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Herbal douche provides deep cleanse and soothing care.  We recommend buying a long lasting hypoallergenic natural wide rubber applicator that can be washed and reused. With the feminine area it is very important to allow the natural healthy flora to be present and maintained at any time. The need for deep cleanse that the douche provides is very important and has often been neglected, because when young girls start their love life, often they do not majorly change their hygiene.
In order to stay healthy and to eliminate any pollution of any kind, it is vital to introduce truly satisfactory self-care. No Thrush ® attacks the bacteria that cause thrush and related fungal infections with a combination of naturally occurring mineral salts that do not burn or harm the tender areas of the hoof. Finally, a combination of healing, refined ingredients, including Oregano Powder and Diatomaceous Earth, soothe the inner hoof and promotes healthy hoof regeneration.
All Natural proprietary mix of multiple clays and silicates, salts of copper, iron, oregano powder, and diatomaceous earth.
Notice: All verbiage, content, photos, slogans, and all other data on this website is proprietary and copyrighted. The peri menopause not only brings physical changes to the body during this period of complex hormonal fluctuations, but also intense testing of mental and emotional challenges on this journey of critical hormonal adjustment.

Our most popular products for Pre Menopausal women is our uniquely created Total Health Mega multi nutrient , PMT Formula, and Fabulous Skin Tablets and our excellent valued Peri Meno Pack and Beat the Bloat pack. Ideal for wet conditions or stubborn thrush infections, either in conjuction with the Daily Frog Spray, or by itself. Created by a natural hoof care professional with a background in the life science and pharmaceutical industry, Thrush Ninja! HOOFHEALA® is a proprietary blend of feed-grade minerals and therapeutic quality essential oils. With the easy dust-on application, which finds all the dark places thrush thrives, results are obvious in just a few days.
Use of this content, slogans and data is prohibited without written permission from Four Oaks Farm Ventures, Inc. Your requirements for balance, harmony, and emotional wellbeing are paramount and supplementing your diet is crucial to see you through this time of change and onto a healthy future. Daily Frog Spray is a gentle formula that packs a powerful antimicrobial punch when used properly. Concentrated Powder contains the same super-effective active ingredients as the Daily Frog Spray.

It is currently used by thousands of farriers and trimmers, and by some of the most elite stables in the country. Whether you are looking for yourself, a friend or relative we are bound to have the right products to suit you. The natural, non-toxic mineral salts attack the bacteria, while the proprietary blend of clays absorb moisture and draw thrush to the surface, keeping the area dry and inhospitable to thrush. Concentrated Powder may be usedalone or in conjunction with the Daily Frog Spray for stubborn cases, or in wet conditions. Now that the cracks are closed, they can be dusted once per week to maintain a solid protective barrier.

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