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Most of the elderly people can suffer from bedsores.These are very painful and may lead to worse affects like tears, rots, etc. Bedsores usually occur when the skin in a particular region is exposed to excessive pressure for a long time. Elderly people are incapable of changing their position most of the time and so you should help them regularly.
You should also be very careful while handling this situation and keep in mind, not to rub their skin while shifting. It is very essential to maintain a proper hygiene in order to protect the areas from microbial infestation.
You should use special equipments and supporting systems for providing additional relaxation to the skin.Some specially designed wheelchairs and beds are available for this purpose.

It is very essential to maintain proper skin care of the elderly people to avoid any kind of bedsore.
It is necessary to consult a doctor or a dietitian for making a chart of their daily nutrition. Therefore, you must try to prevent these sores if you reallcare for your near ones.You should also take care of them because they are unable to do this on their own. Therefore, you must alter the position of the person whether he or she is lying in a bed or sitting on an armchair, wheelchair, etc. Altering the position helps in better blood circulation and exposure to light and fresh air.
Therefore, you should keep their beds, clothes and other resting areas clean and disinfected.
You should avoid using synthetic or plastic material for the elderly people as they increase the amount of sweat formation.You should also dry the areas with gentle hands and apply powder on the skin.

The diet may include higher ratios of calories, vitamins, proteins, minerals and enough quantity of fluids like juices, soups, etc. Bedsores are generally caused due to excess pressure, sweat and friction on the external skin surface. You should also keep the sensitive areas covered with light bandages or else they may get damaged.

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