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Black Skin Disease or Alopecia X in dogs can be managed with good results by following the Dermagic instructions below.
Additionally, the Skin Rescue Lotion kills yeast in the feet (symptoms: licking and rust-coloured hair between toes), and in the ears (a small amount applied with fingertip and massaged downward into the ear canal daily for a few days). Black salve info, skin cancer treatment, alternative, Black salve info informational site, shares information skin cancer treatment alternative cancer treatment.
Spots skin: pictures, treatment, Photos, descriptions and treatment suggestions for the causes of spots on skin. My English Bulldog has small black bumps on his back with hair loss in these areas.I would like to know what it could be. My 8 year old Dog, an Australian Silky Terrier has lost her undercoat fur and has small black spots or dots over her skin. I am treating my dog whom I finally got back after "friends were watching him" for 6 months while I was in FLA dealing with family issues, they thought it was an allergic reaction I did some reserch and found out it was mange.I am treating it with Happy Jack mange medicine, but he has these black spots on his skin, I was wondering if after the mange is gone and his hair grows back if those black spots are gone, just started treatment today, got him back last week. The Dog Health Handbook is not intended to replace the advice of a Veterinarian, Groomer or Pet Health Professional.
The whole process can show improvement in around three weeks, with hair regrowth and new skin in three to four  months. We recommend using a bar of our organic Skin Rescue Shampoo Bar, which has sulphur florets and neem oil, and is very effective at exfoliating, deep cleansing, and rinses very cleanly.
It’s not healthful for dogs to be bathed too often, and especially not during a bout with BSD. There is nothing in the lotion that can harm an animal if ingested, but it only works if it stays on the dog and not on the carpet!

It should be used approximately like hand lotion would be used… not too much, just enough to do the job and to absorb fully into the skin. Editor Suggestion Dog Mange Black SpotsHi Ray,Ia€™m afraid I cana€™t provide too accurate of an idea of what is going on with your dog from your photo, but here are a few general comments.When a doga€™s skin has been irritated for a long time, no matter what the cause, one of the ways that it can respond is with hyperpigmentation -- a darkening of the affected areas. We must stress the importance of applying the cream without missing any days, but with care and diligence you will see great results….
A while ago she had an episode of a black like dandruff all over her body which took a while to go away, then this was followed by white scaly dog skin.Can you help with any ideas regarding what this could be? Also, for overall skin health and regrowth of hair, we prefer the use of a natural product such as Skin and Coat Tonic.Since this condition appears to be related to some type of infectious or contagious cause, for now, you should also clean the kennel, bedding, and environment around the dog to eradicate any pathogenic factors (whether parasites or other microbes). Therefore, the development of dog skin bumps, alopecia (hair loss) and itching are relatively non specific symptoms, i.e. To be safe, wash all clothing and bedding with a quality detergent in hot water, and spray a quality disinfectant made to kill mites in the areas the dog lives with a product such as Benzarid.By taking these steps, microbial or infectious factors will surely be eradicated and your pet should start to recover in a week or so. But, in case the condition gets worse with time or if you feel there there are some unusual symptoms, its best to consult a veterinarian for a detailed examination and specific treatment, because it can be some serious problem (some underlying systemic disease or tumorous development) that requires immediate attention.Best of luck to you and your dog.
His coat was very greasy, but I washed him in medicated shampoo and his coat is alot better. Also, in the picture, it seems that the dog skin bumps are hard and crusty, representing a possible parasitic infestation.Along with aforementioned symptoms, you should watch out for other signs such as pus, changes and an increase in symptoms on the back that are towards the hind quarter and symptoms of generalized illness getting worse over time. First we suggest that you use a quality medicated shampoo, preferably one which contains a combination of natural extracts such as Nutrivet Medicated Shampoo. It is possible that your dog is suffering from an endocrinal or hormonal disorder and that the skin lesions such as pus filled lesions occurred as a result of secondary problems, i.e.

The chances of allergies being the problem cannot be completely eliminated, but it seems that your dog is not suffering from any allergy at all.
The development of the condition suggests that it might have been an allergy and itchiness in the early stages of the condition, but dog skin darkening and reduced itchiness over time suggests that it is caused by a hormonal disorder (which is more common in older dogs, like yours) and secondary problems.
The course of antibiotics though seems ineffective, but it should be remembered that antibiotics have helped your dog combat any secondary infections. These remedies do not require a prescription, and will help to improve the symptoms you described (dog hair loss, greasy skin, darkening of skin etc). Otherwise, the condition may reappear as mites in the environment and larvae can re infest your dog. You should spray a quality disinfectant in your home and environment that is made for this purpose such as Benzarid.
Also, wash all of your dog's belongings with a quality detergent and hot water.Though less important, any mites that infest your dog can cause mild itchiness and redness over human skin. We suggest you use gloves while handling your dog.Please keep us up to date on the dog mange treatment and dog black spots on skin problem.

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