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Ear mites are parasites that feed off an animal’s blood supply, and are easily passed between those living in close quarters. Although known to infest dogs, ear mites are more common to cats and other types of pets, such as ferrets and rabbits.
Corn oil not only does this same thing, but its properties are soothing to damaged skin, in addition to aiding the healing process.
To follow the corn oil protocol, put a fair amount on several cotton balls, and apply in and around the ears, every day for 3 days total. Mix yellow dock root extract and water – Using this combination has proven effective in vanquishing ear mites.
Shampoo – Shampoo your furry companion, and then make the final rinse an infusion of yellow dock tea and water.

Ear Mite Pack is used when you want to take the more aggressive approach when treating your pet’s skin ravaged by Ear Mites.
Since ear mites can crawl around on the skin outside of the ears, you should treat the skin of other pets also.
Ear mites left untreated, the pests continue to multiply, and feed off the blood and tissue. But luckily, there are some home remedies you can use to get rid of the ear mites, that have proven to be quite effective: What are some some ear mite home treatment? But if he can tolerate it, dilute the vinegar with water and apply – as the acidity works wonders in removing debris and dirt. One of the many home remedy ear mites treatments should work for your furry friend – if the directions are carefully followed.

Not only does this cause pain and make the ears bleed, but in the long run, permanent damage, such as hearing loss, can occur from bacterial infections.
Gently, use cotton swabs to clean around the opening, and inside the ear canals which have ear mites. This is to be done every other day for six days – letting the ears rest for three days after that. Because home remedies for ear mites must often be repeated for a while in order to kill mite eggs, repeat this procedure every other day for six or seven weeks to make sure the eggs of the ear mites have stopped hatching.

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