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Gum infection is also known as periodontal disease in which gums and bones associated with the teeth get inflamed and infected.
Ear Congestion is most commonly caused in people of all ages that include children and adults. This type of congestion also occurs because of  occupying of too much of sputum throughout the chest that causes chest congestion. Ear specialists usually insert tube in the ears to remove ear congestion. As it is well-known that garlic has enough capacity to cure inflammation, you can just crush garlic, put it in hot olive oil, take it in a small cap, and apply smashed garlic that is dipped in oil, over your ears with small cotton ball or with the help of garlic itself. But, be careful, do not let your ears touch the water, ear should be at least 12 inches up from the water level, as keeping ears too near may hurt your ears. The reason is that, due to applying vicks on chest removes chest congestion, and destroys blocked sputum, and cures ear congestion.
Initially, the disease starts with plaque on teeth which is a sticky white substance that coats the teeth. If pain accompanies bleeding in the gums, it causes periodontitis that may result in teeth loss after the age of 30. These foods include broccoli, mango, grapefruit, strawberry, red pepper, papaya and kiwi fruit.

One should consult the doctor before consumption of cranberry if one is taking warfarin or if one is suffering from kidney stones. Take half teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in powdered form and mix it in half teaspoon of water. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
But, this is not required if you adopt any of the below mentioned easy and most effective natural cures to cure ear congestion. Thus, intake steam, that provides good heat to your ears, and gives you good relief from ear congestion. While, applying vicks around your ears, passes good heat and relieves you from ear congestion.
Symptoms of gum infection include darker red gums, swollen gums, bleeding, loose teeth and chronic bad breath. Commercial toothpaste containing tea tree oil can also be very helpful for treating infection caused in gums. It acts as an antioxidant and is helpful in repairing connective tissue and accelerating bone regeneration.

Brush the teeth gently and this natural remedy would be helpful in reducing plaque in the teeth.
This herbal remedy is helpful in healing and reducing the pain associated with infected gums. Do not use stick or any other sharp tool inside ears, as it increases the risk of ear congestion. Consumption of lemon juice along with water would help in reducing the pain associated with gum infection. This will become a very good hot compress for your ears and thereby removes ear congestion.
This remedy helps in the healing process and reducing the pain associated with infected gums.

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