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Toenail fungus is one of the toughest fungal infections to treat since the fungus lives under the nail, and is thus harder to reach. The FDA concluded that complications like congestive cardiac arrest and hepatic complications happen with these treatments.
There’s a topical solution that essentially penetrates and protects the nail so that it reaches the underlying reason for nail fungus. Natural Treatment And Toenail Fungus People may opt for natural toe nail fungus cure or herbal supplements or home remedies since current treatments takes longer time to effect and might be costly. Lysol And Mineral Oil For Nail Fungus If there is any consolation to having the infection, it is that there are nail fungus treatment products out there that contain natural ingredients. Natural Cures for Thick Toenails As always, consult a medical professional if you have thick toenails, because thick toenails can be caused by a type of foot fungus. Toenail Fungus Cure Toenail fungus infection is hard to treat because the fungus is protected by the nail itself. Nail fungal infections are typically caused by a fungus that belongs to a group of fungi called dermatophytes. All of these microscopic organisms live in warm, moist environments, including swimming pools and showers.
Infection with nail fungus occurs more in toenails than in fingernails because toenails are often confined in a dark, warm, moist environment inside your shoes — where fungi can thrive. Fungal infections of the nail pose the most serious health risk for people with diabetes and for those with weakened immune systems, such as people with leukemia, AIDS or those who’ve had an organ transplant. Prescription antifungal medicines taken by mouth may help clear the fungus in about 50% of patients.
Antimonium Curdum 200C: Used to treat painful sensibility of the skin under the nails, and slow growth of the nails themselves. Arsenicum Album 200C: Used to treat discolored nails, as well as skin conditions and warts. Mancinella 30C: From the milk of the Caribbean manchineel tree (Hippomane mancinella) mancinella is effective against bluish discoloration of fingernails and burning, tingling and dryness in soles of feet.
Nitricum Acidum 30C: Also used to treat chilblains, Nitricum relieves cramp-like pains, stinging or shooting pains, burning, pressure, and soreness. Thuja Occidentalis 200C (Arbor Vit?): Useful in reducing warts, hangnails, brittle, soft or crumbling nails, and chilblains on toes. Apply a small amount of ZetaClear Nail Gel to the center of the nail, spread gel around the nail with the applicator tip. Be sure to scrape out any softened keratin debris every other day from under the thickened part of your nail and gently sand the flat surface of your nail with an emery board once or twice a week. Since before recorded history, the aboriginals of Australia have used tea made from the leaves of the Melaleuca tree to help promote healthy skin. Wikipedia states “Tea tree oil has been recognized as a potent antiseptic in Australia anecdotally for much longer than there has been scientific evidence. The tea tree oil in Zetaclear Solution is diluted with carrier oils to prevent skin rash or irritation. Sweet almond oil is used topically to moisturize dry skin, soothe chapped lips, and relieve itching due to dryness.
Jojoba is a shrub native to southern Arizona, southern California, and northwestern Mexico. Because of its very high flash point, research is being done into the possibility of using jojoba oil as a source of fuel. Vitamin E oil is often used to reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes, but at this time, research is inconclusive.
One common use of lemongrass, also called citronella, is in candles to discourage mosquitoes. Cloves were grandmother’s old remedy for toothache, and in fact, cloves are a natural analgesic, and oil of cloves is used by some dentists today. Medications can be effective when they are used properly, but some can be addictive and dangerous when abused.

The specific type of birth defect depends on the systems in the fetus developing at the time of alcohol exposure. Compromised Immune System: Our immune system may get depressed due to chemotherapy (for cancer treatment) and AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).
Depressed immune system, use of antibiotics or corticosteroids and medical conditions like diabetes are predisposing factors for fungal infections. Also, since the feet are far more exposed to the warm, dark and damp environment caused by wearing socks and shoes, they are more at the mercy of the infection compared to fingernails.
It’s important that you seek pro help right away so you can proceed with the correct treatment.
Due to such high risks , it is smart to turn to safer and more natural strategies in curing toenail fungus.
Soaking the infected nails in a fifty-fifty solution of apple cider and hydrogen peroxide for forty five mins common-or-garden may help cure toenail fungus. In searching for a topical solution, ensure that you select one that is made from natural ingredients like oils found in plants. If you try any of these natural cures and you have a skin reaction, stop using them immediately. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. They can invade your skin through tiny invisible cuts or through a small separation between your nail and nail bed. Another reason may be the diminished blood circulation to the toes as compared with the fingers, which makes it harder for your body’s immune system to detect and eliminate the infection. They may also lead to other serious infections that can spread beyond your feet if you have a suppressed immune system due to medication, diabetes or other conditions. If you have diabetes, your blood circulation and the nerve supply to your feet can become impaired. ZetaClear Homeopathic Nail Fungus Treatment is a 2-step solution that combines a topical solution with a powerful homeopathic spray to help clear nail fungus fast.
Also effective in treating profuse sweating of hands and feet, rough skin on hands and white spots on nails.
Apply additional gel under the tip of the nail if possible, then immediately cover nail with a waterproof or regular bandaid.
Tea tree oil contains constituents called terpenoids, which help promote healthy nails.
Pregnant and nursing mothers should consult with their health professional before using. For centuries Native Americans used the oil from the precious jojoba seeds to promote skin health. This chart provides a brief look at some prescribed medications that—when used in ways or by people other than prescribed—have the potential for adverse medical consequences, including addiction.
Used to treat urinary tract and bladder infections; has an aphrodisiac effect by enhancing sexual functioning and sexual desire.
Enlarged breasts are common among teenage boys and men, and breast reduction surgery is increasingly popular among guys.
Organ systems are most vulnerable to damage by alcohol during the period of most dynamic development.
These medications can decrease the number of helpful bacteria normally living inside the body.
While treating fungal infections, you need to stop use of corticosteroids or antibiotics and control your diabetes. In reality, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration issued out a public health advisory during May 2001 per a couple of the most well liked prescription medicines for the treatment of nail fungus. Another home cure is by trying a bleach and water mix, where you soak the infected nails into the solution for roughly a minute for a couple of days.
One has to swab the tincture into the area affected to help prevent and fight off skin irritation.

They cause problems only if your nails are continually exposed to warmth and moisture — conditions perfect for the growth and spread of fungi.
You’re also at greater risk for cellulitis, a potentially serious bacterial skin infection.
Some of the oral medications used to treat fungal infections of the nail can harm the liver. Even small amounts taken internally can cause severe rash, abdominal pain, diarrhea, lethargy, drowsiness, inflammation of the corners of the mouth, slow or uneven walking, confusion or coma. It generally does not irritate skin and does not appear to cause sensitization that many lead to allergic reactions. If you decide to purchase any products through any of our links, because of our recommendation, be it expressed or implied, we may receive a commission. In fact, in the US it’s the fourth most popular cosmetic surgical procedure among males, with nearly 17,000 of them performed in 2009 alone. If you are ill, have been diagnosed with a medical condition, you have or think you might have a health problem, please visit your doctor for advice, diagnosis and treatment.
Treating the weakened immune system is important, in order to work the anti-fungal treatment effectively.
New broad-spectrum antifungals recommended for treating skin fungal infections are terbinafine, itraconazole and fluconazole. And, don’t depend on topical lotions and creams that do not get to the source of the nail fungus.
Therefore, any relatively minor injury to your feet — including a nail fungal infection — can lead to a more serious complication, requiring timely medical care. After bathing, dry nail well, reapply the gel and a new bandaid and continue this process, rather than the twice-daily applications and no bandaid. Although native to Southwest Asia, it can grow and ripen fruit as far north as the British Isles. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers. As they get favorable environment, they grow on human body and infect top layer of the skin as well as nails or hair. Use of Corticosteroids: Corticosteroids are used to reduce inflammation and a number of skin disorders.
Candida infection typically occurs in moist and warm areas of the body such as skin folds and diaper areas. Medications and therapy regimen are selected on the basis of types and extent of infection. Avoid sharing hairbrushes, combs and towels as they may contain skin fragments with fungal colonies. The bandaid will keep the gel moist on the nail around the clock permitting faster results. Different types of fungal skin infections are ringworm (Tinea corporis), athlete’s foot (Tinea pedis), nail ringworm (Tinea unguium), jock itch (Tinea cruris), beard ringworm (Tinea barbae), scalp ringworm (Tinea capitis) and Candida.
These drugs sometimes reduce our immune response and create favorable conditions for fungal growth. Counting only on home treatments is a waste of your time, making the fungus even harder to treat. Deep fungal infections may spread into blood or internal organs due to invasion through deep layers of skin. You may get an exposure to skin fungus in high moisture content areas such as locker rooms or showers. However, before you opt for any kind of treatment option, it is necessary to seek your doctor’s advice.

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