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Aloevera, Neem & Turmeric extract enriched anti-septic kit that ensures that it detoxifising the infected areas and pulling out the infection from them.
It is a Cream which can cure your pimples very effectively as it has an excellent astringent, cooling & healing properties essential for acne treatment.
Rejuvenating and Skin Tightening Pack for Face and Body :- A rejuvenating pack containing minerals salts of Magnesium, Calcium and Iodine.
Spot Application for pimples only :- A very useful combination of Wintergreen Oil, Neem Oil and extracts of Berberry and Euphorbia to control acne and skin problems. Most people sell henna with chemicals to give instant black color these chemical are not good for skin or hair. Indications Pure henna leaves with a number of precious herbal ingredients make it a unique formulation for hair care. Method of Use Mix approximately 2 cups SHAHAIR with 2 raw eggs, 4 teaspoons each of lemon juice and coffee and half cup yoghurt, into a paste of toothpaste consistency. Infused with nourishing creamy Yoghurt energizers, it gently cleanses and wraps around hair strands, so hair is less flutly and more manageable.
After wash - apply small amount to damp hair for all day protection, shine and to facilitate styling. Ingredients: Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Carbomer, Dimethiconol (and) TEA - Dodecylbenzenesulphonate, Cocamide MEA, Ethylene Glycol Distearate, Trimethylsily Amodimethicone (and) Laureth - 7 (and) Laureth - 5, Perfume, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Chloride, Methyl Paraben, Propylene Glycol, Quaternized Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC) Polymers, Acrylamide Copolymer, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hydroxide, Propyl Paraben, Tetradibutyl, Pentaerithrityl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Honey Extract, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Extract, Lawsonia Inermis Extract, Sodium Benzotriazolyl Butylphenol Sulfonate, (and) Buteth - 3 (and) Tributyl Citrate, Yoghurt Extract, FD and C Yellow No. This Indian herb has been used for hair care and cleansing since very ancient age many Ayurveda & herbal expert have recommended this product for healthy hair. The paste makes hair glossy and silky, enhances waves and curl, and leaves a clean, healthy scalp. No matter how long you leave it on, the colour is always perfect, and it conditions beautifully. This Heena is ground manually at the Stone Mill & filtered though export quality Chiffon Cloth to enable it in retaining it's original dye power which would be definitely lost it it were to be processed by machinery. It stimulates the scalp, strengthens the hair, roots and prevents thinning of hair, leaving it with full spectrum of natural oil.
SHIKAKAI also known as Acacia Concinna has been used for hair care in India for centuries While this paste does not produce the normal amount of lather that a regular shampoo would, it is a good cleanser. REETHA also known as soap nuts Hair washed with soapnut feels thicker and healthier and brushing it can make the hair really shine.
Godrej Kali Mehendi is enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients like Amla, Mehendi, Shikakai & Bhringaraj.
It is convenient to use, spreads to the roots of your hair and makes it soft and natural looking. Bhringraj oil when massaged on to the scalp gives a calming effect and promotes a good sleep. Ayurveda studies have shown that Bhringraj helps to conceive and is a ray of hope for many couples who have tried unsuccessfully to conceive with medicine but have been unsuccessful. Bhringraj is used in Ayurvedic treatment for the prevention of repeated miscarriage and abortion. The juice of the leaves of Bhringraj is given for children for the treatment of respiratory tract infections and worms. Hesh Herbal Ancient Formula Almond Herbal Hair Oil is a blend of Coconut, Almond and other Oils mixed together with natural herbs. The effective coating it provides protects the hair from sun, preventing graying of hair, giving you strong and lustrous, problem free hair. Common bugs are mange, scabies, and fleas that attach themselves to the pet hair, and are often quite difficult to remove. Pets that go outdoors often are more likely to pick up pests, but indoor pets can get them as well.
If your dog or cat is constantly scratching their red, irritated skin or shaking their head in a funny way, there is a high possibility that they have pests. One of the problems with most treatments for pests is that they use drugs and harsh chemicals to get rid of the fleas. The first is that your dog may be ingesting or absorbing these chemicals into their body poisoning them.
Better and better alternative treatments are being developed without the risks of chemicals each day.
Defendex uses homeopathic, natural ingredients to treat both the cause and the symptoms of pest infestation without adding more poisons into the mix. Return to top of pageCopyright 2011 Orlando Pet Services • Orlando Pet Services has everything your looking for about pet products, pet services and more in the Orlando area. If the above diagnoses are inconclusive or if a treatment regimen has already been started, a biopsy of the affected skin (i.e.

Spray tub and bathroom floor with disinfectant after each use to help prevent reinfection and infection of other household members.
Wash feet, particularly between the toes, with soap and dry thoroughly after bathing or showering. If you have experienced an infection previously, you may want to treat your feet and shoes with over-the-counter drugs.
Dry feet well after showering, paying particular attention to the web space between the toes. Try to limit the amount that your feet sweat by wearing open-toed shoes or well-ventilated shoes, such as lightweight mesh running shoes. After any physical activity shower with a soap that has both an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent in it. This is a website where you will find a wide selection of natural home remedies to make your life much healthier.
After doing my scalp massage for a while now, I’ve noticed the difference in my locs. To prevent breakage and to lock in moisture in my dreads, I typically tie my hair at nights before going to bed. When your dreadlocks are short, you may find it hard to style your hair, but as it starts to grow longer, it becomes much easier to do a variety of hairstyles to suit any occasion. Many people think locs are not suitable to wear in the workplace or to an interview, for example, but that is definitely not so. As you may already know, over-styling your hair can lead to bald edges or other damage to your locs, so you should choose your hairdos wisely. Keeping your dreads healthy and strong can help to eliminate damage to the delicate strands of locs. People who are thinking about getting locs most times worry about how they will fit in with their co-workers. I’ve had my days when my hair was so frizzy and dull, and I just felt like it was never going to look right, but now I love my hair so much. I’ve even noticed that I am getting more compliments on my dreads, even from the those who used to look down on dreadlocks as unkempt or dirty. One of the common  problems that people encounter with their locs as it grows, is that it may tend to get thinner. Keeping it Clean: Washing your dreads regularly is necessary in order for growth and thickness. Drying Your Dreads Properly: Always make sure that you dry your hair thoroughly before covering it with a head wrap or a scarf. Moisturize Your Scalp: For softer locs, moisturize your scalp with your favorite moisturizer or hair-nourishing oils to grow thicker and stronger dreads. Covering Your Locs at Nights: It is recommended that you sleep with your locs covered to protect them from lint, hair-loss and to retain moisture. There will be times when you feel like giving up and just cutting them off, but don’t give in to that temptation. DisclaimerThese home remedies are not to be used as a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment.
At times, either during pregnancy or when standing or sitting for a long time, it is normally for the legs to swell.
In the case of occasional swelling, you can benefit a lot from the use of herbal and natural remedies that will get rid of excess fluids and will successfully reduce the swelling. There are two parsley types, curly parsley and Italian parsley (which has flat leaves). Parsley is often used as a garnish in numerous dishes, but we usually leave it aside and do not consume it. However, this is apparently a big mistake, as studies suggest that its consumption can prevent numerous ailments and diseases, such as asthma, allergies, menstrual pain, issues with the urinary tract, digestive disorders, and may  be extremely beneficial as it may help to treat bronchitis, improves the breath, reduces blood pressure and promotes bone health. As we previously mentioned, this amazing herb had been recommended by Hippocrates as a general tonic in the case of rheumatism, kidney stones or even as an antidote for poison.
A study conducted in Brazilian in 2009 titled “Diuretic and hipotensive activity of aqueous extract of parsley seeds” also confirmed that this fantastic herb increases the urinary flow and reduces the blood pressure at the same time.
Apart from the consumption of this tea, you should also try other methods to reduce the swelling.
Developed by the scientists of Dabur Research Foundation, this face pack is enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin making it fairer.
Marks which are associated with the outer layer of skin are post delivery stretch marks, stitch marks, scar marks, burn marks, hyper pigmentation, under eye dark circles and obesity stretch marks. 1 Fairness Cream, now redefines the route to fairness with an advanced multivitamin Fairness Nourishment formula. The juices of Pineapple, Tomato, Lemon and Papaya Fruit leave the skin clear, youthful and fresh. However for people trying to use it for the 1st time please let me tell you that for any pure henna, Please do not expect to see dark color as soon as you apply.

Infact most Ayurveda herbal hair oil uses Amla as main ingredient for hair loss and to promote hair growth. Bhringraj can also be used along with other herbs such as Amla, Shikakai, and Neem or it can be used along with Coconut, Amla or Shikakai oil and for hair care and conditioning.
When applied, this oil penetrates deep into the scalp, nourishing each strand of hair from root to tip, promoting hair growth.
Check out the Orlando pet events page, pet rescue groups, pet sitting and dog walking services, pet groomers, Central Florida veterinarians, doggy day care and pet boarding places. In addition to the oils that I choose, I like to also drop a few drops of peppermint oil in it to eliminate odor from my hair. They seem to be more thicker, longer, and richer looking, compared to when I wasn’t doing it on a regular basis.
This is also great for preventing pieces of lint or other debris from getting trapped in your locs. Natural hair needs as much care as other types of chemical enhanced hair, otherwise you may find that your locs will start to get thinner as time goes by.
I will tell you that at first when you have starter locs, depending on your hair type, it may be more difficult to keep your hair looking neat and professional, but as your locs starts to mature, it becomes less frizzy and more easy to do a variety of hairdos. And the great thing about it is that I feel really proud to say that my hair is all natural, and still looks beautiful. Looking back on my journey growing my dreadlocks, it’s a bittersweet moment, as I remember the different stages I have been through.
When you’re moisturizing your scalp, take the time to massage the oils into the scalp. In the end when they see your long beautiful locs, they may come to you for ideas on how to grow  or care for their hair. Yet, if you experience chronic ankle or leg swelling, that is, peripheral edema, it may indicate a more serious issue like liver disease, heart failure, and kidney disease. One of these extremely effective natural remedies is parsley, which has been used By Hippocrates himself.
On the other hand, many chemically produced diuretics reduce the levels of potassium, so the use of parsley will avoid these harmful side- effects. Moreover, in the preparation of the parsley tea, if possible, make sure you use the “fresh light-green leaves,” together with the seeds and roots. Namely, you should regularly do some leg exercises in order to stimulate the fluids from the legs to go to your heart.
Eraser is an effective Ayurveda cream providing vitamin E in its natural form as wheat germ oil to restore smoothness of skin, aids to cell renewal process which plays an important role as moisturizer.
Spraying it at night a few minutes before tying it with a scarf, helps to keep my hairstyle in place and looking great the next morning.
I use my favorite oil—which a lot of you who already read my previous blog posts may already know—to massage my scalp. I was recently looking at some photos starting from my baby locs stage to now, 2016, and I can see a  huge difference in the length and thickness. Taking care of your hair and using the right hair products, can help your locs grow thicker and stronger. Your hair will pass through the baby locs stage, the budding stage, the frizzy stage, then transform into smooth long beautiful flowing dreadlocks.
Therefore, if your swelling is not reduced after a while, you should consult your physician. Christopher, America’s most prominent herbalist, and renowned author, suggests that you should consume two quarts (64 oz.) of strong parsley tea on a daily basis in order to obtain best results in the treatment of edema.
Well, except for those days when I just feel like going for the messy look, which is not always a bad thing.
As you may already know, oil and water won’t stay mixed unless you shake the bottle as you are about to spray it in your hair.
Also, make sure that you wash your locs thoroughly with a shampoo such as the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo and rinse well. If you have long dreads, try wearing spandex dreadlock skull cap at nights before sleeping.
The longer you take to wash it the darker the color will come leave for 6 - 8 hours before washing. Some oils are thick and sticky, so you may want to mix them together to give them a smoother texture.

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