If the vocal cord of the patient is affected by Sjogren’s syndrome and gets inflamed due to throat dryness and dry coughing, then it may develop hoarseness. You will notice that a person suffering from Sjogren’s syndrome will suffer from oral infections and dental cavity problems. As saliva secretion is very less in a Sjogren’s syndrome affected patient’s mouth, teeth cavities develops at a very fast pace and leads to oral infections.

An individual suffering from Sjogren’s syndrome will complain of aching muscles and joints.
The skin of a Sjogren’s syndrome affected person gets extremely dry and as a result rashes also develop on the skin. The memory of the patient is also affected and leads to problems like memory loss, confusion, and loss of concentration. In this disease, extra antibodies are produced in the blood which attacks various body tissues. Inflammation of both the glands leads to decreased tears and saliva production in the body.
The muscles and joints swell up and become stiff which makes it difficult and painful to move the body.
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