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I have been sick with an upset stomach for a couple of days now so I thought I would go ahead and share some of the natural things I do to help.
If the peppermint tea alone doesn't do the trick, I will sometimes double up on the peppermint by placing some oil on the source of the pain (the stomach). Also, charcoal can absorb medications making them less effective so talk to your doctor about a safe time period between taking your medication and taking charcoal.
Most often when the upset stomach is caused due to an offending food item the body heals itself by eliminating the spoilt food item through vomiting or loose motions. Here are some home remedies that will soothe the stomach and reduce the number of trips to the washroom ! Our grandmother’s would often tell us that a banana binds the stomach and eases an upset stomach. Contrary to the belief that apples help in clearing the stomach and therefore, should not be consumed when the stomach acts queasy, apples help in reducing the symptoms of diarrhoea. Most people believe that dairy is something they should restrict or abstain from during a gastro-intestinal episode but yoghurt containing active culture or probiotic or simply put our humble curd or dahi that is set in most of our homes is a storehouse of good bacteria or gut friendly bacteria.It aids digestion and soothes the stomach and intestinal lining. Most importantly, it replenishes the healthy or good bacteria in the gut or intestine that is essential to maintaining good health and immunity. It is advisable to have a b-complex supplement along with an antibiotic but it is better to take it in the natural form and what better than consuming a healthful serving of youghurt !
The enzymes papain and chymopapain present in papaya help break down proteins and soothe the stomach by providing a healthy acidic environment.

It is important to keep yourself hydrated as diarrhoea and vomiting can set in dehydration. These are the things that I have tried and that have worked for my family and I for many years. Peppermint aids in digestion by improving the flow of bile and is also very soothing because of the warmth and nice smell. I will typically wet a washcloth with warm water, pour a couple of drops on it, place it on my stomach and lay down.
Please contact your doctor before trying these things to make sure it is ok, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have any underlying conditions, or are taking any medications.
The pectin in apples acts as a binding agent and helps firm the stool. They can be had as such, eaten raw or cooked or stewed after removing the skin. Yoghurt is a rich source of B – comlex vitamins because of the active cultures present in it. To prevent this, squeeze the juice of half a lemon in warm water, add a teaspoon of honey and drink. Thus, eating toast during an upset stomach will not cause more motions but soothe the stomach. If I can't lay down I will wear a tight tank top and place it under that while I walk around the house. At times it may even be accompanied by nausea, acidity or vomiting. The discomfort caused due to an occasional stomach upset is temporary and nothing serious.

These home remedies will help you cope with the illness and make you feel better in a very short time.
That’s why it also helps in stomach upset caused while taking some kind of medicines especially antibiotics.
This works like an oral rehydration solution and helps balance electrolytes which is very important and necessary.
Ghee or butter is emulsified fat and soothes the irritated mucosal lining of the stomach and intestine.
Bitters are said to aid digestion because as soon as it hits your lips, your stomach secretes juices that aid in digestion. This not only binds the stomach, stops loose motions but settles the tummy and gives energy and makes you feel full. It really doesn't taste like much of anything and it has a little but of a gritty texture (like when you used to eat dirt as a child). If you are really squeamish of it in powder form, the pills are better than nothing, but the powder is the way to go if you can! It is a common practice in Europe to consume bitters with meals to aid in digestion - especially fatty foods.

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