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Dark spots can appear due to different reasons – sometimes scars remain even after acne and pimples heal up. There are lots of chemical products available in the market which removes black spots very quickly.
Using vitamin E cream is also good for the skin as it nourishes as well as fades away the spots. If you do not protect yourself from the sun, a sun tan can also cause acne, dark spots and wrinkles. For those who have been affected by sunburn or tanned after a vacation, a hiking trip or a sporting event, following is a list of natural skin remedies one can apply to clear the skin of a sunburn or tan for glowing and healthy skin. A tablespoon of sandalwood powder to a cup of raw milk works as an excellent cure for a sunburn or tan. If you are unsure how to remove tanning, use the proven and effective orange juice and yogurt mixture for a sure shot tan remedy.
Raw potato is a natural cleansing agent that helps removes tan and lightens skin spots caused by tanning. A mixture of rose water, lemon juice and cucumber juice should be applied on the face, neck, arms, legs and other tanned parts on the body as a face pack or body mask. Vitamin C in cucumber juice acts like a whitening agent to clear your tan and cucumber is a natural moisturizing agent that leaves your skin soft, light and glowing. The only thing worse than getting a pimple (at the worst opportune time, by the way) is the scar that it leaves behind once it’s gone. Large, ugly blemishes especially on face and other exposed body parts can be extremely embarrassing for the person suffering from this problem. Lemon juice contains Vitamin C that helps in sloughing away dead cells so that new cells are regenerated.
Turmeric has been used for ages for lightening the skin tone and removing any facial marks. Strawberries contain natural bleaching agents that can reduce skin pigmentation and dark spots. Sandalwood powder is an excellent natural ingredient for skin care as it evens out the skin tone by reducing dark marks and pigmentation. Use Honey To Lighten Blemishes Honey contains antibacterial and other properties that make sit an excellent natural skin care ingredient. In addition to these natural methods you can also use carrot juice or some grated potato mixed with honey and lime juice to lighten skin blemishes. Washing hair regularly with a good shampoo is necessary to keep your locks clean, healthy and beautiful. Mixture of turmeric paste and milk is another excellent substance to remove the dark spots. Do not forget to wear sunscreen lotion when you go out in the sun because ultraviolet rays of the sun turn your skin black. Tanning is natural process of skin where the body protects itself from the harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays of the sun. Apply the paste to the tanned area of your body and let the paste dry for about twenty minutes.

Cut a potato in half or into slices and rub the slice on the tanned area for about five minutes.Leave the juice on your skin the whole day and wash off next morning.
The citric acid in the lemon juice will clears away dead skin cells and removing the tan or sunburn, while the rose waters cools the area around the sunburn.
A mix of oatmeal with curd and tomato juice works as a skin lightening agent and helps to remove a tan or sunburn to improve your skin tone. Make a paste of papaya pulp and massage onto the tan area, leave the paste on for about 5 minutes and wash off. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Although you may not be able to remove it completely, there are many ways in which you can lighten the blemishes and make it less noticeable.
These methods, however, are extremely expensive and can cause a number of side effects. As opposed to this use of natural methods of lightening blemishes can work wonders on the dark patches and discolorations. Take three to four ripe strawberries and use your hands or a fork to mash it and make into a thick paste. Before using any of the methods especially bleaching agents like lemon juice test for skin irritation on a small area of skin.
Turmeric has antibacterial quality which helps not only to remove dark spots, but also prevent acne.
When exposed to the sun, the skin produces melanin, a pigment that is responsible for skin tanning. Sandalwood is among the most effective home remedies for skin and helps to remove sunburns and tans quickly. Potato has natural bleaching properties that whitens the skin tone and removes a tan when applied frequently. Apply this mixture to your face and leave it on for about twenty minutes until the paste dries.
You should have the freedom and luxury of walking outside without anything on your face if you want to.
Use a mild facial exfoliater to remove the dead cells and then apply lemon juice to your face using compresses or a cotton ball. Saffron and milk is a good combination that lightens the skin’s tone and thus removes any type of dark spots on skin. Overexposure to the sun leads to sunburns which cause redness, irritation and in rare cases pain in the burned area.
Papaya is also an excellent cleansing agent and has anti-aging properties. Follow the natural skin remedies above to help you remove that tan for a fair and glowing visage. Moreover, all you need is some simple natural substances that are easily available at home. Take a bowl filled with boiling water and lower your face over the bowl so that the steam unclogs your facial pores. Regular use of turmeric pack over the blemishes can help in significantly reducing the skin darkening.

Apply it over the blemishes evenly and wait for around twenty minutes before washing it off with cold water.
You may use any type of milk, toned or creme, for this purpose because both contains lactic acid which helps to fade the spots.
Yogurt softens the skin and the lactic acid in the yogurt is a natural moisturizer and bleaching agent.
Here are some ways that you can start treating acne scars without spending a mint at the drug store…on products that may or may not work anyway. You can also mix lemon juice with tomato or make a paste of milk powder, lemon juice and honey to lighten the blemishes and improve your skin tone and complexion. Apply honey to the infected areas of your faceSource: Natural-Home-Remedies-for-Life Honey is one of the best things to happen to your health and your acne and acne scars. Since it has so many anti-bacterial properties, not only can it help to boost your immune system and clear out your pores, but when you do have pimples, it can also reduce inflammation.
It’s a powerful moisturizer and it has a remarkable way of softening acne scar tissue so that it will fade away quicker.
It’s effective in fighting acne because it’s an herb that has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, plus it’s also full of anti-inflammatory agents. It also has a great reputation for having antioxidant properties that help to prevent any future breakouts too. One of the best methods is to mix some turmeric powder with milk and apply it to your face for 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water, followed by cold in order to close your pores back up once you’re done.3. Make an egg yolk maskSource: URS Health One of the cheapest and easiest ways to treat your acne scars is with the help of a few egg yolks. Dab on a mixture of tea tree oil and olive oilSource: Livestrong There are lots and lots of reasons why tea tree oil is a must-have for acne and acne scars. It has an agent in it known as terpinen that aids in removing the kind of bacteria that leads to breakouts. Plus, it has antiseptic and antifungal properties that also helps to get rid of pimples by drying them out without over-drying your skin. That’s why it’s a good idea to mix a few drops with about one-fourth cup of olive oil and then dab the mixture on with a Q-tip or cotton ball before going to bed at night.5. Exfoliate with baking sodaSource: D Herbs By exfoliating the skin, you’re better able to remove dead skin cells.
Not only that, but baking soda helps to restore your skin’s healthy pH level, as it encourages collagen growth so that your scars will become less visible over time. Your skin will feel amazingly soft and your scars will be on their way to become virtually non-existent!

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