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Eyelid Eczema Swelling Pictures - Causes and Natural TreatmentNov 11, 2010Get information about eyelid eczema; its causes and natural treatment. Also known as the eyelid eczema, this medical condition afters predominantly the female population, as the tend to use a lot of cosmetics and health care products containing all sort of chemicals and harmful agents. Eyelid rashes are most commonly treated with topical corticosteroids, as these can help with all the symptoms, decreasing the inflammation and reducing the need to scratch. Apart from the medical treatment, there are several things you can do in order to guarantee a faster recovery.
In order to make sure that the affected area recovers, you need to wash your eyelids and the surrounding area with plain water. This inflammatory response usually appears after the skin has come into contact with an irritating substance (also known as a triggering factor). The skin on the eyelids is incredibly thin and this is one of the main reasons why it is also prone to different problems, including these nasty rashes. Calcineurin inhibitors are also recommended, especially if the rash has been caused by the presence of an autoimmune disorder. You can then use a cleanser that is made out of natural ingredients or is recommended for people who have a sensitive skin.
These are drugs indicated to suppress the response of the immune system and they can be very effective when it comes to eyelid rashes.

You have to use all your willpower and avoid scratching or rubbing incessantly, as these two bad habits can lead to secondary infections that will require more aggressive treatments. When going outside, it might be a good idea to wear wrap around goggles, as these will protect your eyelids from wind, dust particles and other debris. However, there are cases in which seasonal allergies lead to rashes on eyelids or different numerous autoimmune diseases that can cause such problems as well.
In more severe cases, where the inflammation is severe and there is a lot of itchiness, oral corticosteroids are recommended. However, these should not be taken for prolonged periods of time, as they can have negative side-effects. Also, it might be a good idea to refrain from using any kind of cosmetics while you are suffering from the rash. However, keep in mind that any new contact with the irritant or allergic substance can cause the eyelid rash to reappear. It has the same characteristics like other eczema, such as flaky, itchy skin, with red spots and rashes. Though it is not common, this type of eczema is very painful and difficult to treat.Once you have this eyelid eczema, you would lack self confidence because of its visibility. Because of the small area that eczema affects, it is also difficult to identify its formation.

By the time you noticed it, you should not ignore it and take action immediately to prevent some serious problems. It would affect the delicate parts on your face.You can use natural eczema treatment to control and prevent its further formation. Though most doctors recommend light steroid creams because they have the ability to cure the disease effectively. Since the skin is very sensitive, it is prone to any irritation which could cause allergic reaction.
This solution is recommended by most doctors.Like any other eczema, using different natural oils and herbs play a significant role in the treatment of the condition. This is usually found in the form of oil so you could apply this easily to the affected area. Sudden change from too hot to too cold or vise versa could trigger eyelid eczema.Lastly, you should control your emotions and stay away from stress.

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