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It is a sophisticated technique which promotes the body's natural production of collagen and melacantis (pigment producing cells). It has similar results to Laser, Chemical Peels and other Dermabrasion treatments but with less damage to the epidermis.
Skin Needling can treat sensitive areas that other treatments have to avoid, such as lower eyelids and neck and the back of hands. Needling is safe with stringent cross-contamination standards, and because nothing is injected, allergic reactions and side-effects are non-existent. You will have an anaesthetic cream applied to the treated area for 15-20 minutes, for a numbing sensation. Collagen Induction Therapy then works by inserting tiny micro needles into the skin creating thousands of perforations. These natural signals induce your body’s own natural human growth factor (PDGF), to transform into growth factor (TGF beta). The Result: All without destroying the epidermis, the skin will be nourished, oxygenated, and restructured from the inside and out.

Some clients see immediate results from skin needling, others notice improvement gradually over an 8 week period, up to 3 months.
Needling can also activate the production of melanocytes to restore a more even, natural skin tone to white or light scars. With the widest range of pens and pencils on the planet, Cult Pens are the experts on everything that makes a mark.
For all orders outside the UK, heavy orders may cost more to send, but the shipping cost will be displayed in the checkout before you commit. Get a copy of Johanna Basford's 'Lost Ocean' free when you spend £50 on Staedtler products! This gives better long-term results as more healthy skin and blood vessels are left intact to promote healing and deposit collagen. This will increase blood circulation to the penetrated area, and stimulate collagen, and elastin production. The skin does not experience sun sensitivity, skin colour loss, hyper-pigmentation or thinning of the skin.

If the elastin and collagen are in poor condition, the skin lacks resiliency, sags, and develops noticeable wrinkles.
We pride ourselves on a high standard of customer service, so feel free to contact us - we're happy to try our best to help with even the strangest of questions! Frequent ongoing treatments are still possible, unlike other methods of resurfacing which eventually thin and age the skin due to the destruction of whole layers of epidermis.
However, a light cover of make-up will conceal any marks so a normal routine may be continued. Because Skin Needling does not destroy the epidermis, and in fact improves skin texture and thickens the dermis, this treatment can be repeated many times.
In comparison to prolonged recovery time from laser and chemical peels, a few days healing period is a desirable alternative.

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