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Oregano oil contains thymol, a powerful antimicrobial compound, which treats fungal infections of the toenail by killing the yeast cells. Berberine, an active constituent in goldenseal, suppresses Candida overgrowth. Toenail fungal infection can be treated by applying goldenseal root extract to the affected toenail. Also known as onychomycosis, nail fungus is an infection that can affect more than one nails at once.
To treat nail fungus with home remedies or over-the-counter medicine is possible but before that one must understand the causes and the types of nail fungus that he or she suffers from. Types of Nail Fungus Nail fungus attacks nail plates and beds and with time it can lead to nail discoloration and also nail hardening. Distal Subungual Onychomycosis or DSO Considered one of the most common types of nail fungal infection, the condition refers to fungus invasion into the nail bed and also on the underside of the nail plate. Candida Onychomycosis This is a yeast infection which mainly affects nails that is exposed to water for a long period of time. White Superficial Onychomycosis or WSO One of the lesser-known nail fungal infection, WSO affects the nail plate and leads to white discoloration of the nails. Causes of Nail Fungus Though it can go undetected, nail fungus can affect immune system of the patient if left untreated. Poor Circulation If one is suffering from restrictive blood flow and weak immune system then one is susceptible to nail fungus. Skin Moisture If you work around water then you are susceptible to getting nail infections.
Home Treatments for Nail Fungus Though there are innumerable over-the-counter medicines and skin lotions that can help fight off nail fungus, home remedies for nail fungus is a wise choice. Known to kill the fungus that is causing the nail infection, bleach can be used after the nails are washed with warm water. To treat nail fungus one can make a nail soak using water, lavender oil, and apple cider vinegar. Most houses have menthol rubs in our house cabinets and you can use it to treat nail fungus effectively. Dilute oregano oil by mixing it with olive oil and use it to directly apply onto the infected nail. Known to be one of the most effective forms of treating nail fungus, iodine is most effective when it is directly applied onto the nails. Effective treatment of nail fungus is possible if the patient washes and scrubs the nails as regularly as possible. Essential oil of peppermint or chamomile essential oil may also be effective when rubbed into the nail bed. Natural Toenail Fungus Remedies A thickened or discolored toenail may indicate the presence of a fungal infection in the nail bed. Some cases of toenail fungus may disappear with natural remedies but if the condition persists see your doctor to rule out an underlying disorder.
Try steeping the husks in boiling water until the water cools to lukewarm before soaking your feet for 15 minutes or longer.
Natural Toenail Fungus Remedies A Very Fast Fungus Under Toenail Natural Cures Reviews In Woodland Washington Count thickened or discolored toenail may indicate the presence of a fungal infection in the nail bed. Be patient; you will not see improvement until the old part of the toenail grows out which may take several months.
Ointments and solutions that inhibit fungal growth may be beneficial in treating toenail fungus.
Natural Toenail Fungus Remedies A thickened or discolored toenail may indicate the presence of a fungal infection Very Fast Fungus Under Toenail Natural Cures Reviews In Woodland Washington Count in the nail bed. Use an emery board or a metal fingernail file to sand away the thickened portions of the toenail allowing the topical solutions to absorb into the nail bed more effectively. Whether it is apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, this is one of the cheapest treatments available to get rid of infections from fingernails and toenails.
The sour taste of vinegar is due to ethanol oxidation in fermented cider, wine, beer, fruit juice and other type of liquids that contain alcohol.
Lemongrass oil is an effective remedy to fight against the toenail infection, as it has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It is recommended to use the oil in combination with other carrier oils to efficiently kill the fungus. Turmeric oil and water is diluted in the ration of 1:3 and applied to the infected toenail with cotton. The anti-fungal property of neem oil helps in treating the nail fungus and improves the look of fragile toenails due to its nourishing and moisturizing properties.The oil can be massaged into the nail and also the surrounding area.
The coconut oil helps in fixing damaged skin and also fights against the attack of free radicals. Even though it is very easy to contract this condition, getting rid of it is not a very easy task.
Research studies have shown that Vicks Vaporub is an effective remedy for getting rid of toe fungus. Listerine is known to be an antiseptic mouthwash that is helpful in treating toe fungus in many individuals.

Researchers from the University of Iowa state that when combined, garlic oil and vinegar may prove effective in treating fungal infections as this mixture possesses strong anti-fungal properties.
The University of Michigan states that tea tree oil is known to exhibit antifungal and antibacterial properties. Adding oregano to your food might be a good idea when it comes to treating fungal infections such as toe fungus. Olive oil is considered an effective remedy for dealing with fungal infections such as toe fungus. Olive oil is known to possess a compound named oleuropein, which exhibits anti-fungal properties. You can use a natural anti-fungal agent as an alternative to conventional anti-fungal pharmacological medications. Applying one to two drops of oregano oil to the affected nail twice a day helps to clear the infection speedily. Olive lead extract solutions containing 10 to 20 percent oleuropein are used for treating fungal infections of the toenail. In most cases, nail fungus are a type of skin infection that occurs when yeast or mold invades the skin around or under the nails. To prevent it from occurring, one must understand the most popular causes of nail fungal infection. Also, health disorders such as diabetes and poor blood circulation can lead to infections such as the nail fungus. So, if your nails are exposed to water for long periods of time then it is best to wipe off the moisture regularly and try and keep the skin around the nails as dry as possible. So, the best thing is to clean the equipments thoroughly and make sure you do not share it with someone who has nail fungus. Home treatments involve easy ingredients from the cabinets of your kitchen and also very effective if treating nail fungus and its symptoms. For best results, soak the infected nails for at least 20 minutes daily and it can treat the infection. You can use Vicks or other mentholated rubs that can be used to kill the fungus causing the infection. The key is to apply a thin layer of iodine onto the nail and leave it on for a short timeframe. Scrubbing disallows the development of fungus or other infection in and around the nails; hence, soak and scrub the nails on a regular basis and you can fight off nail fungal infection. Very Fast Fungus Under Toenail Natural Cures Reviews In Woodland Washington Count be patient; you will not see improvement until the old part of the toenail grows out which may take several months.
Your risk of contracting a toenail fungus is higher if you go barefoot in public showering areas or if you share shoes with someone who has an active fungus. A warm water and vinegar soak three times per week may reduce the bacterial growth that accompanies a toenail fungal infection advises the Mayo Clinic. Apply a drop of tea tree oil available from health food stores directly to the affected toenail and massage into the nail and the surrounding skin twice a day.
It can occur, when a fungus or bacteria gets into the nail bed through the cuticle or nail, which results in discoloration, pain and sometimes embarrassment. Although, there have not been any clinical trials, anecdotal evidence shows that many of these remedies do work.
The vinegar cure consists of foot baths in 50 percent vinegar and 50 percent water solution every day.
A large variety of vinegar is available in the market such as balsamic, honey, wine, apple cider, fruit, cane, beer, and raisin vinegars to name a few. Although, the strong smell of Vicks Vapor Rub can be overwhelming, this home remedy works quite well. Make sure to clean your hands thoroughly before applying the oil, as other products in your hand may interfere with these oils. The oil works effectively in reducing pain and also killing the toenail fungus. Once you get rid of the fungus, the nail will be completely healthy and thereafter it is essential to take necessary precautions, so that the fungal infection does not reoccur.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It is not a serious medical condition, but is known to cause embarrassment in those who suffer from it. According to an article published in Medscape General Medicine in May 2006, vinegar may prove effective in treating toe fungus by removing the infected skin from the body. When used in the treatment of candida albicans, this home remedy helped in destroying the fungal infection within ten hours. In such cases, you crush few flakes of garlic and mix the juice with a teaspoon of olive oil. Manuka honey is derived from the plant named Leptospermum scoparium, which is native to New Zealand and has been used in the treatment of several health conditions including colds, coughs as well as skin infections.Manuka honey possesses antifungal and antibacterial properties that help in the treatment of toe fungus. This oil is also effective in treating burns, acne and foot fungus, when applied topically to the affected areas. Yogurt is known to possess probiotics, which are friendly bacteria that help in removing harmful bacteria from the body.
You can apply olive oil topically to the affected area and add it to your food to treat toe fungus.

The antifungal property of tea tree oil is attributed to terpinen-4-ol and other terpenoids present in tea tree oil.
Regular application of clove essential oil to the infected toenails helps to clear the fungal infection within a short time. In addition to topical use, olive leaf extract supplements can be ingested to boost the ability of the immune system to identify and kill the fungi in the toenails. While checking into menthol rubs for your nail fungus, opt for rubs that have three ingredients – eucalyptus, camphor, and menthol. To avoid staining clothes, one can also bandage the nails and leave it on before washing off the iodine. You may also get a toenail infection if you wear tight shoes that restrict circulation or if your shoes trap moisture in keeping your feet damp. Combine two parts water with one part white vinegar in a large shallow pan or a foot bath and soak your feet for 20 minutes.
Apply a drop of tea tree oil available from health food stores directly to the affected toenail and massage into the nail and the surrounding skin twice a day.
Although these are for culinary purpose, they can be effectively used to cure the toe nail fungus as well.
You can rub Vicks over the nail that is infected and allow it to air dry or you can also use a band-aid. You can also drink lemongrass tea (1 cup) 3 times in a day and the tea bags can be used on the affected region. In addition, the extract of turmeric (300 milligrams) can be taken orally 3 times every day. These saturated fats are medium-chain triglycerides and contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.
It is important to note that toe fungus is a contagious condition; therefore, it is important to ensure proper hygiene to prevent the occurrence of any infection. Although Vicks Vaporub is not as effective as oral medications, it does not cause undesirable side effects. This website also reported that several individuals found that a mixture of vinegar and Listerine in equal amounts proved effective in treating toe fungus. To treat toe fungus with home remedies, soak your feet in a basin containing one part of vinegar to the same amount of water.Make sure that the water is warm and keep your feet soaked in it for about 15-20 minutes. Red wine vinegar and white vinegar were both used along with garlic oil for treating candida albicans. Following that, prepare the mixture using equal amounts of garlic oil as well as white vinegar and apply it to the surface of the skin.
Anderson, author of Clinician’s Guide to Holistic Medicine states that oregano is known to possess an aromatic phenol compound named carvacrol, which is helpful in boosting the amount of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, thereby decreasing the level of harmful bacteria and preventing fungal infections.
Studies suggest that tea tree oil is as effective as common antifungal pharmacological creams in treating toenail fungal infection. In addition to filing the end of the toenail file down the ridges on the top surface of the nail. Some cases of toenail fungus may disappear Very Fast Fungus Under Toenail Natural Cures Reviews In Woodland Washington Count with natural remedies but if the condition persists see your doctor to rule out an underlying disorder. It is important to treat the nail fungus quickly, as the infection could become quite deep.There are a number of prescription drugs available to cure the problem, but many of these medications can cause side effects like liver damage, which can be quite severe. The acidic nature of vinegar aids in relieving the itching and restores back the pH balance, which is essential to fight against the micro-organisms or fungi that are accountable for this condition. Repeat this process daily or as frequently as you can until the infected toe is completely healed. Also, you can dust some baking soda in your shoes, which will make the feet less hospitable to the fungus growth. You can apply Vicks Vaporub to the affected area several times a day to treat this condition.
However, white vinegar proved more effective in destroying the fungi responsible for this condition. Do not wash off the mixture immediately, but leave it there for at least three to four hours. However, if you are allergic to bees or bee stings, you should exercise caution while using this product.
Brown states that probiotics present in yogurt help in restoring the correct balance of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, thereby removing harmful bacteria from the body and preventing the occurrence of fungal infections.There are several foods that contain good amounts of probiotics and they include fermented cabbage, fortified milk, brined olives, buttermilk, sauerkraut, kefir, tofu and soy products. Hence, people affected by this condition look for alternative remedies to heal toenail fungus. However, if you have sensitive skin, you should avoid using this herb as it can cause skin rash.
Apply a small amount of tea tree oil to the infected toenail to avoid side effects such as irritation, itching and blistering following application of undiluted tea tree oil.

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