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I discuss the relationship between "Your Toxic Body and Cancer." During your treatment period we will be focusing our attention on detoxifying your body while also, reducing the amount of toxins that enter your body.
We discuss in my E-Book, natural treatments for prostate cancer, using alternatives to the chemical laden products discussed above. Alkaline Water and how to purchase your very own machine or tubes, see the special section here.
R. [6] Probiotics**** Natural Treatments for Prostate Cancer #6: Probiotics What are Probiotics?
The campaigns raised money for new treatment options and have led to an increase in the number of cases caught during early stages of the disease. Increased awareness has allowed more cases to be caught early, usually following a prostate-specific antigen testa€”better known as a PSA blood testa€”one which reveals levels of this specific protein that has been linked to the disease.
In most cases, the cancer is slow growing and never progresses enough to impact a patienta€™s quality of life. This has led to growing support of a treatment option called a€?watch and wait,a€? or monitoring of the prostate with no treatment, unless the cancer begins to progress.
Although definitive proof is lacking, there are behavior and dietary changes in this approach that have been shown, through both observational and clinical studies, to help mitigate the risk of developing an aggressive cancer and dying of the disease. Making dietary changes that include reducing or eliminating red meat and dairy and eating lots of vegetables. Taking supplements of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, AHCC and herbal anti-inflammatory agents. As the New York Post discussed in a 2011 article on the disease, less invasive testing, vitamin D and AHCC were some of the medical advancements for Columbia University for dealing with the slow-moving form of this cancer.
AHCC has been used worldwide as a potential treatment option for many chronic diseases such as cancer. For example, a cohort trial of liver cancer patients who had part of their liver removed found that among patients who received AHCC, only 34.5 percent suffered a recurrence of their cancer, while in the control group 66 percenta€”almost twice as manya€”suffered a recurrence. In another study, AHCC was found to help ease the side effects of chemotherapy for patients with late-stage head and neck cancers.
In the prostate category, a study on AHCC performed on 11 advanced cancer patients, three of whom had prostate cancer, found that the PSA levels of prostate cancer patients began dropping significantly after one to two months of treatment with AHCC and had fallen to normal levels by four months.

This study and AHCCa€™s ability to consistently demonstrate anti-inflammatory activity, immune-stimulating activity, anticancer activity and cancer-preventative actions led it to be studied specifically for its effect on early stage prostate cancer.
The results of one such study in 74 prostate cancer patients, published in the Japanese Journal of clinical Oncology, suggested that AHCC contributed to the stabilization of the disease status of early stage prostate cancer in patients who were being expectantly monitored. The results of this study and several others have led AHCC to be recommended to many men who have been diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer and who are otherwise undergoing a a€?watch and waita€? plan. Have you or someone you know been told that your best treatment option is to a€?watch and waita€?? Of all the items listed here under Natural Treatments for Prostate Cancer this one is the most important!
Exercising Daily will allow you to perspire and clean your lymphatic system; exercising will also reduce your stress level and lower your insulin level. Athletes who used raw honey were tested and found to have quicker recoveries after strenuous exercise. Raw Honey is excellent for your liver. The astounding facts about how these super foods actually remove heavy metals from your body: metals like mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic.a€? Why should I take Chlorella and Spirulina? Between that and Fathera€™s day, many organizations across the country hosted campaigns to raise awareness about prostate cancer. Even once ita€™s detected, existing tests cannot predict if a particular case will be aggressive or slow-growing.
In fact, according to health journalist and author of The Sensitive Gut Michael Lasalandra, most men will develop prostate cancer at some point in their lifetimes. Yet most of them will never be bothered by the disease and likely will never even know they have it.
Patients had better appetites, felt stronger, and reported less nausea and vomiting when they took AHCC. Honey is the ideal liver fuel because it contains a nearly 1:1 ratio of fructose to glucose. I believe these two super foods are the best supplements for prevention and helping build your immune system. The lymphatic system is your bodya€™s first line of defense against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Scientist attribute a diet high in coconuts is protecting these people from degenerative illnesses. How can these super foods help you? a€? Protect you from pesticides, PCBs, and other environmental toxins a€? Spirulina protects against arthritis, multiple sclerosis, asthma, and cardiovascular disease a€? One group of patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation actually quadrupled their two-year survival rates by taking a single dose of chlorella a€? Boosts brain function and literally increases mental capacity a€? Regulate blood sugar and reduce cravings for carbohydrates a€? Chlorella contains far more calcium and magnesium than milk a€? There is a photochemical found in chlorella that can actually rebuild nerve damage in the brain and nervous system. Exercising will help remove those built up toxins and keep your lymphatic system clean while boosting your immune system. What if I cannot physically exercise? Recently, reports from scientific community and doctors tell you that the sun causes skin cancer.
Raw Honey provides at least 10 different species of bacteria that are beneficial to your gut.
For instance, curcumin has been found to: a€? Inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells a€? Inhibit the transformation of cells from normal to tumor a€? Help your body destroy mutated cancer cells so they cannot spread throughout your body a€? Decrease inflammation a€? Enhance liver function a€? Inhibit the synthesis of a protein thought to be instrumental in tumor formation a€? Prevent the development of additional blood supply necessary for cancer cell growth If you have cancer you must take Turmeric. Thata€™s why chlorella is being used in the recovery of patients with Alzheimera€™s and Parkinsona€™s diseasea€? and many more to numerous to mention. While you will not get the benefits of stress reduction and detoxifying through your lungs, a sauna will nevertheless improve toxin removal through your lymphatic system. Those that take raw honey for the first time should watch out for the detoxifying effects that could produce allergic reactions. Do not take the garlic capsules in health food stores; they do not work! Malic Acid- Strong Anti-Fungal in your Raw Unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Clark says in her book The Cure for all Cancers that, "if you kill this parasite, the cancer stops immediately. All of the above "Natural Treatments for Prostate Cancer" will enhance your immune system, restore your good bacteria in your gut, aid in proper digestion and nutrient absorption, and kill the fungus (cancer). Clark further states in her book that to cure your Cancer you must purge the parasite and all its stages from your body.

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